9 Crazy Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings

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Learn how to expand your rose garden without spending a fortune with these Crazy Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings.

Cool Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings

Are you a rose lover looking to expand your collection without breaking the bank? Propagating roses from cuttings is not only a cost-effective way to add more plants to your garden, but it’s also a fun and rewarding gardening project.

With a little know-how and some patience, you can turn a single rose plant into a beautiful, thriving garden of roses. In this article, we’ll explore Cool Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings, so get your gardening gloves on and let’s get started!

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Cool Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings

1. Propagating a Rose Cutting Using Aloe Vera

Propagating a Rose Cutting Using Aloe Vera

Make a small slit in the bottom of the stem of a healthy aloe vera plant and insert the cut end of the rose stem into the slit, ensuring it’s secure.

Aloe vera will provide natural rooting hormones to the cutting, help prevent fungal diseases, and the rose cutting will root in 3-4 weeks’ time. Once it is done, you can plant it in a well-draining potting mix. Check out the DIY here.

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2. Propagating a Rose from a Cutting Using a Plastic Bottle

Propagating a Rose from a Cutting Using a Plastic Bottle

Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle and fill it with potting soil. Make a small hole in the growing medium and insert the rose stem. Water well and put the cap on the bottle. Place the bottle in a bright spot but out of direct sunlight.

After a few weeks, check to see if roots have formed by gently tugging on the stem. Once roots have formed, remove the cap from the bottle and gradually expose the plant to more light. When the plant is strong enough, transplant it into a larger pot or into your garden. Learn how to DIY here.

3. Rooting in Water

Rooting in Water

Another of the best Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings is rooting in water. Take a cutting that is about 5-6 inches long and has a few leaves. Place it in a jar of water and change the growing medium every 3-5 days until root formation.

Once that happens, transplant the cutting to the soil.

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4. Use a Potato

Cool Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings 10

Cut a stem from a rose plant, remove the lower leaves, then dip the cut end in the rooting hormone. Cut a potato in half and scoop out a small cavity.

Insert the stem into the potato, making sure it’s secure. Plant the potato in the soil with the stem facing up, and keep the soil moist. The potato will provide moisture and nutrients to the cutting as it develops roots. Here is the complete tutorial.

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5. Air Layering

Air Layering
shutterstock/suthiphong yina

Air layering is a propagation technique where you make a small cut in the stem of the mother plant and wrap it with moist sphagnum moss.

After a few weeks, roots will form in the moss, and you can cut the stem away from the mother plant and transplant it. Here is the DIY.

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6. Using Toilet Paper

Cool Ways to Propagate Roses From Using Toilet Paper

Start by choosing a healthy rose plant and cutting a 6-inch stem at a 45-degree angle. Remove all but the top two or three leaves, then dampen a sheet of toilet paper and wrap it around the stem, leaving the top leaves exposed.

Prepare a pot with a well-draining potting mix and plant the cuttings, along with the toilet paper, in it. Within 3-5 weeks, the cuttings will form roots. Here is the complete DIY.

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7. Rooting in Banana

Rooting in Banana

Choose a healthy rose stem, snip off the lower leaves, and make a 45° cut. Now, using a chopstick, poke some holes in a ripe banana and secure the cuttings in it.

Prepare a loamy soil mix and make a channel in the soil to fit the banana. Place the banana with stems in the channel and push it down. Wait a few weeks, and when roots have formed, transplant them to a larger pot or garden. Learn how to DIY here.

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8. Rooting in Papaya

Cool Ways to Propagate Roses From Cuttings 28
DIY Garden World

Rooting rose cuttings in papaya is a fun project! Make a hole in the papaya that is still attached to the tree, and scoop out half of the pulp by cutting it a bit.

Now, fill it with a well-draining potting mix and insert the rose cuttings. Within a few weeks’ time, the cuttings will root, and then you can transplant them into a pot or garden. For more details, watch the video here.

Bonus – Honey as a Rooting Hormone

Honey as a Rooting Hormone

Honey is a great natural rooting hormone, which you can use at the time for propagating roses. Dipping the cutting in it will ensure the rose stays safe from the chances of any diseases or infection.

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