50 Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas

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We’ve got this amazing list of Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas that will make you want to jump right in and get one of these!

Olive branch tats are steeped in history and symbolism, and they can look super cool. We’re talking about some design ideas that will inspire you, whether you’re a peace-loving hippie or just someone who digs a classic look!

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Olive Branch Tattoo Meaning and Significance

The olive branch is a classic tattoo image, and for good reason!


This is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The olive branch was used in ancient Greece as a sign that warring parties wanted a truce. So, if you’re someone who values peace and harmony, this tattoo is a great choice.


Victory wreaths in the Olympics were traditionally made from olive branches. So, the olive branch can also symbolize achieving your goals and overcoming challenges.

New Beginnings

In the story of Noah’s Ark, an olive branch is brought back by a dove, signifying new life on earth. So, the olive branch can represent fresh starts and positive change.

Olive Branch Tattoo Designs

1. Olive Branches on Collarbone

best olive branch tattoos 1

Olive branches are lovely inks to get on the collarbone. They’re really popular as feminine inks because they look gorgeous and are also delicate.

2. Black and Grey Olive Branch

best olive branch tattoos 2

People say face tattoos are job killers, but if you’re bold enough, an olive branch could be a great way to go.

3. Dove with Olive Branch Tattoo

best olive branch tattoos 3

The dove with an olive branch is a classic peace symbol. Think of it as a little peace offering you carry with you wherever you go. For some folks, it can also have religious meaning–it represents the Holy Spirit.

4. Vibrant Olive Branch Tattoo

best olive branch tattoos 4

Olive branches don’t look good in just black and white. Add a little bit of color and texture to them, and you’ll see the true beauty of these tattoos.

5. Vintage Olive Branch on Ankle

best olive branch tattoos 5

This vintage tattoo of an olive branch is definitely something. It’s a cool way to show the peace symbol with some old-school flair.

6. Olive Branch Ink on the Back

trending designs of olive branch 1

Why stop at a small olive branch when you could get massive ink to represent what you feel? Looks amazing, right?

7. Colorful Olive Branch Tattoo

trending designs of olive branch 2

A colorful olive branch tattoo is a cool way to add some personality to the classic peace symbol. The bright colors can represent a whole new layer of meaning.

8. Olive Branch Tattoo Idea for Men

trending designs of olive branch 3

Who said olive branches were only for feminine inks? Men can rock this tattoo as well–and it looks absolutely stunning.

9. Small Olive Stem on Wrist

trending designs of olive branch 4

A tiny olive stem on your wrist? Subtle but definitely strong! Olive branches symbolize peace, but a lone stem can be more personal.

10. Small Olive Twig on Chest

trending designs of olive branch 5

A small olive twig on your chest is a neat idea! It keeps the peace symbolism of the olive branch but in a more understated way. Plus, you can always flaunt it easily.

11. Olive Branch with Two Olives

latest olive branch tattoo designs 1

Olives themselves can symbolize new beginnings and even victory. This ink could represent finding peace after a struggle or maybe a desire for both peace and a fresh start. Pretty cool, right?

12. Twisted Olive Branches Knee Ink

latest olive branch tattoo designs 2

A twisted olive branch tattoo on your knee is an interesting choice! Olive branches normally symbolize peace, but the twist throws in a curveball. Notice how it makes an infinity loop?

13. Black Work Olive Twig Idea

latest olive branch tattoo designs 3

Blackwork keeps the olive branch design bold and impactful. Plus, the little sun adds meaning–representing new beginnings, hope, or even your own inner light.

14. Tiny Olive Branch Ankle Ink

latest olive branch tattoo designs 4

A delicate olive branch inked on your ankle is a lovely way to carry a symbol of peace with you wherever you go. The small size keeps it subtle, but the meaning is there.

15. Olive Branch in Oil Painting Style

latest olive branch tattoo designs 5

An olive branch painted in the oil painting style would be a timeless and elegant piece for your skin, don’t you think?

16. Wreath of Olive Branches

latest olive branch tattoo designs 6

You know what would really stand out around your neck and chest? A wreath with olive branches.

17. Black Work Olive Branch Art

trending olive branch tattoos 1

Many people for for blackwork these days because the allure of black ink shading and contouring is unmatched. And we agree!

18. Customized Olive Branch Tattoo

trending olive branch tattoos 2

What a clever idea to add a motivational word with the olive branch tattoo. You could also get the name of a loved one.

19. Feminine Olive Branch Tattoo

trending olive branch tattoos 3

Side body tattoos are absolutely gorgeous, and you can choose when to flaunt or hide them. Look at this one in fine line with a bit of dot work on the leaves.

20. Olive Twigs Design

trending olive branch tattoos 4

A tattoo with two olive twigs is a feminine design that symbolizes peace or victory. And there’s nothing more personal or discreet than a side-body tattoo.

21. Olive Branch with Shaded Olives  trending olive branch tattoos 5

instagramAn olive branch with shaded olives is a cool tattoo idea for women. Olive branches mean peace, and the shading could represent overcoming challenges.

22. Bright Olive Twig Body Art

trending olive branch on hand

This bright olive twig tattoo sounds like a fresh and positive design! Olive branches symbolize peace, so this could be a way to show your peaceful nature.

23. Black Ink Olive Branch on Foot

black olive branch tattoo

The foot placement for this olive branch tattoo is cool–perfect for a small design you can show off when you want.

