25 Stunning Flowers that Start with ‘C’

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Are you looking for flowers with an emphasis on easy-to-grow varieties? Check out these 25 Flowers that Start with ‘C’!

Several pretty Flowers Start with ‘C’, and we have added all the gorgeous blooms from around the world to this list.

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Flowers that Start with ‘C’

1. Calendula officinalis

25 Flowers that Start with C 1

Calendula is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, often known as pot marigolds. Grow the plant under direct sunlight for the best blooms.

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2. California Flannel Bush

Botanical Name: Fremontodendron californicum
California Flannel bushes display bright yellow blooms that look charming with green foliage. They are also called California Fremontia and Flannel bush, which belong to various terrains across North America.

3. California Poppy

25 Flowers that Start with C 2
Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica
California poppy is also called the Golden Poppy and the Flame Flower because of the fascinating colors and shape of the flowers. The vibrant orange flowers are simple yet attractive, with four petals around a clear black dot center.

4. Canada Violet

Botanical Name: Viola canadensis
Canada Violet, with its five fused petals and smaller lobe-producing nectar at the base, looks beautiful in any space it grows. They come in various colors like blue, orange, pink, white, and purple from spring to summer.

5. Calla Lily

25 Flowers that Start with C 4
Botanical Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica
White Calla Lily can tolerate partial shade, but they flower best when they receive 6-8 hours of full sunlight every day and moist soil. It is the perfect addition to centerpieces and cut flower arrangements, particularly in bridal bouquets.

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6. Canary Island Daisy
Botanical Name: Asteriscus sericeus
Canary Island Daisy is native to the Canary Islands of Madeira and Sahara. They can now be found anywhere and bloom cheery yellow flowers from spring to summer.

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7. Camellia

25 Flowers that Start with C 3

Botanical Name: Camellia japonica
Camellia belongs to the flower genus of Camellia, and you can find these pretty flowers in white, pink, red, or yellow blooming in autumn. There are over 100 species worldwide with various regional unique features.

8. Campanula latifolia

Botanical Name: Campanula latifolia
Campanula Latifolia is called the Bellflower, Common Harebell, or Broadleaf Harebell. This perennial flowering plant belongs to central and Northern Europe and is easily identified by the leaves that are spirally arranged on stems but clustered near the top.

9. Candytuft

25 Flowers that Start with C 5
Botanical Name: Iberis
Candytuft is a perennial species belonging to the genus Iberis. With attractive, edible flowers that can be used for medicinal and ornamental purposes, Candytuft blooms in blue or white shades that smell like honey.

10. Canadian Goldenrod

123rf/ martiroz
Botanical Name: Solidago canadensis
You can find the perennial Canadian Goldenrod in Canada that blooms from August to October. Make sure you grow it under full sun to partial shade in well-draining soil for best results.

11. Cardinal Flower

25 Flowers that Start with C 6

Botanical Name: Lobelia cardinalis
Cardinal Flower bears bright red flowers and is a hit among hummingbirds. It is native to North America, and you can easily spot some in moist areas like roadside ditches, marshes, and arid places with clay or loamy soil.

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12. Cape Primrose

Botanical Name: Streptocarpus
Cape Primrose is another stunning wildflower that starts with ‘C’ that blooms in winter and autumn. A basal rosette of green leaves produces showy, huge flowers in a light purple shade that turns pink when it matures.

13. Catchfly

25 Flowers that Start with C 7

Botanical Name: Silene
Catchfly flower is a herbaceous perennial or annual that can grow up to 25-30 cm in width and height. They are noted for the sticky glandular hair on the leaves, stems, and buds. The pink, white, yellow, purple, and blue flowers make gorgeous garden plants.

14. Carnation

Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus
Carnation is often used in flower arrangements, either dried or fresh. They are grown in gardens for their huge, colorful blossoms and work best in rich and well-draining soil with heavy fertilizers.

15. Caucasian Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Phedimus spurius
This excellent ground cover can grow well in dry, hot places and in nutrient-deficient, alkaline, well-draining soil. Caucasian Stonecrop can tolerate both partial shade and full sunlight.

16. Clematis

Botanical Name: Clematis
Clematis show off 4-8 petals fused into a tube at the bottom yet separated for most of the length, forming an open corolla with 4-8 lobes making it look stunning. You can find these pretty flowers in lavender, blue, red, purple, white, and pink shades.

17. Carolina Allspice

25 Flowers that Start with C 9
Botanical Name: Calycanthus floridus
Carolina Allspice is also called the Bearberry and belongs to North Carolina that grows in hardy regions. It grows best in moist soil, bears white scented flowers, and attracts birds, bees, and butterflies in spring.

18. Catnip

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
Catnip is also called catmint, and this mint family plant comes with a powerful fragrance. It usually grows well in small clumps and heart-shaped leaves with white or purple blooms. The plant does well as an indoor specimen.

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19. Clarkia

25 Flowers that Start with C 10
Botanical Name: Clarkia
Clarkia Amoena, also called the Pink Fairies or the Farewell to Spring Clarkia, belongs to the evening primrose family of Oenotheraceae. You can find this flower blooming in grassland, meadows, and oak woodland habitats with pink, lavender, or white flowers.

20. Coreopsis

Botanical Name: Coreopsis
Another delicate and striking flower that starts with ‘C’ is most famous for its cheerful yellow, red, or orange flowers that will look great in your garden throughout summer. It works best in sunny spots and attracts plenty of pollinators to the garden.

21. Coral Bells

Anne Brooke
Botanical Name: Heuchera
Coral Bells are called Corallinas, Coral Drops, or Coral Honeysuckles and are often regarded as the first signs of spring. This flowering plant does well in almost any growing condition, making it perfect for beginners.

22. Chrysanthemum

123rf/ pavsie
Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum, also called Mums, has been growing throughout Europe and Asia for over a thousand years. It is also the national flower for South Korea, Japan, and Taipei. It is most cherished for its symbolic values than the blooms.

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23. Columbine

Botanical Name: Aquilegia
Columbine is a popular perennial plant for its bold purple flowers and spurred petals with blue-green or gray-blue foliage. You can spot them easily on woodlands, meadows, and higher slopes throughout the Northern hemisphere.

24. Coneflower

Botanical Name: Echinacea
Coneflower is also called the Rudbeckia Hirta and belongs to eastern North America; that grows in open, sunny spots. You can grow them in almost any garden with moist, well-draining soil and full sunlight.

25. Cyclamen

25 Flowers that Start with C 13
Botanical Name: Cyclamen
Cyclamen can bloom in winter, fall, and spring when the weather is damp and cool. This petite flowering plant is native to the eastern Mediterranean climate and is mostly known for its tiny, fragrant blooms on long stems.

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