16 Cost Effective DIY Sprinkler System Ideas For Lawn & Garden

Professionally installed irrigation and sprinkler systems can be expensive, but these DIY Sprinkler System Ideas are very affordable and functional!

1. Plastic Bottle Garden Sprinkler

Make a garden sprinkler at home using an old plastic bottle. Watch the YouTube tutorial here

2. 60-Second Garden Sprinkler

This DIY garden sprinkler project is similar to the project above. The tutorial is here.

3. Rain Water Garden Sprinkler

Find out how they transformed a rain gutter into a sprinkler for their garden in this article.

4. Garden Sprinkler Using Recycled Materials

Professionally installed irrigation and sprinkler system can be expensive but these DIY Sprinkler System Ideas are very affordable and functional as well!This garden sprinkler is super easy to make with the help of recycled materials like a plastic bottle and a few used ballpoint pens. See for yourself!

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5. DIY Irrigation System for Garden and Lawn

Visit Mike’s Backyard Nursery to learn how to make homemade garden sprinklers–these sprinklers are cost-effective and functional and cover up to 30 feet area.

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6. Automated Garden Sprinkler

Show off your knowledge of Linux by making an automated garden sprinkler at home. Visit Instructables for instructions.

7. Simple Yard Sprinkler

This DIY yard sprinkler is a great summer hack: You can make it using a hose, duct tape, and an old empty container or bottle. We found the idea here.

8. Pool Noodle Garden Sprinkler

This pool noodle sprinkler hack can make this summer more refreshing and fun for your kids. Follow these steps to make one for yourself.

9. Over-The-Head Garden Sprinkler

diy sprikler systemIf you want an over-the-head sprinkler for your garden to cover a larger area, check out this PVC pipe garden sprinkler tutorial.

10. How Long to Water Your Lawn

Ever wondered what can be an ideal duration to water the lawn so as not to overwater it or leave it dry, learn it in this clever hack here.

11. Underground Garden Sprinkler

Professionally installed irrigation and sprinkler system can be expensive but these DIY Sprinkler System Ideas are very affordable and functional as well!If you are a person, who likes to conserve water and does not want to spend much money on irrigation, install an underground sprinkler system all by yourself. Learn to do it here.

12. Timed Automated Garden Sprinkler

If you do not want to install a permanent sprinkler system and looking for an easier way to water your garden regularly, you can achieve this by using regular garden sprinklers with faucet timers. Here is the step-by-step tutorial.

13. DIY Automatic Garden Sprinkler

Design a cost-effective DIY automatic sprinkler system to maintain a lush green lawn with the help of this tutorial.

14. PVC Pipe DIY Garden Sprinkler

This PVC pipe DIY sprinkler system can be your next money-saving gardening project. It’s functional, too. Learn how to make it here.

15. DIY Kid Mister

What can be more refreshing and enjoyable for kids than having a misting nozzle installed in the garden to tackle the heat in summers? Check out this DIY article to learn more.

16. Cheap DIY Sprinkler System

diy sprinkler ideas

It’s one of the cheapest and easiest DIY sprinkler ideas in this list, made from PVC pipes and an aluminum tube. Learn how to make it here.


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