7 Amazing Pencil Uses in the Garden

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Do you know about Pencil Uses in the Garden? If not, then go through the below post and learn its exceptional uses for the yard!

There are some really helpful Pencil Uses in the Garden that you can take advantage of! They are easy to implement and the best part—they are cheap!

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Pencil Uses in the Garden

1. Solve Seed-Sowing Problems

Pencil Uses in the Garden

It becomes an issue when you have very tiny seeds and a pencil can ease your propagation issues. After filling the pots with moist soil, empty the seed packet into a dish, sharpen a pencil and moisten the tip.

Move the tip on seeds, and they will stick to it. Turn the pencil nip on the topsoil to wipe off the seeds. Cover the seed and mist with water.

2. Transplant Seedlings


When seedlings formed, use a pencil instead of chopsticks or dinner forks. Simply make a hole in the soil using a pencil and lift the seedling carefully. Set the roots in the hole and firm the soil.

3. As a Marker on Plant Tags

Pencil Uses in the Garden 2

Pencils can be used to name your plants—the good thing about them is they withstand sun and snow, even rain as well! One great aspect of using a pencil to name plants is you can modify a name by erasing it.

4. To Keep an Eye on the Watering Needs


There are a number of ways that will help you while keeping an eye on the watering needs of plants. A pencil is also a great tool that can make the task much easier for knowing when to water your plant.

The technique is simple—insert a pencil halfway into the pot and keep it that way. Before you water the plants, take out the pencil and check the level of moisture on it.

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5. Pencil Shavings as Mulch

Pencil Uses in the Garden 4

You can use the pencil shavings as mulch. Pencils are made from cedar wood, clay, and graphite mix which is non-toxic and a source of carbon to plants.

Note: Using pencil shaving as a mulch can block the airflow and catches too much moisture that can lead to root rot and fungus. To neutralize this issue, fluff and rake the pencil shaving mulch once in a while.

6. Pencil Shaving Compost


Mix pencil shavings into the compost bin or around the plants—this will keep the pests and bugs away as well.

7. Pencil as a Stake for Tiny Plants

Pencil Uses in the Garden 8

Pencils can be used to stake a small plant, tie with a cloth strip, or an old pantyhose! You can also use the pencils as labels while doing so.

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