Surprising Coca Cola Uses In The Garden

Seriously, can you use this classic beverage in the garden? It looks like! We find out some Surprising Coca Cola Uses in the garden.

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Either you hate or love it, the coca cola is one of the best-selling beverages in the world. However, it has adverse health effects, but it can be helpful in the gardening, many ways.

Coca Cola for Composting

You may find it unusual, but you can use Coke as an ingredient in your compost pile. The and Lifehacker posted about this– “Simply pour the soda over the pile. Coke’s mildly acidic nature will help break down organic matter, while its sweetness helps attract micro-organisms that aid in the composting process.” If you like the idea, you can try this at least once to see the after-effect.

Killing Slugs with Coca Cola

Try this trick, if you are tired of seeing slugs and snails crawling in your garden and desperately trying to get rid of them. It’s not much different than one using the beer to attract slugs. Just mark 2-3 spots in your garden where you find the slugs most and pick a low bowl. Pour some Coca Cola into the bowl overnight, and the snails and slugs will be attracted to it. The acid in the soda will kill these pests.

Make a Wasp Trap

If there are too many wasps and hornets visiting your garden, and you want to get rid of them, use coca cola to lure and kill them. Try this DIY wasp trap idea! For this, you’ll have to place a bowl filled with coke at an open spot somewhere in your garden. These predator insects will attract towards the sweet nectar. Similarly, you can also kill the flies!

Spraying Coca Cola on Plants

It has been observed and proved in experiments that spraying coca cola on plants is totally uncalled for. It has little to no benefits, albeit it can cause problems. This sugary drink contains 3.25-gram sugar per ounce, and too much sugar absorbs water much like salt and can prevent plant roots from absorbing the water, causing the dehydration. Visit eHow to read more of it!

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Seriously, can you use this classic beverage in the garden? It looks like! We find out some Surprising Coca Cola Uses in the garden.


  1. My outdoor plants were plagued with mealybugs for years and I tried toxic sprays, washing the leaves with soapy water, and squashing them individually and never could get rid of them. But I put a light cola, without any sugar, in a spray bottle and I sprayed my plants till they were wet, and I have no more mealybugs. I have not seen another one since just one treatment. And this cola has not damaged any plant. It is a miracle treatment for me.


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