Different Carrot Growth Stages Explained

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Carrots go through stages: first, plant seeds in spring or late summer, ¼ inch deep. After 18-24 days, cotyledons and true leaves appear. In 10-21 days, they grow bushy with thick roots. Harvest in 50-80 days when tops show, pulling up carrots with a garden fork.

Here are Carrot Growth Stages detailed at every part of the plant’s growing cycle to help you understand it better.

These root vegetables begin their journey as tiny seeds and transform into crunchy, nutritious delights! Let’s understand the carrot growth stages in detail.

Carrot Growth Stages

1. Sowing Seeds

Carrot Seeds to Sowing Stages

The best time to sow carrot seeds in cold climates is in early spring. In areas with mild winters, carrots can be grown throughout the winter.

For warm regions, late summer to early fall is the best time period.

Sow seeds, ¼ inch deep, directly in the ground or container – make sure to use a well-draining potting mix.

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2. Germination

Carrot Germination Stages

Carrot seeds can take up to 18-24 days to germinate. During this period, keep the soil consistently moist to prevent the seeds from drying out. Also, make sure the seeds get plenty of bright and indirect light.

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3. Cotyledons and True Leaves

Carrot Cotyledons Stages

The first green leaf growth you’ll see after germination is the cotyledons, which differ in appearance from the typical carrot leaves.

These cotyledons will be followed by true leaves, which have a frilly appearance similar to mature carrot leaves.

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4. Vegetative Growth

Carrot Vegetative Growth Stages

During the vegetative growth phase (occurs around 10-21 days after planting), your carrots will flourish with dense, bushy leaves and thickening roots. Ensure they receive plenty of bright sunlight and maintain soil moisture as well.

5. Harvesting

Carrot Growth Stages 1

Typically, carrots are ready for harvest 50 to 80 days from seed sowing, but some varieties may take longer. Look for carrot tops poking out of the soil, and when they reach a size of ½ to 1 inch across, it’s time to harvest.

Use a garden fork to loosen the soil around the carrots you’ve chosen, then grasp the carrot greens near the base and pull them straight up.

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