17 Vegetable Combination Ideas for Container Gardens

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You can increase your harvest by learning about these Vegetable Combination Ideas for Container Gardens! Stay tuned!

Some veggies are “Best Buddies” and will give you a bountiful harvest if grown together! They complement each other in ways that you would not have thought of. You’ll find out with these vegetable combination ideas for container gardens!

Vegetable Combination Ideas for Container Gardens

1. Lettuce and Radish

 best vegetable pairs for container garden 1

Radishes and lettuce are a match made in heaven because they have similar growing needs and are great for each other. Lettuce provides shade and soil protection, while radishes promote soil aeration and develop quickly. Isn’t it amazing?

2. Corn, Beans, and Squash

best vegetable pairs for container garden 2

If you want to reduce the extra work on your gardening to-do list, you need to start planting Corn, Beans, and Squash together. This trio improves the soil by nitrogen fixation and guarantees a bumper harvest. The three veggies also deter pests and weeds. 

Fun Fact: These are also famous as the “Three Sisters” and native Americans used to cultivate it for the benefits they provide to each other. 

3. Peas and Carrots

best vegetable pairs for container garden 3

Peas and carrots go hand in hand and are great companion vegetables for a container garden. Why? It’s really simple. Peas fix nitrogen in the soil, making carrots more fruitful by promoting a healthier growth and also enhancing its sweet taste.

4. Lettuce and Spring Onions

best vegetable pairs for container garden 4

You should also plant your lettuce with spring onions if there are pests in your garden. Lettuce has shallow roots and won’t ask for much soil space, and the aroma of spring onions will keep pests away.

5. Carrots and Tomatoes

best vegetable pairs for container garden 5

Do you want to increase your carrot harvest? Plant them with tomatoes! Carrots are sensitive to heat and find shade under tomato plants. Plus, tomatoes naturally release solanine, which is a pest deterrent.

6. Cabbage and Leeks

cabbage and leeks companion planting

We’re just getting started. Another great vegetable combination pair is cabbage and leeks. Leeks grow tall and slender, but cabbages are short and bushy. This allows them to grow in the same space without competing for light or resources.

7. Onions and Carrots

onion and carrots companion planting

You can also plant carrots and onions together. Again, these two plants don’t compete with each other and will grow together in peace. Carrots have long taproots that grow deep into the soil, but onions have shallow, bulbous root systems and stay closer to the topsoil.

8. Cabbage and Onions

cabbage and onion companion planting

Do you want to know the secret of increasing your cabbage yield while naturally repelling pests? It’s as simple as planting onions alongside these! Onions repel typical cabbage pests such as moths and aphids, promising you a healthy harvest.

9. Radishes and Carrots

radish and carrot companion planting

Radishes with shallow root structures and quick development are the perfect neighbors for carrots as they won’t compete for space or sunlight. They also harvest pretty much around the same time when planted together, so you will also have two different tasting options on your salad platter!

10. Tomatoes and Onions

best vegetable companion planting 1

Tomato and onion plants complement each other’s growth and act as natural repellants against pests like spider mites and aphids. Onions, like garlic, have a strong scent due to sulfur compounds.

11. Peppers and Okra

Vegetable Combination 77

Okra and peppers are definitely the best buddies among vegetables. Peppers repel pests like cabbage worms, while okra’s height provides wind shelter for sensitive pepper plants. A win-win situation for both where they thrive in perfect harmony!

12. Eggplants and Tomatoes

best vegetable companion planting 3

Are you looking for a veggie that can be a perfect companion for your eggplants? Pair it with another popular member of the Nightshade family–tomatoes. With their similar preference for warm, sunny days and nights, caring for both plants becomes hassle-free.

13. Tomatoes and Marigolds

Vegetable Combination 55

What about pairing tomatoes with marigolds for double benefits to your garden? Their similar growing needs and marigolds’ protection against root-knot nematodes in the soil make them great companions.

14. Eggplants and Sunflowers

eggplants and sunflower companion plants

Do you want to harvest more eggplants while adding beauty to your container garden? Sunflowers hold the key! These sun-kissed blooms attract pollinators, and their tall size provides much-needed shade to the eggplants.

15. Tomatoes and Nasturtiums

Vegetable Combination 5

You can get rid of common garden pests by planting Nasturtiums alongside your Tomato plants! How? Nasturtium‘s smell confuses pests, directing them away from your tomato plants.

16. Peppers and African Marigolds

pepper and marigold companion plants

If you’re looking for an ideal companion for your Pepper plants, African Marigolds are your solution. Marigolds‘ ability to repel pests and attract beneficial insects will make your pepper plants flourish with little effort.

17. Basil and Tomatoes

Vegetable Combination 1

Growing basil and tomatoes together is always a good call because basil is quite potent when it comes to keeping pests away from tomatoes, thus helping the plant in improved yield and flavor. Not to mention the fact that the bright green foliage of basil complements bright red tomatoes quite good!

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