11 Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

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Discover the best Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home that you can grow easily indoors!

Do you know about Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home? If not, you are in for a surprise! We have compiled a list of the most beautiful ones for you!

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Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

1. Swedish Ivy

Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Plectranthus verticillatus

Commonly grown as a good luck plant, plectranthus is a perennial that belongs to southeast Africa. It also goes by the name of gossip spur flower, Swedish Ivy, money plant, and Creeping Charlie. Though it is mostly not used as a houseplant, it is one of the best plants that attract money to your home.

You can grow Swedish Ivy indoors in hanging planters or as ground cover outdoors. If you are growing it as a houseplant, place it at a height to allow its branches to spread easily. Keep in mind not to place the plant in direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves.

Fun Fact: Some people buy lottery tickets with this plant in their arms!

2. Money Tree

top Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home
Benin Fruits & Fleurs

Botanical Name: Pachira aquatica

Also known as Guiana chestnut and Malabar chestnut, it grows naturally in the tropics in Central and South America. Characterized by its green palmate leaves, smooth bark, and elongated flowers, it is believed that it can make you fortunate.

Pachira is also important in Feng shui for attracting money. It has five leaves per stem, and the number five is valuable for practitioners as it symbolizes the element.

Growing Pachira is easy as it does not require much light and thrives in partial shade and moderate temperatures. It is advised not to fertilize this houseplant regularly during the first year.

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3. Lucky Bamboo

Plants that Attract Money
Benin Fruits & Fleurs

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

You can find lucky bamboo anywhere from gift shops to supermarkets. It is believed in many Asian countries that lucky bamboo brings good luck and money to home.

Growing and caring for this dracaena is easy. It grows solely in water–just remember to keep the roots covered in water at all times. Overall, lucky bamboo is a perfect houseplant that thrives on neglect.

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4. Holy Basil

Plants Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Ocimum tenuiflorum

In the Indian subcontinent, the holy basil holds tremendous significance. It is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs and is commonly grown outdoors, at the entrance of Indian homes.

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, it brings health, wealth, and prosperity. Besides that, it also works as a mosquito repellent.

Growing holy basil indoors is also possible if you place it near a south or west-facing window and keep the soil on the drier side. Learn how to grow it here.

5. Rue

top best Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home
Somos Magia

Botanical Name: Ruta graveolens

Rue is a strong-smelling herb from southern Europe and goes by Queen-of-Grace, Witchbane, and Ruda. It is believed to have many magical and medicinal properties that provide protection and bring good luck, money, and prosperity.

You can grow Rue in a sunny spot on your balcony or indoors near a south-west facing window in well-drained soil.

Fun Fact: There is a belief that if you are facing negativity in life, then you must try a Rue bath!

6. Jade Plant

Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

In Feng shui, plants that produce round or circular leaves can bring good luck. Jade has this feature, and therefore, it’s usually given as a gift during new business openings.

The Jade plant is a perfect succulent houseplant that can live for years with proper care. Water only when the soil is dry, and provide it with several hours of direct sunlight.

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7. Shamrock Plant

flowering Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home
Greenleaf Plant Pots

Botanical Name: Oxalis regnelli

In Irish folklore, St. Patrick picked a shamrock from the grass to demonstrate the doctrine of the holy trinity since each leaf represents the holy spirit, the father, and the son. For that reason, the shamrock is a lucky plant.

If you are growing a shamrock plant indoors, place it near a window that receives direct sunlight. Also, try to maintain the moisture level of the soil by watering this plant regularly, but only when the topsoil is dry.

8. Hawaiian Ti Plant

beautiful Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Cordyline minalis

According to early Polynesians, the Hawaiian Ti plant has magical powers. This means growing this plant can make you lucky and bring money to your home.

Grow Ti plant in well-draining potting soil, as it does not like sitting in constant moisture. Also, remember that this colorful indoor plant cannot resist temperatures below 50 F (10 C). Keep the plant in filtered sunlight to keep it growing.

Fun Fact: There is a belief that if you are growing a Ti plant with two stalks, it will make you lucky and bring love to your life as well!

9. Pothos

Amazing Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

In many Asian countries, people believe pothos is one of those good luck plants that bring fortune and money to home or office. Apart from that, pothos can be an excellent decorative houseplant that purifies the air and remove toxins.

Growing and caring for pothos is super easy, as it can thrive on neglect and never requires much attention. Place the plant in indirect sunlight and water moderately.

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10. Rubber Plant

Amazing Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Ficus elastica

The rubber plant is auspicious since its round leaves denote wealth, luck, and prosperity in Feng shui. Place it on the entrance or ‘Wealth Area‘ of your home or office to bring money and success. Additionally, the rubber plant also helps in removing pollutants from the air.

Growing a rubber plant as a houseplant is not difficult either; place the plant where it receives indirect sunlight. Use a well-draining potting mix and avoid overwatering.

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11. Chinese Money Plant

best Plants that Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home

Botanical Name: Pilea peperomioides

Chinese money plant is a popular choice for indoor plant growers who want to attract positive energy and wealth to homes. It has attractive round leaves that can add appeal to any decor.

The plant does well in temperatures above 13 C (55 F). Keep it near a west-facing, bright window, away from direct sunlight. Water the plant only when the soil goes dry.

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