18 Best Purple Tulips Varieties

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We’ve got the Best Purple Tulips Varieties you can grow in your garden and home with ease. Don’t miss out on number 4!

From delicate lilacs to deep purple and burgundy, these Purple Tulip Varieties have something for everyone. Stay tuned.

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Best Purple Tulips Varieties

1. Purple Prince Tulips

Purple Tulips Varieties 1

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Prince’

These are native to Europe but also found in the States. They have a pretty deep, regal purple color and bloom from March to April.

2. Negrita Tulip

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Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Negrita’

Negrita tulips are mid-sized and only grow 10-16 inches tall. They have beautiful purple petals that feel velvety to touch. These purple tulip varieties are perfect if you want some purple in garden beds or containers.

3. Blue Spectacle Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 3

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Spectacle’

These Purple Tulip Varieties have double, puffy flowers in a soft purple shade. You might even get hints of blue in some of them. They bloom in late spring.

4. Ronaldo Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Ronaldo’

Ronaldo tulips have dark and smoky blooms in a deep purple-burgundy, shade. They’re late spring bloomers and live on for 2-3 years.

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5. Purple Flag Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 5

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Flag’

These tulips are large and cup-shaped with a bright pink-purple hue. If you grow them, keep them in a rich, fertile soil that can retain moisture.

6. Violet Beauty Tulip


Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Violet Beauty’

These purple tulip varieties start out light but turn a darker purple shade as they mature. But they do retain their lighter edges that add to their beauty.

7. Blue Wow Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 7

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Wow’

This one might be named Blue Wow but it’s actually a purple shade. Its petals have ruffled edges and when they open, they form lovely 4-inch flowers.

8. Queen of Night Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’

The Queen of the Tulip is a rare variety that is deep purple, almost black in color. It’s perfect if you have warm and dry summers and cool winter months.

9. Purple Lady Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 9

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Lady’

These purple tulip varieties also come from Europe and have a unique shape as you can see. They’re a beautiful mix of burgundy and blue-violet.

10. Purple Dream Tulip


Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Dream’

Purple Dream tulips stay low to the ground and have pointy petals, adding to their appearance. They’re long and thin and look like paintbrushes.

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11. Blue Parrot Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 11

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Parrot’

These are violet-blue on the outside and have wavy edges. The insides of the petals are lighter and these tulips bloom a bit later in the season.

12. Purple Peony Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Peony’

These purple tulip varieties are so named because they’re purple and have flowers that resemble peonies because of their double layers of petals. They give off an incredibly sweet scent.

13. Blue Ribbon Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 13

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Ribbon’

Blue Ribbon tulips easily grow 18 to 20 inches tall and have lovely double hues with purple petals and white highlights. They’re a great choice for flowerbeds and borders.

14. Purple Rain Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Rain’

These tulips have dark purple flowers and have upright foliage. These are also resistant to poor weather and windy conditions.

15. Blue Diamond Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 15
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Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Diamond’

Blue Diamond tulip varieties are a mix of purple and blue shades and look beautiful in a bunch. Just make sure you shelter them as they’re sensitive to rain and wind.

16. Purple Heart Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Heart’

This Europe-native purple tulip variety has a bright pink-purple color and distinct wave edges on the foliage. The flowers are upright and have pointy petals.

17. Purple Tower Tulip

Purple Tulips Varieties 17

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Tower’

Purple Tower tulips are tall and have rich purple flowers. They’re not entirely purple and only have this shade at the top, the bottom is light green and white.

18. Blue Heron Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blue Heron’

It’s a special tulip variety with violet-purple petals and white accents. These purple tulip varieties are special because they have wavy leaves and also fringed petals – a unique combination!

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