30 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid of Ants From Home & Garden

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If you don’t want to see ants crawling in your home and garden. Try one of these 30 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants!

1. Baking Soda


Lure ants to toxic quantities of baking soda with some powdered sugar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Baking soda will interfere with their digestive ability and cause them to explode and perish in the end. Place the mixture in all the common entry points of these pests and wait for the soda to work its magic.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective in getting rid of ants. To repel ants, mix equal amounts of water and vinegar (either white or apple cider) and spray the solution on the ant hills in your garden. In the home, look out for ant’s entry paths, countertops, sink, and windows. The strong scent of vinegar will make the ants avoid the places sprayed with vinegar. Learn more Vinegar Uses here!

3. Boric Acid

Boric acid is toxic to ants when ingested; it is suitable for use in both the home and garden. Mix boric acid with honey or sugar, maple syrup, and peanut butter to create an ant bait. Ants will ingest it with glee and maybe even take some to their colony. Eventually, the mixture will poison their system and wipe out their entire clan overnight. Learn more about this idea here!

4. Lemon Juice

Ant-proof different areas of your home with ample amounts of lemon juice. The unmistakable, citrusy scent of lemon will act to deter them, while its acidic nature will mask the natural scent markings they use to navigate through their surroundings. You can soak cotton balls in lemon essential oil and leave them on windowsills, thresholds, cabinets, and other areas where they are likely to reach.

5. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Ants swarm the family picnic, garden tea party, backyard BBQ, and whatever little food they can get their tiny legs on. So, cleaning up what’s bringing them into your garden is half the battle won. The other half can be won by using diatomaceous earth, as it’s a natural ant repellent that works in a non-toxic, human-friendly way to disrupt non-discernible ant trails and prevent future ant problems. And all that, too, without contaminating your ornamentals and edibles! Simply dust the plants and anthills with DE to get rid of them. Learn more Diatomaceous Earth Uses here!

6. Cucumber Peel

Try this in your garden! Ants are naturally averse to the taste of cucumber. Bitter-tasting cucumbers are the best, but you can always rely on normal cucumbers as well. The only downside is that you will have to replace with fresh peels every alternate day and continue the procedure till all the ants have disappeared.

7. Cayenne Pepper

The strong, pungent odor of cayenne pepper destroys the signals that ants use to communicate and move toward their nest. In the absence of an appropriate signal, they fail to make their way home and survive. Sprinkling cayenne pepper in exposed parts is a good idea to drive away ants. Alternatively, you can mix equal parts of turmeric powder and cayenne pepper to make a more powerful barrier for ants.

8. Liquid Dish Soap

Dish soap works wonders to eliminate ants. It suffocates them and ruptures their cells, causing them to dehydrate and die. Just mix one teaspoon of liquid dish soap and baking soda each in a bowl of water. Mix well and spread the solution along with the areas where you see the ants entering. You can also spray over trails of running ants; just make sure to mop up the dead ants with a damp cloth after some time.

9. Molasses

Molasses offer a nice alternative to eliminate ants safely and organically. While it doesn’t kill them by itself, it acts to mask the insecticidal properties of other ingredients like borax or dry yeast. Adding orange oil to the mix helps to soften their bodies, thereby allowing rapid killing and removal. For the complete protocol, follow this link here!

10. Citrus Peels

Tossing orange peels into the bin may not be a good idea after all. The peels of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits contain high levels of D-limonene that act as an odorant to discourage ants from entering your home and garden. It helps to drive off existing ants and even manages to kill a few sensitive ones. Just allow the peels to dry out for a day or two and then pulse them in a food processor to make a fine powder. Sprinkle this in a line along the entrance. Learn about other Citrus Peel Uses here!

11. Fresh Garlic

Garlic is indomitably the Holy Grail of natural pest removal. This quirky little herb is not only great for your health but also effective in driving off all kinds of bugs and ants from your home. Ants can’t stand the smell of garlic, so just place two peeled cloves of fresh garlic at the entry points of your home or near the abode of the ants.

