17 Genius Hacks to Keep your Vegetables Fresh for Longer

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Do you want to make your veggies last long? Check out some Genius Hacks to Keep your Vegetables Fresh for Longer!

It could be frustrating to buy fresh vegetables in bulk only to find them stale in a day or two. So, is there any way? Yes, there is! Check out these Genius Hacks to Keep your Vegetables Fresh for Longer!

Here are some amazing hacks to keep bananas fresh for long!

Genius Hacks to Keep your Vegetables Fresh for Longer

1. Buy Seasonal Veggies

The most essential thing that you can begin to do is buy fresh veggies of the season. It is considered that vegetables taste much tastier in their right season and contain the most nutritional value at that time. As they are not stored in cold storage, they remain best for longer, too!

2. Do Not Wash Vegetables Before Freezing

It is the best suggestion to not wash the fresh vegetables before you store them away in the fridge’s crisper section, as they will have a tendency to go bad sooner than usual if they’re damp.

3. Give Veggies a Massage


You can make the healthy greens last a little longer by giving a massage to them. Yes, massage helps to break down the tough cell structure making the veggies go softer, last longer, and also be easy on your stomach.

4. Wrap them in Foil

If you are storing vegetables in plastic wraps, they may only last for 4-8 days. Swap it for a sheet of Aluminium and it can help the veggies such as Lettuce, Broccoli, and Celery fresher for 1-2 weeks.

The sheet saves the vegetables from light and temperature changes, helping to keep them fresh.

5. Use Paper Towels

You can put paper towels to line your salad drawer or the crisper to make the vegetables stay fresh for a longer period. The paper roll helps in absorbing the condensation that vegetables usually generate while chilling in your refrigerator.

Excessive moisture can also make your veggies wilt, so placing a few sheets of kitchen rolls will save a lot of effort and money.

6. Freeze Veggies in Olive Oil

When your veggies and herbs are about to lose their freshness, chop and place them in an empty ice cube tray. Now, add some olive oil on top and let them freeze.

With this genius hack, you can make them last for a really long, and whenever you would want to use them, just add the ice cube to a hot pan and let the oil cook it down.

7. Chop Off Carrot Tops

Chop off carrot tops before putting them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long.

8. Keep Asparagus in Water

Store asparagus in an upright container filled with filtered water. It will keep them fresh and crisp for longer. You can also keep carrots and celery in water to keep them fresh for longer.

9. Apple for Potatoes

Placing an apple in the bag of potatoes is a genius way to keep them fresh for a long. Apples can produce a gas called ethylene that helps to keep the potatoes firm and fresh for longer than usual.

10. Get Baby Veggies

Vegetables tend to go bitter when they start growing bigger. If you want them to last longer than usual, pick baby veggies and make them last longer.

11. Ice Cold Shower

If you see your leafy greens look wilted, put them in a sink full of ice-cold water, leave them for 10-30 minutes, and watch them look much fresher than they were!

12. Bathe Veggies in Vinegar


Expand the life span of vegetables by giving them a nice bath in a vinegar solution. It can not only get rid of the bacteria but also help in keeping them fresh for longer.

Use three cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar. Ensure you dry the veggies before you put them away for storage.

13. Store Mushrooms in Paper Bags

Store fresh mushrooms in a paper bag than the more common plastic boxes that they arrive in. Keep them in a cool, dry place with not much humidity.
14. Do Not Freeze Tomatoes
It is best advised to never freeze tomatoes as they tend to lose their smooth texture and flavor in extremely cold temperatures. Keep them in the open on the kitchen counter to let them ripen naturally.

Storing tomatoes with their stems down will keep them fresh for a long by locking in the moisture.

Note: Onions and potatoes should also never be stored in the refrigerator, too.

15. Keep Onions in Tights

If you have a pair of older tights lying around, you can put them in, and put them to good use by storing onions in them. Tie a knot in between each onion and put them away in a dark, cool place to make them last longer than usual.

16. Store Veggies and Fruits Whole

Do not chop veggies and fruits before using them. Keep them whole to preserve their nutritional value and to keep them fresh for a long.

17. Dip Herbs’ End in Water

You can keep herbs fresh by placing them in water, just like you do with cut flowers. Herbs like basil and cilantro can be stored with their stalks submerged in a water-filled jar.

Bonus – Make a Smoothie!

If you have some fresh vegetables in abundance and are worried that they may go bad soon, you can try to turn those greens into blending into a very healthy smoothie. Add some fresh fruits or milk to make it taste better according to your preference.

Making a smoothie and storing it in the refrigerator may end up taking lesser space than all the fresh veggies there and it may last a bit longer.

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