28 Best Swedish Flowers for the Garden

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These Swedish Flowers will surely remind you of the country’s forests, meadows, and other landscapes!

When it comes to resilience, vibrant colors, and adaptability, these Swedish flowers are a no-match! They also require minimum care and maintenance, adapting well to different soil types and weather conditions.

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Swedish Flowers

1. Wood Anemone

Swedish Flowers

Botanical Name: Anemone nemorosa

It is a delicate woodland flower, symbolizing the arrival of spring. Wood Anemone thrives in the deciduous forests of Sweden.

2. Heather

Swedish Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Calluna vulgaris

Heather is a low-growing shrub with small pink or purple flowers. It represents resilience and beauty in Swedish moorlands.

3. Bog Bilberry

list of Swedish Flowers

Botanical Name: Vaccinium uliginosum

They are also referred to as Odon in Swedish. Bog Bilberry produces small, bell-shaped flowers and edible dark blue berries.

4. Red Campion

Swedish Flowers in garden 1

Botanical Name: Silene dioica (L.) Clairv.

These flowers are known as Rödblära in Swedish and have a beautiful pink hue. The plant is found on mountain meadows throughout the country.

5. Marsh Marigold

Swedish Flowers in garden 2
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Botanical Name: Caltha palustris L.

Also known as Karateka, it has large buttercup-like flowers. Marsh Marigold is often found in marshy areas of Sweden, adding vibrant color to the landscape in spring.

6. Wild Pansy

Botanical Name: Viola tricolor

This tiny flower is also known as Heartsease. Wild pansies are common in meadows and grasslands across Sweden.

7. Arctic Starflower

White Best Swedish Flowers

Botanical Name: Trientalis europaea

This one displays star-shaped flowers and is found throughout the country in open pine woods or heather moorlands.

8. Chickweed

Botanical Name: Stellaria media

Chickweed’s delicate white flowers display the resilience of Sweden’s flora. It’s a symbol of nature’s adaptability in challenging conditions.

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9. Cornflower

Swedish Flowers to grow

Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus

Cornflower’s vivid blue color blooms add a touch of wild beauty to Swedish landscapes. Despite being a weed, it’s admired for its rapid growth and striking hue.

10. Moon Daisy

Best White Swedish Flowers In garden

Botanical Name: Leucanthemum vulgare

Moon Daisy is known locally as Vanlig Prästkrage. Its white petals and orange center represent the timeless appeal of Sweden’s native flowers.

11. Twin Flower

Swedish Flowers to grow

Botanical Name: Linnaea borealis

The Twin Flower has paired pale pink flowers. It thrives across the northern hemisphere representing the natural beauty of open forests.

12. European Red Waterlily

Botanical Name: Nymphaea alba f. rosea

European Red Waterlily’s presence in European waters speaks to the interconnectedness of nature. You will see them in Sweden as well!

13. Spreading Bellflower

Swedish Flowers to grow 3

Botanical Name: Campanula patula

This flower resembles a lot with the common Harebell, and has purple flowers that grow on top of tall and slender stems.

14. Water Forget-Me-Not

Swedish Flowers to grow 3

Botanical Name: Myosotis scorpioides

The Water Forget-Me-Not, or ‘Förgätmigej,’ symbolizes enduring beauty. Its blue flowers are deeply significant in Swedish culture.

15. Lily of the Valley

Swedish Flowers to grow in pot

Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis L.

This poisonous plant has bell-shaped fragrant flowers – you can easily grow this Swedish flower in both garden and containers.

16. Spring Pasqueflower

Best Swedish Purple Flowers

Botanical Name: Pulsatilla vernalis

Common in Härjedalen, the Spring Pasqueflower displays a mix of white, violet, and yellow, representing the vibrant colors of the region’s landscapes.

17. Hairy Greenweed

Swedish Flowers to grow 3

Botanical Name: Genista pilosa

This flower plant adds canary color to the landscapes of Sweden. It’s associated with the sandy broom heaths and the unique ecosystem there.

18. Honeysuckle

Botanical Name: Lonicera periclymenum

Honeysuckle’s yellow-pink-orange flowers symbolize Sweden’s beautiful natural fragrances. You can train it to climb anywhere!

19. Harebell

Botanical Name: Campanula rotundifolia

Harebell is Sweden’s national flower and features bell-shaped blooms in white, pink, or violet-blue that match its foliage really well.

20. Cowslip

Swedish Flowers to grow outside

Botanical Name: Primula veris

Also known as ‘Gullviva,’ it produces vibrant yellow flowers. The plant symbolizes the region’s natural charm.

21. Norway Spruce


Botanical Name: Picea abies

The Norway Spruce looks similar to Christmas trees – you might mistake these flowers for something else for sure!

22. Globe Flower

Globe Flower as swedish flower

Botanical Name: Trollius europaeus

The Globe Flower, also known as ‘Smörboll, has bright yellow blooms that thrive in damp areas, showcasing the adaptability of Swedish flora.

23. Arctic Raspberry

Botanical Name: Rubus arcticus

Arctic Raspberry has pink to purple flowers with 6 petals. They mostly bloom on a singular stem and match well with the foliage.

24. Snake’s Head Fritillary

Botanical Name: Fritillaria meleagris

It is renowned as the official flower of Sweden – particularly in Upland. It earned its name from its bloom’s resemblance to a snake’s head, especially during budding.

25. Common Mistletoe

Viscum album as swedish flower

Botanical Name: Viscum album

This plant is known for its cultural significance during the Christmas season. Its flowers are small and have a green or yellow color that blends well with the plant’s foliage.

26. English Oak

Quercus robur as swedish flower

Botanical Name: Quercus Robur

These flowers, which are yellowish-green in color, hang loosely from the branches – when the tree is in full bloom, they make for quite a sight!

27. Bog King

Botanical Name: Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum

These flowers thrive in wet, marshy environments, typically in bogs and wetlands – that’s why the name! They have white or pale pink hues and bloom in clusters.

28. Lady’s Mantle

Botanical Name: Alchemilla mollis

It has the title of magical herb since ancient days due to its herbal qualities. The plant has clusters of small flowers in green-yellow hues.

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