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Have a look at the Best Hanging Basket Flowers and decorate your balcony or patio with beautiful colors in a limited growing area!

Here are the best trailing foliage plants for hanging baskets!

1. Begonia

Best Hanging Basket Flowers

Botanical Name: Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum

USDA Zones: 8-11

The waxy flowers bloom in a range of charming shades and add an interesting aspect to the hanging baskets. Hang them where they get lots of sun.

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2. Fuchsia

Botanical Name: Fuchsia

USDA Zone: 8-10

Hanging fuchsias like ‘Cecile,’ ‘Claudia,’ and ‘Dark eyes’ are a great choice for hanging baskets. They also attract hummingbirds and do well in cool or coastal areas.

3. Moss Rose

Best Hanging Basket Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Portulaca oleracea

USDA Zone: 3-11

Also popular as the sun rose, this plant is an ideal choice for hot and dry regions. The little flowers in a range of colors look great in hanging planters under direct sunlight.

4. Petunia


Botanical Name: Petunia × atkinsiana

USDA Zone: 9-11

This tender perennial is popular for its capacious colorful blooms. It may require deadheading and trimming from time to time while growing in hanging baskets.

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5. Impatiens

Best Hanging Basket Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Impatiens

USDA Zone: 8-11

Impatiens look beautiful in hanging planters in the shades of pink, red, yellow, and purple. Grow them in moderate sunlight in moist soil.

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6. Lantana

Botanical Name: Lantana camara

USDA Zone: 9-11

This easy-to-grow flowering plant grows well in hanging baskets in full sun, in well-drained soil. It flowers in multiple colors too!

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7. Blue Bacopa

Best Hanging Basket Flowers 4

Botanical Name: Bacopa caroliniana

USDA Zone:3-8

As the name sounds, it grows a cluster of stunning blue flowers. Hang it at a place where it can get some hours of bright sun daily.

8. Verbena

Botanical Name: Verbena officinalis

USDA Zone:5-11

Known for its calming essential oil, verbena has more than 250 varieties. Grow this butterfly-loving plant in full sun for a flair of colorful blooms.

9. Lobelia

Best Hanging Basket Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Lobelia

USDA Zone: 6-9

Lobelia blooms in an extremely fierce blue shade which is rare in the plant world. Grow it in hanging baskets for an eye-catching view on your balcony.

10. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia alata

USDA Zone: 3-11

This easy-to-maintain hanging basket flowering plant shows off attractive yellow flowers with burgundy or purple centers.

11. Ivy Geranium

Botanical Name: Pelargonium peltatum

USDA Zone: 9-11

Ivy geranium is ideal for hot and sunny balconies. This low-maintenance plant grows clusters of flowers in pink, white, burgundy, lavender, and deep black-purple hues.

12. Million Bells


Botanical Name: Calibrachoa

USDA Zone: 9-11

This beautiful plant is also known as trailing petunia. It grows fast and produces pretty blooms in pink and many other shades atop green foliage.

13. Fairy Fan Flower


Botanical Name: Scaevola Aemula ‘Blue Wonder’

USDA Zone: 9-11

Also known as fan flower, this drought-tolerant plant features pretty blue fan-shaped flowers that look gorgeous in hanging planters.

14. Nasturtium

Best Hanging Basket Flowers 8

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

USDA Zone: 9-11

Nasturtium is a colorful, fragrant plant that offers colorful blooms rich in many minerals and vitamins. This culinary, low-maintenance plant is a perfect choice for hanging baskets.

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15. Sweet Alyssum

Botanical Name: Lobularia maritima

USDA Zone: 7-11

This heat and the drought-tolerant flowering plant look adorable in hanging baskets with tiny pink, purple, white blooms.

16. Pansy

Best Hanging Basket Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis

USDA Zone: 7-10

Colorful pansies are self-seeding, easy-to-grow plants with face-like petals. They favor a cool climate in the late fall and early spring.

17. Twinspur

Botanical Name: Diascia

USDA Zone: 9-11

Diascia is a beautiful trailing plant with some beautiful varieties spillover hanging baskets with pink, coral, red, orange, plum, and white flowers.

18. Bougainvillea

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea glabra

USDA Zone: 10

Bougainvillea looks spectacular in hanging baskets! Just make sure that planters have drainage holes and use good quality potting mix.

19. Sunpatiens

Botanical Name: Impatiens hawkeri hybrid

USDA Zone: 10-12

Compact Sunpatiens are a great choice for hanging baskets, and they look beautiful with an upright form and colorful blooms.

20. African Daisies

Botanical Name: Osteospermum

USDA Zone: 6-9

Have a display of lovely flowers in your home by growing this drought-tolerant plant with daisy-like colorful blooms that spill over the edges of hanging baskets. ‘Purple Sun’ and ‘Falling Stars’ are great choices for hanging planters.

21. Snowtopia Bacopa

Botanical Name: Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’

USDA Zone: 8-10

A beautiful flower for the hanging basket, it stands out with its starry white flowers that match really well with the dark and glossy green foliage.

22. Primrose

Botanical Name: Primula vulgaris

USDA Zone: 4-8

The plant does well in both sun and shade. It keeps on flowering for months with white blooms having a subtle yellow center.

23. Nemesia


Botanical Name: Nemesia

USDA Zone: 2-11

This small bedding plant is a great contender for hanging baskets. N. strumosa and N. caerulea are the two most beautiful types with blue or white flowers.

24. Geranium

Botanical Name: Pelargonium

USDA Zone: 8-12

The green lobed leaves and colorful flowers of geraniums look fantastic in hanging baskets! Make sure you hang where they get at least 6 hours of direct sun each day.

Grow these beautiful flowers that look like flower bouquets!

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