Begonia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Begonia Flower Meaning holds deeper significance than one might think. Give this article a read to gain some insights!

Begonia Flower Meaning

Begonias are popular flowering plants known for their beauty and diversity, but beyond this, they also carry symbolic meanings!

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Begonia Flower Meaning

Begonias represent thoughts, inspiration, and imagination. As these plants have large blooms, they also symbolize expansion of ideas, depth and contemplation.

Different colors of these flowers also have different meanings – pink begonias convey gratitude and admiration, whereas the white begonias symbolize innocence and purity.

Orange and yellow begonias radiate positivity and cheerfulness, and red begonias signify passion and enduring love.

Whether expressing warmth, wholesomeness, optimism, or fervor, begonias share a bunch of emotions and messages without saying a word.

Symbolism and Associations

Begonia Flower in pot

Begonias have long been associated with creativity and artistic expression. 

1. Mexican Culture

In Mexican culture, begonias are popular as “Santa Teresa”, named after a Catholic nun from the 16th century. According to legend, Saint Teresa would pick these flowers from the garden and place them on the altar – these flowers came to represent the clarity and wisdom overtime.

2. Chinese Culture

These blossoms represent ideas of reuniting and spending time with loved ones in the Chinese kingdom. Giving them as gifts expresses well-wishes.

3. Victorian Era

In Victorian England, pink begonias conveyed gratitude and appreciation while yellow and orange ones signified joyful thoughts and optimism. White begonias represented innocence and purity of spirit, while red begonias expressed deep passion and romantic love.

Occasions for Gifting Begonias

These are one of the most versatile flowers, making them a top pick for gifting in various occasions. 

  • These are perfect blossoms for mother’s day as they symbolize gratitude and respect.
  • The bright colors of begonias make them an excellent flowers for new homeowners.
  • Begonias, as they come in many hues, can be personalized for birthdays according to their person’s favourite color.
  • These are the best blooms to uplift anyone’s mood and spirits, making them a great pick for a get-well-soon bouquet.
  • As begonias represent celebration of a unique relationship, you can gift them in anniversaries, too!

Here are some Beautiful Begonia Types

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