Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners

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Here are some really innovative Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners that will help old people to do the chores much easily!

When it comes to gardening, there is a lot of physical activity exerted into it. From moving pots to lifting heavy bags, the work involves impeccable strength and fitness. For elderly citizens, it can become quite demanding and keeping that in mind, we have some awesome Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners that will ease things out!

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Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners

Improve Mobility

1. Use Wheels

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners

If you have enough ground space, getting an ATV, mobility vehicle, cart, or a basket on wheels will make things a lot easy for you. If not, go for the timeless lawnmower with a pull-cart.

2. Optimize Space

Adapting your garden layout will help to manoeuvre around your backyard. A path that directly leads to the plants, pots, raised beds, and trees will give you easy access to them all. Even if you use a wheelchair, a defined path will give you a lot of space and access to move around and reach the plants easily.

Manage Your Tools

When it comes to tools, always go for high-quality ones so that you don’t have to change them again and again. If you have arthritis or any ailment that hinders holding onto something, then get rubber or silicon grips for all your tools, as this will help you hold onto them well. For more convenience, use colourful tape or bright cords, and mark each tool, so you never lose any of them!

3. Garden Seat Kneeler

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners 2

When it comes to personal assistance devices, a garden kneeler is the best. With so many different variants, this has become incredibly popular amongst most households.

Acting as a bench and a kneeler, this device allows you to garden on the ground without having to bend too much. This even comes in handy when you are weeding or harvesting. Effortless, this tool takes most of the load out of gardening for senior people.

4. Rolling Garden Seats

Along with excellent steering and space, the rolling seats are apt for any home garden. These devices are easy to manoeuvre and can store all the essential tools you need for your garden. They can be a little more on the pricier side, and those who want to opt for something cheaper can go for a classic wheelbarrow.

5. Long-handled vs Short-handled Tools

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners 5

With any gardener, their tools help them go a long way with their skills. Using tools that do not require you to bend over and kneel for a long time is ideal.

Therefore, always understand what length each tool has to be. The longer it is, the less you will have to bend down, especially if the plants are in raised beds. Hence, you don’t need to stress your body by bending too much.

Contained Gardening Methods

6. Waist Height Garden Beds

For those who cannot move their body too much, a waist height raised garden bed is perfect. This allows you to stand upright and plant, harvest, or even weed at ease. For any heavy lifting purposes, use a wheelbarrow or a cart.

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7. Salad Table Garden

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners 9

A salad table garden is a great way to grow your favourite salad greens on a table that can also be easily moved around. We have some awesome ideas on it here.

8. Gardening in Tires

For a more creative and environmentally friendly alternative, using tires in a garden is a very clever way to stack up all your plants individually. This also allows for more reach, so there is no excessively physical activity while tending to these plants. 

Stack them up on each other to make a comfortable garden bed for flowers and herbs according to the height that’s comfortable for you.

Water Smartly

9. Automated Watering System

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners 12

Instead of lugging ounces of water around, install an irrigation system that will take care of all your watering needs daily. The emitters needed for this can be installed quickly, and all you have to do is to flick a switch to water your plants.

10. Go for Lightweight Hoses


Instead of going with the heavy-duty watering cans, switch to a lightweight hose that can be 30-40% lighter than the regular ones. This will allow you to walk around and water the soil with so much ease.


Alternative Gardening Methods for Seniors

11. Hydroponics

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners 444Buying lightweight hydroponic planters will allow you to grow delicious produce. This does not require much physical activity, as you can keep the planters on shelves or countertops, making it much easier.

12. Vertical Gardening and Living Walls

Having a vertical garden, that is upright or on a wall, will keep everything in one place and make it easy on you as well. With no bending or assistance, once a vertical garden or living wall is installed, gardening will be a breeze.

13. Tower Garden

Gardening Hacks for Senior Gardeners 42

To optimize garden space, using a tower garden can make things so much easier. With fruits and veggies at your reach, harvesting and growing produce can become much more accessible. 

14. Grow Low-Maintenence Plants

Growing plants that are easy to maintain ensures that old aged people don’t have to worry much about the chores of keeping them well maintained. Succulents, cacti, cast iron plant, pothos, and snake plant are some of the best choices.

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