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What to Do in Garden in August | August Gardening Ideas

Wondering about What to Do in Garden in August? What are the best options? Follow our article to add beautiful fall color to your landscape!

August is the time of the year where you have tonnes of options to make changes and add a lot of appeal to your yard! How? Here’s all you need to know about What to Do in the Garden in August! 

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 What to Do in Garden in August

1. Bring a Dash of Fall Colors

Add chrysanthemums to your flower border for beautiful fall colors–you can find them in an array of sizes, colors, and forms. The colorful nectar-rich blooms also invite a range of pollinators.

Tip: Blend single and double flowering varieties with pansies, asters, and other fall cultivars.

2. Re-pot Houseplants

August is the ideal time to move plants to a new home, especially if you gave houseplants a summer treat outdoors, as new growth emerges during that phase and many become rootbound. Repotting in August helps plants settle in a new planter before the cool weather comes after fall.

3. Harvest and Store Herbs

The flavor and aroma of herbs come at their peak during late summer, just before the plant flowers. Snip leaves in the early morning, chop them to freeze in ice cube trays.

Note: Avoid pruning perennial herbs like lavender, sage, oregano, tarragon, and thyme before one month of the last expected frost, as it accelerates new growth that cannot harden before cold weather.

4. Grow Fall Vegetables

Start growing a fall vegetable garden by planting chard, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, celery, kale, and collards. Also, try crop rotation to elude re-planting the same variety of veggies in the identical area twice a season in a row. This gardening ritual also helps in preventing soil-borne pests and diseases.

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5. Divide Perennial Plants


Divide perennial plants like Daylily, Hosta, Beared iris, and Oriental poppy during August. Take a shovel to lift the plant from the ground without damaging the root ball, cut it into small pieces, and re-plant it in new pots.

6. Replace Annuals

Till late summer, some annual blooms can appear a bit exhausted. Transform the look of the pots by planting other colorful annuals that will shine throughout the fall.

7. Remove Weeds!

August month is a perfect time for weeding. Due to the growing season coming to an end, annuals and perennials begin to produce seeds that sprout in the next spring and become tough to remove.

Use a hoe or pull the weeds from the hands—don’t forget to remove the roots.

8. Remember to Fertilize

Fertilizing the plants in the late summer and early fall promotes new growth. Skipping fertilizer at this time and feeding late can make the situation difficult for your plants in freezing temperatures.

Note: If you live in a warmer region, continue feeding your garden plants to encourage blooming through the late fall.

9. Thin out Strawberries


Strawberries grow fast, and their beds can become overcrowded quite fast. In August, you can thin out by removing some plants. Either move them to another bed or discard them.

10. Prune

In August, pruning will promote growth and productivity. Use a sharp shear for the purpose and give your stunted plants a nice trim and shape to rejuvenate them.

11. Grow Shrubs and Perennials

In most regions, late summer is a suitable time to grow flowering shrubs and perennials. Daylilies, hydrangeas, sedum, lilies, peonies, beared iris, coleus, and ornamental grasses are the best. Keep the plants well-hydrated if the climate is dry and hot.

Note: In northern areas, cover the planting with straws or leaves in the first winter–wait till the ground freezes in late fall before covering.

12. Give Some Shade

August can bring harsh sunlight and high temperatures in warm regions, and some varieties of plants require shade from the sun. Lettuces, other greens, eggplants, and peppers appreciate shelter from afternoon sunlight.

13. Water Wisely

All that Grows

In some regions, august can be a dry month. Water your plants carefully when there is less rain in your area, hydrate your plants deeply once a week.

14. Check for Pests and Diseases

Farmer’s weekly

Check carefully for any pests and diseases. Remove dead, decaying stems and leaves to prevent fungal infections. Take measures to provide ideal air circulation.

15. Create Fall Containers


August is a great time to grow different types of flowers and vegetables in the garden in different containers. Group them together and add a colorful appeal to your yard.

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16. Store Seeds

August is also the best time of the year to store seeds and grow plants in the future for free! Some of the best seeds you can collect this month are beans, poppies, and hawthorn.



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