19 Crochet String of Pearls Patterns

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These Crochet String of Pearls Patterns look so realistic that you’ll be hard pressed to differentiate them from the actual plant!

If you’re new to knitting, there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials online to get you started. But nothing like these Crochet String of Pearls Patterns, especially if you are a gardener at heart!

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Crochet String of Pearls Patterns

1. Crochet String of Pearls

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 1

This lovely crochet of a string of pearls in a hanging basket will truly catch everyone’s attention. Find it here.

2. Free String of Pearls Amigurumi

You can put this nice crochet by itself or pair it with others. It will look amazing both ways. DIY here.

3. String of Pearls with Soil

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 3

With a little bit of yarn wool, crochet hooks, and a pot, you, too, can make this beautiful crochet pattern. Here are the details.

4. Boho String of Pearls Crochet

You can also make this nice and easy string of pearls with crochet and hang it in the car. Check it out here.

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5. String of Pearls Hanger

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 5

You’ll need to spend $1.50 for this pattern but it’s totally worth it. Get it here.

6. Fluffly String of Pearls

This crochet succulent will surely add a bit of fun to the windowsills. Find it here.

7. Smiley Pot with String of Pearls

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 7

Why not craft one with a smiley pot so it can bring a smile to your face? Here’s the pattern.

8. String of Pearls Easy Crochet

Look how adorable this one is! It will be the perfect addition to your home décor. Check it out here.

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9. Large String of Pearls Crochet

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 9

With a beginner-friendly amigurumi pattern, this is one of the best ones on our list. DIY here.

10. String of Pearls in Pot

The dual-toned pot of this crochet pattern makes it prettier than the rest. Find the idea here.

11. Cascading String of Pearls

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 11

The soft tones of this pattern give it a delicate appearance. Learn how to make it here.

12. Cute String of Pearls Beige Crochet

Want to make one for the kid’s bedroom? This one will be perfect. You can find the pattern here.

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13. String of Pearls Vine

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 13

Make your own crochet string of pearls and macrame hangers with this simple idea.

14. String of Pearls Combo

You can also go with this pattern and make two different string of pearl crochets. And a small rosette! Find it here.

15. 5-in-1 String of Pearls Crochet

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 15

This one has not one, not two, but five different string of pearls crochet patterns. Check it out here.

16. Mini String of Pearls

Looking for a small one you can finish in no time at all? We’ve got you covered with this!

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17. Beginner Friendly Crochet

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 17

Just starting out and want to try a string of pearls? Look no further than this crochet pattern.

18. Crochet Basket and String of Pearls Succulent

Everyone will definitely keep asking where you got this one! Follow this pattern to learn how to make this trailing beauty.

19. Trailing String of Pearls

Crochet String of Pearls Patterns 19

It would definitely make a pretty gift for your mother! Take a look at the crochet pattern for this one here.

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