24. Neotraditional Olive Branch Tattoo

green olive branch ink

A neotraditional olive branch tattoo is a bold and eye-catching design. Why? The thick lines and vibrant colors make it pop.

25. Dotwork Olive Branch with Cross

popular olive branch tattoo idea 1

People often get olive branches with crosses, and the meaning is quite simple. Finding peace through their faith.

26. Olive Branch in Black and Grey Ink

popular olive branch tattoo idea 2

If you’re ever getting an olive branch tattoo in black and gray, don’t forget to get subtle white highlights–they make all the difference.

27. Olive Branch Shoulder Design

popular olive branch tattoo idea 3

Not all olive branches are for peace, though. Many people, especially ladies, get them for inner beauty and calmness.

28. Olive Branches on Collarbone Tattoo

popular olive branch tattoo idea 4

Two olive branches on the collarbone are a beautiful and balanced tattoo design. But it can look really cool and bold by making them a bit darker.

29. Bikini Line Olive Branch Tattoo

popular olive branch tattoo idea 5

You know what’s cool about mini inks? You could have one of these tucked away on your skin (bikini line) to boost your confidence and no one would know.

30. Freehanded Olive Branch Wreath

freehand olive branch design

The olive branch itself is a lovely choice, but the freehand element adds a spontaneous and expressive feel. Why not personalize yours–delicate with thin lines or have a bolder, more textured look?

31. Realistic Olive Branch Tattoo

stippled olive branch design

You’ll forget that this was really a tattoo once you start looking at the details. The dot work, the highlights, the lines–everything’s perfect.

32. Green Olive Branch on Hand

latest olive tattoo design 1

The dark and light green contrast of this olive branch tattoo will definitely keep you looking at it.

33. Bright Olive Branch with Olives

latest olive tattoo design 2

The contrast between the bright olives and the dull green leaves is really eye-catching, don’t you think?

34. Shaded Olive Branch Tattoo

latest olive tattoo designs 3

You don’t need to stick to black and white. Pick a single color, like brown, and get the tattoo done with that shade.

35. Large Olive Twig on the Side Body

latest olive tattoo on sidebody

What a beautiful side body olive branch tattoo. It’s definitely one of the top five on our list.

36. Green Olive Branch with Moon

green olive branch tattoo

This combination of the green olive branch and the moon is really something. The branch is for peace, but the moon is for feminine energy and change.

37. No Outline Olive Branch Design

olive branch coverup tattoo 1

Did you know you could get a tattoo without dark outlines defining it? The colors appear very subtle but pretty nonetheless this way.

38. Black Ink Olive Branch on Back

olive branch coverup tattoo 2

Even with just black, there’s always room for a bit of fun, contouring, and shading to make your ink stand out from the rest.

39. Botanical Olive Branch Arm Ink

olive branch coverup tattoo 3

A botanical olive branch arm tattoo is a stunning way to wear a symbol of peace and prosperity. Don’t forget to get it colored and not in a single shade.

40. Diamond and Olive Branches Design

olive branches coverup tattoo 4

Neck and chest tattoos are a bold choice, considering they’re difficult to hide. So if you’re getting one like this, make sure it represents what you feel.

41. Olive Branch Thumb Tattoo

thumb olive branch tattoo

We’ve shown you olive branch inks on the body, ankles, back, neck, and even the chest–now, here’s a cool olive branch on the thumb.

42. Lush Black Olive Branch Design

black olive branch ink

The dark ink makes you want to just reach out and feel this amazing tattoo. Definitely worth it!

43. Owl, Olive Branch, and Moon Trio

owl and olive branch tattoo

The wise owl is for knowledge and intuition, the olive is for harmony, and the moon is for transformation in life. Cool, right?

44. Traditional Olive Branch Ink

trending olive tattoo

Here’s a tattoo of a traditional olive branch that’s done in realistic colors. You should definitely copy this idea.

45. Olive Branch in a Jar

trending olive tattoo 2

This cute little olive branch in a jar of water stands for new life and growth. You can also get it as a symbol of hope.

46. Olive Branch Sideboob Tattoo

green olive branch tattoo

Olive branches make great sideboob inks. If you don’t want something that’s too flashy, you can always go for subtle colors that complement your skin tone.

47. Olive Branch and Triangle Combo

trending olive tattoo 3

Geometrical shapes like the triangle are for finding balance in the tattoo world. Perhaps the bearer of this one is finding balance and peace in life.

48. Bird Skull and Olive Branch Tattoo

red skull and olive branch tattoo

A bird skull is for mortality or transformation. Paired with the olive branch, it’s a reminder that even in death, there’s hope for peace.

49. Greek Olive Branch Design

Greek olive branch tattoo 1

The olive branch is considered the highest prize you can give to someone; it’s a symbol of honor.

50. Eyeballs Olive Branch Idea

eyeball olive branch tatoo

Eyeballs are interesting! They can symbolize awareness, seeing things clearly, or even vigilance. Or, you can add them to your tattoo for a little bit of fun.

Why an Olive Branch?

Thinking about an olive branch tattoo? Here’s why it’s a strong choice! It’s a timeless symbol that can represent peace, achieving your goals, or even a fresh start in life. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

You can keep it simple or add other things to make it even more meaningful to you. Olive branches are a classic image for a reason–they convey positive vibes all around. They’re great for feminine inks as well.

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