7 Surprising Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden

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Here are some potent Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden that will surprise you for sure! We have the best ones to help you while gardening!

Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden

Vicks vaporub is a popular household name, manufactured by The Procter & Gamble company. It is quite effective in clearing out the nasal passages thanks to its camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil content. However, its uses are not limited to this and there are a few Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden too! Let’s have a look!

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Surprising Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden

Here are some surprising uses of Vicks VapoRub in the garden.

1. Relieve Insect Bites and Rashes

Bug bites while performing gardening chores like pruning or watering is quite common. Well, applying Vicks to the affected area can relieve the itching. It will also soothe the rashes caused due to rubbing against thorns and branches.

2. Keeps Deer and Rabbits Away

Use a small application of this topical ointment on hardy plants to keep deer and rabbits away to some degree, or at least for a while. Many plants are deer-resistant but hungry deer can try anything except daffodils.

A little dab of Vicks vaporRub on the plants can give you great success in repelling these animals away from your garden. The strong smell of camphor, cedar oil, and eucalyptus is unbearable to them. For best results, apply it twice a month on plants.

3. Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden 2

Applying small amounts of Vicks to your clothes and the exposed areas of your body, while working in the garden, will save you from mosquito bites. Its scent deters the pesky insects and even if you get bitten by them, Vicks will help to relieve the itching.

4. Saves Your Garden Tools from Rusting

Coat your garden tools with a layer of Vicks; the eucalyptus oil and menthol content will form a protective layer barring contact with oxygen and moisture of the atmosphere, hence preventing rust.

Repeat the process every week for the best results.

5. Keeps Bugs Away

Vicks VapoRub Uses in the Garden 3

According to a 1993 study, cedarwood oil is an active ingredient used in pesticides; it effectively repels moths and fleas and controls mildew growth.

Dab a cotton ball in the ointment and apply it to the plants and other bug-prone areas. You may also leave the balls in the plant pots to keep the potential bugs at bay.

6. Can Be Used as Lubricant on Garden Swings

If you are tired of the squeaky garden swings, layer the hinges with a considerable amount of Vicks. It will provide lubrication and promote smooth movement.

7. Keep Squirrels Away from Birdfeeders


Squirrels raiding around birdfeeders or the garden is pretty annoying. To keep them away, apply a layer of Vicks on the outer surface of the birdfeeders and at the places where they frequent.

Squirrels can’t stand the strong smell of menthol, camphor, and cedarwood oil; hence will stay away.

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