5 Stunning Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves

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Are you looking to spice up your garden aesthetics with some different climbing plants? Check out these Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves!

These vines, with red stems and five leaves, are great for making your landscape stand out in the neighborhood. Let’s have a look at these amazing climbers.

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Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves

1. Virginia Creeper

Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves
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Botanical NameParthenocissus quinquefolia

With reddish-brown stems and 5 leaflets, this vine is a great option for covering a blank wall in the garden. It can become 30 to 50 feet long or more in ideal conditions. You can also train this vine to grow on an arbor or trellis.

Note – Be careful near this vine, as it can cause skin irritation in some individuals. The sap of this plant contains needle-like calcium oxalate crystals.

2. Boston Ivy

best Stunning Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves

Botanical NameParthenocissus tricuspidata

Native to China and Japan, the beautiful stems of this vine take a deeper red hue in full sun exposure. This sun-loving deciduous vine typically has three leaves, but the plant often develops five.

3. Wild Grape Vine

Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves 3

Botanical NameVitis spp.

You can spot some wild grape species with red-hued stems and five-lobed foliage. This versatile vine is grown for delicious pulpy grapes, medicinal uses, and ornamental gardening.

4. Five-leaf Akebia

lovely Stunning Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves

Botanical NameAkebia quinata

This semi-evergreen vine features palmately compound five oval leaflets, hence the name Five-leaf Akebia. It also produces fragrant reddish to purple flowers and sometimes reddish stems in optimal growing conditions.

5. Thicket Creeper

Thicket Creeper

Botanical Name – Parthenocissus inserta

A close relative of the Virginia creeper, the thicket creeper covers walls with five leaflets and brownish-red stems. This climber is also popular for cup-shaped flowers and juicy purple berries.

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