13 Flowers That Look Like Poppies

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If you can't find poppies, here are the next best things. We'll share details about Ranunculus, Cosmos, Tulips, and more flowers that look like poppies and the colors they bring to your garden.

Flowers That Look Like Poppies share so many similarities with the blooms of the plant in question that you’ll be surprised!

Flowers That Look Like Poppies

Flowers that resemble the vibrant beauty of poppies might have the resemblace, but they also have their unique charm and personality! You must add these to your collection!

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Flowers That Look Like Poppies

1. Anemone

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 1

Botanical Name: Anemone spp.

Anemone is a broad-leaved perennial that blooms in various colors and looks so similar to the poppy that you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference!

2. Ranunculus

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 2 in gardenBotanical Name: Ranunculus asiaticus

Popular as the Persian Buttercup, it is characterized by its luscious flowers on tall spikes that come in various colors!

3. Tulip

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 3

Botanical Name: Tulipa spp.

Tulips have a distinctive cup-like appearance and bloom during the spring season. They are also great as a table centrepieces.

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4. Greater Celandine

Flowers That Look Like Poppies

Botanical Name: Chelidonium majus

This herbaceous plant thrives in sunny places and shares similarities to Poppy in its petal shape that stand out against its light green foliage.

5. Windflower

Poppies-Resembling Flowers

Botanical Name: Anemone coronaria

Windflowers come in various colors, including red, blue, pink, white, and purple. They typically bloom in the spring.

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6. Peonies

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 7

Botanical Name: Paeonia spp.

Peonies are herbaceous shrubs that have large flowers, which share quite a resemblance to poppies. The best part? The plant can be maintained in a stubby shape, too!

7. Cosmos

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 8

Botanical Name: Cosmos bipinnatus

Cosmos is similar to a poppy with cup-like flowers and feathery leaves. Its is easy to grow and maintain all year round.

8. Himalayan Blue Poppy

beautiful Poppies

Botanical Name: Meconopsis grandis

The Himalayan Blue Poppy lives up to its name, showcasing sky-blue blooms that can reach up to 3 to 5 feet in height,!

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9. Mexican Poppy

best Poppies-Resembling Flowers

Botanical Name: Argemone mexicana

This vibrant look-alike boasts white flowers with a distinctive yellow center. It is a perfect plant for a newbie gardener.

10. California Poppy

California Poppy 10

Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica

Coming in a range of colors, these plants bloom in spring and are drought-tolerant, making them ideal for drier climates!

11. Welsh Poppy

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 12

Botanical Name: Papaver cambricum

This plant delights with its soft yellow or orange petals, often edged with a touch of red. A great specimen to add contrast to any garden setting!

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12. Satin Flower

lovely Poppies-Resembling Flowers

Botanical Name: Clarkia amoena

The Satin Flower can be a beautiful addition to gardens, providing a range of colorful blooms and attracting bees and butterflies.

13. Prairie Poppy Mallow

Flowers That Look Like Poppies 14

Botanical Name: Sphaeralcea coccinea

It is known for its bright orange-red cup-shaped flowers that bloom from late spring to early fall. It can be a fantastic border plant.

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