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12. Peppermint Oil

Ants hate the smell of peppermint as it disrupts their ability to communicate with the help of scent markings. Growing peppermint in the garden and around the house is a nice solution to repel them. If gardening is not really your thing, try this: mix 10 drops of peppermint essential oil in water and spray the solution on windowsills, door frames, as well as the porch. Also, spray some directly on the lines of moving ants for instant removal.

13. Chalk

Ants won’t cross a chalk line. The powdery texture of chalk spoils the pheromone trails of insects, thereby disrupting their ability to communicate with members of their kin using scent markings. The best thing about this remedy is that it doesn’t impose any health risks on anyone.

14. Tea Tree Oil

If ants are threatening to ransack your kitchen, simply apply a few drops of tea tree oil on ant trails you come across, and the offenders will be nowhere to be seen. Alternatively, you can make a spray using 10 drops each of lemon oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil and apply it over the areas where you notice the ants. Click here for the complete guide.

15. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a nice alternative to harsh commercial insecticides that confer numerous health risks in the process of killing ants. Just mix 1 tsp of rubbing alcohol and 1 tsp of dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the solution on trails and entrance points. If you are spraying in the garden soil, don’t forget to reapply after the rain.

16. Baby Powder

When it comes to the most unwelcomed guests in the garden, ants top the list. If left unchecked, they can overtake all your gardening beds, killing most of the beneficial insects and encouraging other pests like aphids. Ants detest baby powder, so you can always sprinkle it in your home and garden as a barrier. Learn more at Lifehacker!

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17. Coffee Grounds

If you find ants ruining the look of your garden with their unsightly hills all over the place, just share used coffee grounds with them. Sprinkle the coffee grounds around the plants and anthills. This treatment helps in blocking the scent trails of ants. Here’s more of it!

18. Cinnamon

If you want to get rid of ants from your garden, use cinnamon. Sprinkle cinnamon on ants’ tracks or where you don’t want ants. They hate the smell of cinnamon and will start to avoid those places where you sprinkled it. Learn more Cinnamon Uses in the Garden here!

19. Clove Oil

Clove contains eugenol in its essential oil that kills ants on contact, making clove the perfect ingredient in homemade insecticides. Whole, dried cloves are equally effective because the oil leaves behind a strong repulsive odor after drying that deters pests like moths, flies, and ants. Get detailed instructions here!

20. Salt

Salt dries out the tiny, fragile bodies of ants, causing them to lose water and eventually die of dehydration. Plus, it gets absorbed quickly into the belly and mouth of ants, so the results are long-lasting and effective. Sprinkle the table salt where you see the ants.

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21. Cornmeal

Ants actually love cornmeal, but their delicate little bodies can’t digest it well, so they basically burst after consuming it. Those that don’t die immediately go into starvation and ultimately perish. Cornmeal won’t wipe out an entire colony as fast as poison, but it is an extremely safe and chemical-free option. Learn more here!

22. Vaseline

It is the old trick to keep ants away from the kitchen larder. The thick and sticky texture of petroleum jelly repels away the pesky little critters. To use it well, you have to figure out first where the ants are coming from. Once you have identified their entry points and usual hideouts, just dab some Vaseline on the spots. Learn more here!

23. Bay Leaves

Use fragrant bay leaves to get rid of ants. They can’t bear its pungent odor and immediately turn away towards a safer, less threatening haven. Keep some bay leaves on the windowsill or at the door for continual protection.

24. Red Chili Powder

Just like other spices, red chili powder acts as a toxin to choke and suffocate ants, causing them to lose the sense of their surroundings and die. Sprinkle chili powder either singly or in conjunction with borax over strategic areas where the ants pass from.

25. Cream of Wheat

Ants are easily attracted to the cream of wheat and demolish it quickly, only to perish soon after. That’s because the cream of wheat, once consumed by ants, expands and shocks their fragile little guts and disrupts their ability to digest and assimilate food. Consequently, it causes their stomachs to expand and blast, resulting in death.

