Cat Litter Container Gardening | 8 Cat Litter Bucket Uses For Gardeners

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These Cat Litter Container Gardening ideas and uses are a great way to recycle empty kitty litter buckets you have!

1. Cat Litter Planter for Strawberries

Watch this YouTube video tutorial to learn how to make these awesome strawberry planters out of kitty litter buckets!

2. Inexpensive Cat Litter Container Gardening Project

cat litter bucket gardening

If you’ve got a collection of kitty litter buckets, check out this cat litter container gardening project at Thrifty Fun.

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3. Recycle Cat Litter Buckets in Chicken Coop

cat litter bucket uses

Use cat litter buckets as nest boxes in the chicken coop. Such a neat cat litter bucket uses idea, we found it here.

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4. Gorgeous Pattern-y Planters

cat litter container gardening

If you love the word upcycle, learn how to convert kitty litter buckets into gorgeous pattern-y planters here.

5. Cat Litter Self Watering Containers

Check out this tutorial at Instructables to turn your empty cat litter boxes into self-watering containers.

6. Cat Litter Buckets Hydroponics Gardening

Start hydroponics gardening in kitty litter buckets, see the detailed how-to here.

7. Sub-Irrigated Salad Planter

Imitate this cool sub-irrigated salad planter project available at Five Gallon Ideas to use your kitty litter buckets.

8. Decorative Cat Litter Self Watering Planters

recycle cat litter buckets

Another cat litter self-watering planter project but with a decorative touch. Follow it here!

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