Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Information and Landscaping Uses

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Get ready to add a sizzling touch to the garden with our exclusive Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Information and Landscaping Uses guide.

With its bright red foliage, the beautiful Cordyline Hot Pepper will ignite your landscape with a burst of color. So, get ready to spice up your garden and create an unforgettable tropical paradise with this show-stopping plant.

USDA Zones: 9-11

Botanical Name: Cordyline fruticosa ‘Hot Pepper’

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Information

The Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant, or Ti-Plant, is a popular ornamental plant in the Asparagaceae family. It is famous for its attractive dark red foliage, which resembles the fiery color of hot peppers.

The Cordyline is native to Southeast Asia and thrives in tropical and subtropical climates. It features long, lance-shaped leaves that emerge from a central stem. The leaves are typically deep green with reddish or purplish tones and gradually turn bright red as they mature. The plant can reach around 3 to 6 feet (0.9 to 1.8 meters), making it popular for ornamental gardening.

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Landscaping Uses

1. Cordyline Container Gardens

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant

Get a pair of square planters and turn them into cordyline container gardens with beautiful blooms.

2. Tropical Cordyline Landscape

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant

A little bit of Cordyline and white gravel is all you need to create the perfect tropical garden bed to spruce up the landscape.

3. Front Yard Cordyline Landscape

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Information and Landscaping Uses

Want to get the prettiest yard on the block? Just go with vibrant cordylines mixed with tiny white blooms.

4. A Colorful Mix of Foliage

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Landscaping

This plant is perfect for adding some dark red colors to your front yard. Also, look here for some fabulous landscaping ideas with Cordyline.

5. Massive Cordyline Planter

Massive Cordyline Planter

Less on space? Just add a massive Cordyline planter for one of its amazing landscaping uses and witness how it adds a touch of elegance to your patio or backyard.

6. Cordyline and Palm Trees

Cordyline and Palm Trees in garden

One of the most versatile and clean Cordyline landscaping uses for the backyard involves palm trees and contrasting pink blooms.

7. How About Including it in Front Yard?

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Information and Landscaping Uses

Want to add a majestic entrance that everyone will envy? Cordylines and variegated shrubs are your best bet!

8. Vibrant Cordyline Corner

Vibrant Cordyline Corner in garden

Want to showcase more with little space? Just dedicate a corner of your garden to Cordyline, palms, and small shrubs, and you’ll have the most amazing one.

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9. A Colorful Pathway

A Colorful Pathway near pathway

With dense shrubs and Cordyline surrounding the pathway through the garden, this tropical landscape idea will surely succeed!

10. Why Not These Porch Planters?

Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant and Landscaping

Add a touch of magic to your home with two grand Cordyline planters on your porch to welcome everyone.

11. Garden Landscaping In This Way

Garden Landscaping In This  pathway

Just add a line of amazing Cordyline Hot Pepper Plants for a minimalistic yet beautiful backyard.

12. Stunning Garden Bed!

Stunning Garden Bed!

This one does wonders to light up the landscape, even if it is planted alone.

13. How About Mixing Different Types of Foliage Plants?

How About Mixing Different Types of Foliage Plants

Why not spruce up your entrance by adding Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant to a massive planter full of different leaved plants?

14. Cordyline Driveway Landscaping

Cordyline Driveway Landscaping

Want to add a bit of color to your boring driveway? Go with this flower bed!

15. Colorful Curb with Cordylines

best Colorful Curb with Cordylines

Who knew the Red Hot Pepper Cordylines would work so well with Agave, small blooms, and variegated foliage and uplift the appearance of any home?

16. Cordylines with Spiky Succulentsbeautiful Cordylines with Spiky Succulents

Create a two-tiered flower bed of spiky succulents and Cordylines in white gravel and watch everyone sprain their necks, trying to witness the beauty.

17. Potted Plant Landscaping

Potted Plant Landscaping in garden

Want an effortless Cordyline Hot Pepper Plant Landscaping Use? Take a beautiful Cordyline planter and pair it with others exhibiting vibrant red foliage.

18. Driveway with Cordylines

Driveway with Cordylines beautiful pathway

Add a dense wall of red hot Cordylines to the driveway to add a bit of color to the landscape.

19. Cordylines All-Around Cordylines All-Around

Have a home in the hills? Add some light Red Hot Cordylines around your home and watch them compete with nature’s elegance.

20. Pathway Landscaping with Cordylinebeautiful Pathway Landscaping with Cordyline

Do you know what can enhance an amazing backyard pathway? A long line of Cordyline Hot Peppers, of course!

21. Cordylines with ShrubsCordylines with Shrubs in yard

Adding Cordylines to vibrant green foliage is a beautiful way to change the landscape with minimal effort.

22. Backyard Landscapingbeautiful Backyard Landscaping

If you have a large estate, this idea is the best way to create a beautiful backyard with shrubs and Cordylines to add color.

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