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27 Yellow Apple Varieties For Garden

Discover the Best Yellow Apple Varieties with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, offering a delightful crunch and vibrant flavors!

Let us introduce you to a dazzling array of Yellow Apple Varieties that will not only add a burst of color to your landscape but also provide you with an abundance of delectable, homegrown sweetness. Your garden’s golden dreams are just a scroll away!

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Yellow Apple Facts

Yellow apples offer a fascinating blend of history, culture, and unique attributes that set them apart in the world of fruits. Here are some lesser-known facts about these sunny-hued gems.

  • Natural Sunscreen: Yellow apples contain compounds called phytochemicals, particularly quercetin, that have been found to provide some natural protection against UV radiation.
  • Genetic Diversity: The yellow apple category boasts a remarkable genetic diversity, leading to an array of shades, flavors, and textures within this color category alone.
  • Yellow Apple in Art and Mythology: Yellow apples have made their mark in various cultures. In Greek mythology, the Golden Apple of Discord led to the Trojan War.
  • Anti-Aging Antioxidants: Yellow apples are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C and flavonoids, which can help combat oxidative stress and support healthy aging.

Yellow Apple Varieties

Some apples on this list may have a tint of green, orange, or red to them.

1. Criterion

Yellow Apple Varieties 1

First on the list of Yellow apple varieties is the Criterion apple. It has firm, crisp white flesh with a sweet, slightly tart flavor.

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2. Gravenstein

Gravenstein is one of the ancient Danish Yellow apples. Its yellow-green skin with crimson spots holds juicy, creamy-colored flesh with a sweet-tart flavor.

3. Blondee

Yellow Apple Varieties 3

Blondee is a new Yellow delicious apple variety discovered in 2000. With yellow, smooth skin and sweet, mild golden-yellow flesh, it’s perfect for snacking and versatile for use in pies and baked goods. You can easily grow a Yellow delicious apple tree in your home and relish these.

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4. Ginger Gold

What are yellow apples called? They’re also called golden apples, as some of them have a rich yellow-gold coloration. Just like this one. Ginger Gold apples were discovered in the 1960s. These Yellow apples have a mild, tart flavor and are great for fresh eating, baking, and cooking.

5. Akane

Yellow Apple Varieties 5

Next on the list of Yellow apple varieties is Akane. This hardy tree produces yellow-green apples with firm, sweet flesh and refreshing strawberry or raspberry notes.

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6. Rhode Island Greening


Looking for the best Yellow apple name? These Greenish yellow apples have creamy flesh, and its flavor develops best after storage. Ideal for pies, baking, cider, and apple butter, it can also be enjoyed in fruit salads.

7. Adams Pearmain

Yellow Apple Varieties 7

These early-season Types of yellow apples are prized for their crisp ivory flesh. While rare to find outside selected English growers, it is versatile for fresh eating, cooking, and baking.

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8. Silken


Silken Yellow apples are the next on our Yellow apple varieties list. With yellow-green skin and a pink blush, they have firm, sweet-tart white flesh and are available during the early fall.

9. Newtown Pippin

Yellow Apple Varieties 9

Wondering What is the yellow apple called? Newton Pippin. The Newtown Pippin is cherished for its yellow-green skin, crisp flesh, and sweet-tart flavor. Ideal for both eating fresh and baking, it thrives in warmer climates.

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10. Golden Supreme


Golden Supreme apples have a sweet, juicy flavor and crisp texture, making them suitable for fresh eating, cooking, baking, and cider.

11. Ambrosia

Yellow Apple Varieties 11

Discovered as a chance seedling in 1988, these Yellow apples have medium to large sizes with red and glossy coloration. The firm, cream-colored flesh is sweet.

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12. Antonovka

Antonovka Yellow apple varieties feature greenish-yellow fruit with thick skin and russet overtones. Its pure white aromatic flesh has a high acidity that sweetens when fully ripe.

13. Golden Delicious

Yellow Apple Varieties 13

Golden Delicious apples are small to medium-sized with a round to conical shape and a sweet flavor. The trees are self-pollinating, making them suitable for individual gardens.

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14. Jonagold

Jonagold Yellow apples are the next yellow apple varieties. They are large with thin skin, green-yellow in color, with some crimson brindled covering.

15. Crispin

Yellow Apple Varieties 15

Crispin are larger and rounder than other Yellow apples name, with thin, easy-to-peel, yellowish-green skin and juicy orange flesh. The flavor is sweet-tart with fruity undertones.

16. Medaille d’Or

Here are Yellow delicious apples you must try! Medaille d’Or, also known as “Gold Medal,” is a small apple with a yellow color and a fine russet finish. The flesh, which is yellowish in hue, produces a rich and aromatic juice.

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17. Suncrisp

Yellow Apple Varieties 17

Suncrisp apples are named for their golden appearance and their exceptional crispness that make them stand out as the best Yellow apple types. They offer a well-balanced sweet-tart flavor, perfect for fresh eating or including in your favorite recipes.

18. Opal Apple

Opal apples feature a vibrant yellow skin with occasional russet speckles. These Yellow apples are celebrated for their sweet, tangy flavor and resistance to browning, making them a great choice for salads and snacks.

19. Mutsu

Yellow Apple Varieties 19

Mutsu apples have a bright yellow-green coloration making them Green yellow apples. These Yellow apple varieties are crisp, juicy, and sweet-tart, ideal for both fresh consumption and baking in pies and tarts.

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20. Sir Prize

Sir Prize apples are a unique variety among Yellow apples names with smooth, yellow skin and a distinctive elongated shape. They offer a sweet and mildly tart flavor, making them suitable for fresh eating and cooking.

21. Sundance

Yellow Apple Varieties 21

Sundance apples are characterized by their radiant golden skin and sweet, juicy flesh. They are excellent for snacking and adding a touch of sweetness to salads and desserts.

22. Lodi

Lodi apples are an early-season yellow variety with a tart, tangy flavor. These Yellow apples are often used for making applesauce and pies due to their excellent cooking properties.

23. Golden Russet

Yellow Apple Varieties 23

Golden Russet apples are renowned for their rough, golden-yellow skin with russet patches. Underneath, you’ll find sweet, aromatic flesh that’s ideal for fresh eating and cider production.

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24. Harrison Cider Apple

Harrison apples are a traditional American cider apple with bright yellow skin and firm, crisp flesh. These Yellow apple varieties are primarily used for making cider, offering a unique tartness.

25. Holstein

Yellow Apple Varieties 25

Holstein apples are known for their attractive yellow-green skin that is adorned with slight tones of red. These Red and yellow apples have a pleasing sweet-tart flavor and are suitable for both snacking and cooking.

26. Yellow Transparent Apple

Yellow Transparent apples are one of the earliest ripening Yellow apples. They have yellow-green skin and crisp, mildly tart flesh, making them ideal for applesauce and cooking.

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27. Gibson Gold

Yellow Apple Varieties 27

Gibson Gold apples have bright yellow skin and sweet, crisp flesh. They are excellent Yellow apple varieties choice for fresh eating and can be used in various recipes.


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