5 Stunning Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves

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Are you looking for some different climbing plants? Check out these Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves!

These climbing beauties, with their vibrant red stems contrasting against the rich green of five-part leaves, are a must-have for any plant enthusiast.

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Vines with Red Stem and 5 Leaves

1. Virginia Creeper

Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves
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Botanical Name: Parthenocissus quinquefolia

These vines with red stems and 5 leaves are a fantastic option to cover up a blank wall in the garden. You can also train it to grow on an arbor.

Note: Be careful near this vine, as it can cause skin irritation in some individuals. The sap of the plant contains oxalate crystals.

2. Boston Ivy


Botanical Name: Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Native to East Asia, the beautiful stems of this vine take a deeper red hue in full sun exposure. It typically has three leaves, but the plant often develops five.

3. Wild Grape Vine

Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves 3

Botanical Name: Vitis spp.

You can spot some wild grape species with red-hued stems and leaves that are 5 in number. This is a versatile vine grown for delicious grapes and for ornamental gardening.

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4. Five-leaf Akebia

Botanical Name: Akebia quinata

It has five leaflets and sometimes red-purple stems. The best part of growing it is its fragrant flowers, with a sweet scent!

5. Climbing Hydrangea

Vines with Red Stems and 5 Leaves 5

Botanical Name: Hydrangea petiolaris

Hydrangea vines commonly have four leaves but produce five leaves sometimes, as well. Their stems turn a beautiful red color in the fall.

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