26. Camphor Oil & Rubbing Alcohol


Camphor oil tops the list of odorant substances. Add denatured alcohol to it in a 1:9 ratio and pour the mixture over anthills to drive them off your property.

27. Peanut Butter & Borax

This tasty yet toxic ant trap is sure to lure and kill all the ants in your vicinity. Just add one teaspoon of each of the two ingredients to a bowl and mix well. Place it near ant trails and add a spoonful of powdered sugar the next day to eliminate resilient ant species.

28. Flour

Ants hate anything that is powdery, dry in texture, and flour is just that. So spread some of it on the floor, doors, cabinets, and pantry shelves to keep off those tiny irritants from crawling all over your property.

29. Salt & Talc

Talc poisoning is an old trick employed to choke and destroy susceptible pests, including ants. Salt has a drying effect on their bodies and quickens their death. Mix both in equal amounts and spread it over the places infested with ants.

30. Aspartame

If you have tried all the home remedies to get rid of ants as mentioned above and nothing seems to work, do not reach for the chemical ant killer just yet. Just empty the contents of an aspartame packet onto the mounds. Ants will go berserk trying to garner the ‘sugar’ you have so generously gifted them and mysteriously disappear the next day. This is because aspartame works like a neurotoxin to cause malfunctioning of their senses and ultimately promotes starvation to a lethal extent.

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If you don't want to see ants crawling in your home and garden. Try one of these 30 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants!

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  1. i tried mixing vinegar and baking soda. it worked really well, the ants wont go near it. although one did get in the line of fire while i was putting the mix down. it completely started spazzing out and disintegrating. it may have been the most horrifying thing i’ve ever seen.

  2. Relieved to see a list of natural remidies. I seem to have a lot of ants on and around my plants in the garden. I’m going to try dried cloves and garlic…possibly flour as well!

  3. The ants are loving the garlic and cucumber and lemon peels I put out for them… seems like they consider it a treat. Will try cinnamon and cloves next.

  4. I got the creepiest feeling reading this article. Yes there are some good ones. I’ll be using vinegar.
    But ants are living creatures, and this was borderline sadistic… if you fail to see other creatures as equals, replace “ants” In this article with “humans” and your stomach will churn.

    There’s such a shortage of empathy on this planet.

    • Wow really??? Just wait until ants invade your house and are in your bed or cup of tea or just Every where thousands then you might reconsider

      • I have them invading my bed and all forms of food and im sorry but I still find it cruel to explode them just for doing what comes natural to them. You cant possibly tell me that if you had to hunt for your food in the same way just to live that you wouldnt find exploding in a miserable way to be a cruel and inhumane way to die. They do provide a great benefit to our environment you im sure you have no problem taking advantage of so why not at least do them a favor and keep the cruelty to a minimum. At least that’s what I would do as a kind and caring human being who appreciates what they provide us even if they get into places they dont belong.

        • They are eating my log home, found them in my candy stash, in the kitchen, daughters bedroom, dropping onto us from above, and we have a clean kitchen, no food spills or crumbs anywhere ! Trash and kitchen scraps are bagged and contained ! Yet they persist ! Not tiny one either. Big black ones that crunch when stepped upon ! Gross and unpleasant ! Kill them all ! That’s my rule at present. I don’t see any need for them ! They don’t pollinate or contribute in any way here !

      • Yes I totally agree with you, i
        They are EVERYWHERE in my kitchen and now going into my bathroom.
        I have to put everything in the microwave, fridge or the oven to keep them away…

