Cut a Plastic Drum like This & Grow Unlimited Food (22 Amazing Ideas)

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Do you know that you can Cut a Plastic Drum to Grow Unlimited Food? Check out these ideas and use them today!

Discover the secret to an abundant food supply: Learn how to Cut a Plastic Drum to Grow Unlimited Food. By harnessing this transformative technique, you can unlock a sustainable and limitless source of nourishment right in your own backyard.

Cut a Plastic Drum to Grow Unlimited Food

The ideas on this list can be used to grow salads, herbs, tomatoes, and strawberries.

1. Slant Vertical Cuts on a Plastic Drum


If you’re looking to create an easy vertical garden, all you need is a plastic drum, a fine-tooth saw, and some patience. Cut a series of slanting vertical pockets in the drum, as shown in the picture; fill the drum with soil, and plant your favorite herbs or vegetables.

2. Plastic Drum for Fruits and Salad Greens


Are you looking to grow fruits and salad greens in a drum? With semi-circular cuts around the surface, you can grow a variety of greens, vegetables, and herbs for a year-long harvest.

3. Plastic Drum for Trailing Plants

Plastic drums are a great way to grow trailing plants. They are durable and can hold a number of trailing varieties growing in small pockets around their surface. You can also plant a few flowering specimens to create a beautiful and eye-catching display.

4. Drilled Drum Wood Planter


To make one, drill holes in the bottom of the drum for drainage. Then, cut the wooden planks to the desired size and shape. Finally, attach the wooden planks to the drum using wood glue or screws.

5. Mini Planter

Want a mini drum planter for small spaces? Choose a clean, nurturing drum and drill circular holes around the horizontal surface for optimal plant growth.

6. Strawberry Planter

Round and circular cuts in a drum are a great way to create a strawberry tower planter. You don’t even need to arrange the cuts, as your plants will find a way to grow.

7. Long Irregular Slits


If you’re planning to grow a lot of food and foliage, don’t worry about a clean look. Go with irregular slits, big enough to allow plant growth. The foliage will cover up the mess, besides providing a good harvest.

8. Plastic Drum on a Stand

Use a cutter to make regular holes along the barrel, and drill some near the bottom. Use the holes as a guide to make cuts, and add wooden stands to the bottom holes. This will ensure proper aeration at the bottom of the drum, avoiding chances of fungal infestation.

9. Cutouts for Mini Pots

Add a touch of personality and charm to your drum planter by filling the cuts with clay pots. This will create the illusion of a miniature pot garden.

10. Small Cuts for Growing Mini Plants

A drum planter is a unique and stylish way to grow mini plants. All you need is a little bit of elbow grease, a drum, a saw, and some potting mix to create a unique and functional planter.

11. Horizontal Row Cuts

Well-placed horizontal row cutouts are a definite winner when cutting the drum for maximum food supply. You can also add a wheeled plant stand so you can move it easily.

12. Narrow Plastic Drum Tower


How about creating a plant tower to grow unlimited food with minimal effort? These circular cutouts on a narrow plastic drum tower are a great option for small spaces, as they can be placed in a corner or against a wall.

13. Ready Made Plastic Drum for Growing Plants

Want a drum planter but don’t have the time to make one? A ready-made plastic drum with slits for growing plants is a convenient and affordable way to start your own garden.

14. Stubby Plastic Drum Planter


Have an old plastic drum lying around? Convert it into a functional planter and enjoy year-long supply of veggies and fruits without burning a hole in your pocket.

15. Drum with D-Cuts


Looking How to Cut a Plastic Drum like this to Grow Unlimited Food? Go with D-shaped cuts, as these have a wide mouth and allow the air to circulate.

16. Small Plastic Drums for Fruits and Herbs

Closely spaced cutouts definitely take some time, but they give your drum planter an intricate look and are a convenient and affordable way to grow your own fruits and herbs.

17. Berry Planter

These long and narrow window slits on the barrel are perfect if you want a unique berry planter for your garden. Grab a utility knife and get to work.

18. Plastic Drum for Salad Greens


Use a plastic drum to create a stunning aeroponic salad garden. Make cuts in the drum and cover the holes with PVC pipe elbows to grow unlimited salad greens.


19. Split the Drum into Two


Go with the old-fashioned “split the drum down the middle” technique and use the two halves as separate planters for all your favorite vegetables and fruits.

20. Half Cut Plastic Drum Garden

Are your drums too big to utilize? Just cut these down the middle, fill them with soil, and turn them into short planter drums.

21. Horizontal Barrel with Drill Holes


Drill holes in a plastic barrel to create a drought-resistant planter that will provide your plants with the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive.

22. Sideways Barrel for Succulents


Don’t know how to Cut a Plastic Drum like this to Grow Unlimited Food? Split a plastic barrel vertically in half to create a long planter for succulents and foliage. Ensure to drill drainage holes in the bottom.

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