6 Quick and Easy Ways to Identify Houseplants

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If you want to know the variety of plants, then here are some simple and easy Ways to Identify Houseplants and their growing requirements.

If you are looking for different Ways to Identify Houseplants, then you have arrived at the right place! Find out all about the best options here.

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Best Ways to Identify Houseplants

1. Google Lens

Simply snap a picture of the houseplant and open the picture using the Google lens. The app will provide all the details about the related plant!

2. Compare the Plant Pictures Online

You can compare the features of your houseplant with pictures available online on different gardening websites. This will give you a fair idea about all the information you are looking for.

3. Send Picture or Sample to a Horticulture Expert

Search for a horticulture expert at County Extension, local college, or plant diagnostic center. Then email a physical sample (dried flowers or foliage) or close-up pictures of the plant with a description to the expert. He will be able to provide you with the necessary details.

4. Visit a Local Nursery or Garden Center

Click your plant’s pictures and show the images to the staff members at a local nursery or a garden center. If the plants at garden centers are labeled, you can match them with the pictures you have for name and information.

5. Check Online Forums

Browse the internet for houseplant identification forums, submit pictures, and precisely describe your houseplant to the forum. Check the replies to your post and find all about the identification. Scrutinize the information to ensure if your plant fits the description.

6. Use Different Mobile Apps

If you are not sure about your houseplant variety, you can use some great mobile apps like Garden Answers, Picture This, or PlantSnap.

Here are the best plant identification apps you can use

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