Lavender Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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The Lavender Flower Meaning symbolizes not just tranquility but also various aspects that can aid you in life. Let’s explore what these are!

Lavender Flower Meaning

Lavender, the beloved favorite of every household, brings with it a myriad of associations that we should take the time to understand!

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Lavender – An Overview

Lavender is a flowering herb that belongs to the mint family. There are over 40 species of these plants, with the most common being English lavender.

Native to the Mediterranean region, it thrives in sunny climates with billowy green foliage and beautiful purple flowers, giving off a pleasant aroma. Both its leaves and flowers are popular to make perfumes, soaps, and sachets for scenting linens. The flower also has antiseptic and soothing properties.

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Lavender Flower Meaning

Lavender Flower Meaning and symbolism

Lavender flowers symbolize purity, grace, elegance, and healing. Its old French name, “lavender”, means “to wash”, refers when people use to add it to scent bathwater and washing vinegar.

The color purple has noble connotations as well – symbolizing royalty, luxury, and mystery. Additionally, its soothing scent evokes feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

With its medicinal properties, lavender also represents healing, protection, and cleansing.

Common Symbolism & Associations with Lavender

Common Symbolism & Associations with Lavender

1. Purity & Innocence

Since the ancient times, lavender has been used to scent holy water, incense, and oils for spiritual rituals, as it signifies purity of the soul and protection against evil. Both Greek and Roman societies linked lavender to innocence and virtue.

2. Femininity

The light purple shade of lavender flowers reflects feminine nature, something people associate with spring time and delicate beauty.

Lavender’s soothing aromatic properties evoke grace, nurturing, and calmness, too.

3. Healing & Protection

Lavender was the flower of choice in mummification and perfumery since ancient Egypt for its healing and protective qualities. People still keep these flowers around the home to protect against illness, curses, and misfortune.

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4. Love & Devotion

In heraldry and art of medieval times, these flowers represented loving devotion. Knights wore lavender-colored ribbons for tournaments to demonstrate their love and loyalty to their lady.

5. Serenity & Peace

Lavender’s sweet scent induces feelings of relaxation and peace. The herb is commonly used in aromatherapy for reducing anxiety and stress.

Occasions for Gifting Lavender Flowers

Gifting Lavender Flowers

Lavender flowers make thoughtful gifts for a variety of special occasions. 

  • At weddings and anniversaries lavender conveys wishes for a joyful marriage full of longevity and happiness, which is why brides often carry them in their bouquets and floral arrangements decorate receptions.
  • As a birthday gift – the flower suits all ages with its symbolism of grace, innocence, and new beginnings.
  • For sympathy or housewarming gifts these blooms offer a message of comfort and peaceful healing. Anytime you need a calming, protective talisman, lavender flowers, plants, sachets, or aromatic products serve as ideal gestures!

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