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11 Best Herbs that Attract Money | Herbs and Spices for Prosperity

Some plants are known to draw money and bring prosperity to the lives of people. Here is a list of the Best Herbs That Attract Money

These Herbs are not only known to bring good luck to home but are also crucial in channeling the natural flow of positive energy and purifying the environment. Herbs dispel negative energy and connect us to nature, which has therapeutic qualities. This article will take you through the Best Herbs That Attract Money and prosperity.

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Best Herbs that Attract Money 

1. Patchouli

Best Herbs that Attract Money 1

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Everyone needs a little luck on their side while navigating through life. Patchouli is a herb believed to bring luck and prosperity to life.

It is always good to fill the home garden with some beautiful Patchouli. It grows in well-drained soil where it gets full to partial sun exposure. It is one of the Best Herbs that Attract Money.

2. Nettle

Botanical Name: Urtica

It is known for privacy and defense, and it is best to have them around to protect yourself against negativity. This plant grows best in evenly moist, loamy soils rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. 

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3. Alfalfa

Best Herbs that Attract Money 3

Botanical Name: Medicago sativa

Alfafa is best known for bringing prosperity, money, and luck, and it can be kept in the home to protect against poverty and hunger.

According to some beliefs, scattering the ashes of burnt Alfalfa around your home helps maintain prosperity and wealth. It is one of the Best Herbs that Attract Money.

4. Devil’s Shoestring

Botanical Name: Nolina lindheimeriana

Devil’s Shoestring is a popular good luck charm amongst people. It is used for protection, luck, and employment and is believed to keep away all evil.

This plant is considered very vital for its bearer against accidental poisoning and can also be put into a wallet or handbag to attract money. It goes well in sandy loam, medium loam, and limestone-based soil with a low water requirement.

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5. High John The Conqueror

Best Herbs that Attract Money 5

Botanical Name: Ipomoea jalapa

This plant is associated with money, love, success, and happiness. High John should be kept away from the reach of children as it is toxic and should not be ingested.

It is believed to protect from curses and can be burnt into oils, incenses, poppets, conjure bags, or sachets. It grows well in sandy loam with good drainage. It is one of the Best Herbs that Attract Money.

6. Basil


Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum

Basil goes by names like  Sweet Basil, Holy Basil, and Witches’ Herb. This herb is utilized in various spiritual traditions in Hinduism. It is often associated with Mars and the fire element and attracts wealth, prosperity, harmony,  money, and love.

This herb grows well in moderately fertile and well-draining soil and can be used in baths, floor washing, and sprays.

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7. RosemaryBest Herbs that Attract Money 7

Botanical Name: Rosemarinus officinalis

Rosemary helps promote mental clarity, purity, focus, and concentration. It symbolizes friendship, positive relationships, peace, calm, and loyalty.

This herb is good for success in students and scholars and aids inner spiritual work. It grows best in well-drained sandy soil with six to eight hours of direct sunlight. It is one of the Best Herbs that Attract Money.

8. Ginger

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Ginger is a spice and medicinal herb with a long history of use in many different cultures. In traditional medicine, ginger is often used for its potential health benefits, such as reducing nausea and inflammation and relieving muscle pain and sores.

In some traditions, ginger is believed to have spiritual and healing properties, and it is used as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

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9. Fenugreek

Best Herbs that Attract Money 9

Botanical Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

Fenugreek has a long history of use in traditional medicine, and it is believed to have various potential health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and lowering blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek is a herb that attracts money, and it is best to plant the seeds in well-draining soil in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.

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10. Nutmeg


Botanical Name: Myristica fragrans Houtt

Nutmeg is a spice that is made from the seed of the nutmeg tree, which is native to the Banda Islands in Indonesia.

Nutmeg treats digestive problems, insomnia, and pain and is a popular ingredient in savory dishes, particularly sauces, stews, and meat dishes.

Nutmeg is believed to be a herb for prosperity. Nutmeg, in certain rituals or combinations with other herbs and elements, can bring good luck or abundance. It is one of the Best Herbs that Attract Money.

11. Cinnamon

Best Herbs that Attract Money 11

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum verum

Cinnamon is a spice made from the bark of certain trees in the Cinnamomum family. Cinnamon is available in ground or whole form and can be used fresh or dried.

It is believed that Cinnamon attracts good fortune and better opportunities. The spice also attracts positive energies and repels negative ones.

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