8 Vines with Red Berries

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Who needs flowers when you can grow attractive Vines with Red Berries? A great show for the garden and food for the wildlife!

Vines with red berries add a colorful element in the garden space, creating a contrasting mix of fruits and foliage!

Vines with Red Berries

1. Honeysuckle

Vines with Red Berries

Botanical Name: Lonicera

Length: 10-16 feet

Container Size: 18-20 inches

Honeysuckle is mostly grown for flowers but it grows berries, too! For edible fruits, grow Lonicera caerulea, otherwise you can never go wrong with its beautiful flowers that you can train to climb anywhere!

Note: Berries from Lonicera periclymenum (common honeysuckle) and Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) are toxic to humans but some birds consume them.

2. Bittersweet

 Red Berries vines

Botanical Name: Solanum dulcamara

Length: 10-12 feet

Container Size: 16-20 inches

Bittersweet is a herbaceous vine that produces shiny red berries. These toxic fruits have medicinal uses, but they contain solanine that is dangerous for human consumption.

With an impressive height and spread, these vines with red berries are great to train over arbors or even designer trellises in the garden!

3. American Wintergreen

Vines with Red Berries in pot

Botanical Name: Gaultheria procumbens

Length: 4-6 feet

Container Size: 12-15 inches

Wintergreen vine produces red berries that’s completely safe for human consumption! The fruits have a mild minty flavor, and you can use them to flavor teas, in candies, cakes and pastries, too!

Thanks to its size, it is quite manageable, which means you can either grow it along the patio railing to cover it, or as a standalone plant in containers, both!

4. Buckthorn

Botanical Name: Genus frangula

Length: Over 10 feet

Container Size: 14-18 inches

You must grow this plant not only for its ornamental value, but also for the fact that it is a food source for many birds. Do note that the plant is an aggressive grower, so you may have to prune these vines with red berries from time to time.

5. Coralberry

vines include red berries

Botanical Name: Symphoricarpos orbiculatus

Length: 2-5 feet

Container Size: 16-18 inches

Carmine coralberry produces ample berries for the birds. Its fruits are not fit for human consumption, so no matter how much they tempt you, stay away!

Simply grow these vines with red berries along the fence or a bland wall, and watch it cover them in no time! Also, a great plant for informal hedging, it is!

6. Wineberry

red berries vine

Botanical Name: Rubus phoenicolasius

Length: 6-8 feet

Container Size: 14-16 inches

Wineberry Whirlwind is an invasive vine that produces bright red raspberry-like fruits. The berries have a tart, tasty flavor and are used for jams, snacks, and winemaking.

For the best growth, make sure the plant gets plenty of bright sun for the most part of the day, especially if you want it to be covered with those red berries!

7. Redcurrant

red berries vineBotanical Name: Ribes rubrum

Length: 3-5 feet

Container Size: 12-14 inches

Red currant is a deciduous vine that produces dangling clusters of shiny red berries that have a sweet-tarty taste. You can use them in jams, juices, or desserts.

As the vine takes its own sweet time to grow, and does not spread much, it is a great option for sunny porches, patios, or balconies.

8. Five Flavor Berry

Botanical Name: Schisandra chinensis

Length: 4-6 feet

Container Size: 14-16 inches

What makes these berries interesting, apart from adding a contrasting look to the plant, is their flavor, which is a mix of sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and sour! Use them in jams, salads, cakes, or pastries!

All it needs is a bit of support, so growing it along the fence poles will do the trick.

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