  5. Ants are pests as long as they stay out of my house and yard then they can live in peace, but the second they forget that and move across the line I kill them with any means necessary poison some home remedies and if that don’t work gas or diesel fuel the mound and enjoy my ant free yard, as for all the bleeding hearts…… WOW, I MEAN WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The ants are ABSLOUTLY crazy at my house I just moved into I wake up and have between 10 and 20 bites sometimes as well as my kids and dog and I really hope this works although it’s gunna suck smelling like a pickle some of u really are outta your mind “inhumane” or appreciate an ant REALLY U GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. After about the 3rd or 4 day of that smh no its an ant and this is my family my home u bit me I am suffering scratching hearing my kids wine cuz its horrible I’m whining to geeze im be disturbed by the little demons yes I want ya gone n if it means exploding fantastic ik you won’t be bk. I’m so over these ants and and about. Ppl being physcopaths that has nothing to do with it in certified physcopath and its more. Know your role n take dominance worried about an ants life shoot worry about a humans 1st gunna DEFINATLY be trying some of these really hoping for relief

  7. Ants are helpful in some ways but when they invade your home it’s a serious situation. If you’ve lived this you can feel the pain. Ants EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!. THIS IS CONCERNING. It’s not just a line of ants… It’s ants in the bed, the windows, the floor, your clothes, your body……You just go insane. This is not that you ate mean or a monster. You want to live in peace. Thanks .

  8. Have tried every single remedy on this planet to kill ants!!!! Nothing works. The ants I have seem to be resistant to every single suggestion and including every sine one on this post. Even TERRO does not work!! ??? I need real help as these ants are biting the heck out of me!! I have bloody scabs from thier bites all over me!! : (

    • I ended up with ants in my boat seats and on my boat tie of line and along my dock ramp and cement stairs. Only things that worked was apple vinegar and hot water. Then hot water on the mount if you know where it is. Good luck. Sold the boat after removing ants. Sad.

  9. This is hilarious..Comparing ants to humans..😂😂😂😂😂😂..This has to be a joke…Aston Kusher is punkin social media now??😆😆😆😆😆

  10. For those of you who can’t seem to get rid of the ant problem, I tried combining all the ingredients minus the alcohol, it seem to worked more efficiently for me!!!

  11. Ant do not have souls like humans do. God created us with souls in the beginning. I would also assume that you like certain meats, unless you are a vegetarian. You are eating living creatures when you do that. So don’t hate that way of doing it. You can hate it once you become a vegan.

  12. Wow, some of the people on here talking about not killing ants because they invaded your home and bite you and that they are of some use, REALLY , I mean Really. Each individual has a right to think and do what ever they wish to with their ant problem. Please respect that. Not kill ants that’s funny. The vinager and baking soda works good.

  13. I was thinking that Ants are so noble and they will not hurt me but once they bite me 4 time now i m very angry. and i don’t know what to do with them .

  14. There is one thing I have found works when all else has been tried – and failed, and it isn’t cruel. Grow pennyroyal – it’s a plant which belongs to the mint family, Mentha pulegium. This is the European penny royal. It’s poisonous, so don’t drink it. (Not the same as the American pennyroyal, Hedeoma pulegoides, which is not a mint and not related.) They walk up to it and immediately turn the whole column back. You just have to keep the plants alive in the right places. Also, you can dry the leaves and spread them on their pathways and they won’t cross them.

  15. Do those hot water floor cleaners kill ants? Also, I think my Golden Retriever May be bringing them in on his fur. Are any of these things safe to put on your dog?

  16. It seems like it’s easier to protect your house than yourself from ants. In summer, I’m getting bitten everywhere: when walking, going to work, fishing… I’d like to know how to get rid of ants bites. Please publish an article about that.

  17. Ecologist and children s author Jackie French said applying peppermint oil was the most effective way to get rid of ants.

  18. We’ve lived in an old farmhouse in the country for more than 10 years now and have only had a couple of black ant infestations, but we cleaned up extra carefully and they left. Maybe because we don’t kill house spiders or use any type of toxic chemicals inside the house or out? I don’t really know, but I do know that ants are dues-paying members of the food web; otherwise they’d have gone extinct long ago. E.g., they eat other insects (some ant species even prey on termites) and decaying plant and animal material, and are themselves an important source of food for a huge array of other animals, including spiders, birds, mammals, and amphibians. Just a little food for thought for anyone who’s interested.


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