Leggy Plants Meaning: Actual and Spiritual

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Leggy plants point at two different things – abnormal growth and something more. Let’s find out both!

Leggy Plants Meaning

If you see your plants growing in every direction – well, this is an indication that they’re on a leggy path. However, it may also have a deeper meaning!

Top tips on fixing leggy succulents 

What Does Leggy Plant Mean?

Leggy Plant Mean

In simpler terms, a leggy plant has its stems growing towards a light source – it happens because it has been kept in a dimly lit spot. The stems stretch towards sun, which causes them to grow in all directions and become outstretched.

You might also notice excessive stem growth (Stretched) as compared to the leaves, in some extreme cases.

Note: Some plant may exhibit leggy growth due to genetics, but it happens rarely. 

Leggy Plants Meaning – Spiritual

Leggy Plants Meaning in Spiritual

This might sound a little strange, but the unusual looking leggy plants do point to the spiritual aspects of life. 

1. Going Towards the Higher Realm and Growth

As leggy plants seek light, they inspire us to also look for enlightenment and knowledge – both can be sources of light in the day to day lives of people.

2. Do Not Overlook Important People in Your Life

Just like the plant starts to get leggy when we forget to take the right care of its lighting requirements, it reminds us to be more attentive towards people who matter to us – whom we sometimes ignore.

3. Being Flexible

When plants don’t get proper light exposure, they grow towards it. This reminds us to be more flexible and can also be a metaphor to bend and twist according to what life throws at us.

4. Finding the Right Balance

Good health of plants depend on the right balance of everything – light, growing medium, and watering. Too much, or too little of these things can cause a disruption.

Similarly, in life, we need to seek a balance between work and rest along with growth and stability.

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