8 Life Saving Ways For Balcony Gardeners To Stop Water Dripping Off The Balconies

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Check out some of the best Life-Saving Ways For Balcony Gardeners To Stop Water Dripping Off The Balconies! 

Life Saving Ways For Balcony Gardeners To Stop Water Dripping Off The Balconies

One of the biggest problems Balcony Gardeners face is water runoff, which drains out from drainage holes in pots and drips below into neighbors’ balconies. Many societies sets rule for that and even ban balcony gardeners from growing plants. To help you out, here are some Life-Saving Ways For Balcony Gardeners To Stop Water Dripping Off The Balconies.

Life-Saving Ways For Balcony Gardeners To Stop Water Dripping Off The Balconies

1. Water at Odd Times

best Life-Saving Ways For Balcony Gardeners To Stop Water Dripping Off The Balconies

Although watering in the morning is the best time, balcony gardeners with restrictions like this should do it at odd times. Observe and learn about the timing of your neighbors when they’re not there.

You can water your plants when they’re not on their balconies, especially during the evening and nighttime.

2. Sink Watering

Water the plants under the sink thoroughly and allow the excess water to drain from the bottom.

Wait for a few minutes, and then place your planters back in their position.

3. Put Saucers Under the Pots

Put Saucers Under the Pots

Put saucers or trays under your pots to collect the extra water that drains out in case of overwatering. But remember to empty the saucers soon after the extra water drains out completely, as plants sitting on saucers full of water suffer from rot.

4. Don’t Drill Drainage Holes

Don't Drill Drainage Holes

If you can’t let the water drip off from the balcony, in any case. Try to grow plants in pots with no drainage holes. This will create the possibility of root rot, but you can avoid this by growing plants that love moisture and preventing overwatering.

5. Grow Plants that Survive Drought

Grow Plants that Survive Drought

Plants that prefer to grow in dry soil can be your option. Succulents, many flowering plants, and herbs like to live in low moisture level medium. This will save you from watering frequently.

6. Double Potting

Double Potting for Life-Saving Techniques to Prevent Water From Drips From Balconies for Gardeners

Grab one or two sizes larger pots (with no drainage holes) than the pot you’re using for planting and fill its bottom with a thick 3-4 inches layer of gravel.

This double potting idea will stop the additional water from coming out and flowing across the floor.

7. Never Over Water

Never Over Water

Avoid overwatering; water slowly and get an idea of the amount of water your plants need. Not too much, not too little, just pour the ample amount. It comes up with the practice.

Also, poke your finger an inch deep to check the moisture level and water only when the soil is dry.

8. Use Self-Watering Containers

Use Self-Watering Containers

Self-watering containers not only save you from watering regularly but also prevents that dripping water on neighbors below situation as they come with a bottom reservoir that holds excess water.

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    • What a privileged position.

      Do you understand how many people cannot own property in this economy? Do you understand how many people have to rent apartments to live?

      Do you understand how gardening is not only therapeutic for people with stressful lives, it’s also an inexpensive way to augment food supply? By growing patio vegetables and herbs, one can end up saving a ton on fresh foods that are healthy and tasty.

      This article is trying to help patio gardeners NOT be “pests.” Anyone who comes here by looking for ways to be respectful and sees your hurtful comment may stop gardening before they start, and lose out on this wonderful hobby that supports mental and physical health.

      If you don’t have anything constructive to add, keep your mean thoughts to yourself. I’ve created an oasis for myself on my balcony, and I do not regret it. I already do many of the things listed in this article, but vegetables love water and water is a natural sunscreen for plants so I was looking for more solutions before we hit the sunny season of summer.

      • Can I give you a hug on behalf of many of us who love to grow our own vegetables and flowers but alas arent so PRIVILEGED to own a backyard?
        Thank you for putting out my very own thought. ♥️

  1. For anyone looking to be respectful balcony gardeners like myself, please do not be deterred by the comment from Marianne. There are many ways to create a balcony garden without disturbing your neighbors below – this article actually addresses many good ways that work quite well.

    As far as my hanging plants go, I have them hanging above my boxes (that have removable trays) so I don’t have to bring them in, I water those first and the runoff lands in my rail boxes.

    I’ve also made slow waterers out of old wine/beer bottles. Super easy, just fill with water and rubber band some cotton scrap fabric over the top. Turn it over in your sink to see how fast it drips out, and if necessary, add another layer of fabric. Shove into the soil at an angle, and boom!! Slow self-waterer that doesn’t create any run off. Also great for when you are out of town on the weekend. Also, slow, deep watering means you won’t have to water as often, which also helps prevent runoff.

    It’s very easy to over-water plants. Best practice is after a plant has been successfully introduced, let it go a few days and wait to see how quickly they dry out. They will let you know if/when they are thirsty.

    I personally don’t like the self-watering buckets, I find I get root-rot way too often during the rainy season. Also, I’ve accidentally sent a deluge over the side when trying to move them away from the rail because they collected so much rain water that just pours out the bottom and makes them so heavy and awkward. They are great for indoors, but not ideal for outdoors if you live in a rainy area or if you are constantly moving things around to get the best sun/shade for your plants.

    Ideally I’m looking for some sort of gutter that will divert the water to the sides of the balcony so it streams down the wall instead of through the air onto the patio below.


  3. I too have plants out in my balcony and I’m looking for a way to collect the water that drains out from the plants and send it down from the sides of my balcony.. We get something called half pipes here in India, so I’m looking at getting that and then putting out under my pots.. Pretty simple solution actually.. Let’s hope it works ..


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