40 Beautiful Trees that Start With T

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This comprehensive list of Trees that Start With T is great to enhance your botanical knowledge about some of the best specimens! 

 Each ‘T’ tree is a unique character – from the Tulip Tree with its vibrant flowers to the towering Teak, renowned for its durable wood. Let’s have a look at some wonderful Trees that Start With T!

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Trees that Start With T

1. Tupelo

Trees that Start With T 1

Botanical Name: Nyssa sylvatica

Native: Eastern United States

Type: Deciduous Tree

The tree’s bright green foliage changes to a bright red hue in the autumn. Its berries are called “black gumballs”.

2. Texas Red Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus buckleyi

Native: Central and Southwest United States

Type: Deciduous Tree

These trees that start with T produce acorns, which are a vital food source for various animals, including squirrels.

3. Turpentine Tree

Trees that Start With T 3

Botanical Name: Syncarpia glomulifera

Native: Australia

Type: Evergreen

It has lance-like leaves and produces small white flowers. This tree is quite easy to look after and does well in dry climates.

4. Tristania


Botanical Name: Tristania laurina

Native: Australia, New Zealand

Type: Evergreen

These trees have beautiful bark and flowers. They require well-draining and moist soil that can withstand various sunlight conditions.

5. Tagasaste

Trees that Start With T 5

Botanical Name: Cytisus proliferus

Native: Canary Islands

Type: Evergreen

These trees that start with T are popular as a fodder crop for cattle. You can also grow it for erosion control.

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6. Timbo

Botanical Name: Enterolobium contortisiliquum

Native: Central and South America

Type: Deciduous

A tropical tree with small, fragrant flowers. It can reach up to 20 meters in height. It is also famous as the earpod tree.

7. TutuTrees that Start With T 7

Botanical Name: Coriaria arborea

Native: New Zealand

Type: Shrub or Small Tree

The Tutu tree bears small, white, or pink flowers. It thrives in forest margins along stream banks.

8. Traveller’s Palm


Botanical Name: Ravenala madagascariensis

Native: Madagascar

Type: Evergreen

Despite its name, the Traveller’s Palm is not a true palm. It has large leaves that resemble a fan. It was historically used by travelers for navigation.

9. Texas Ash

Trees that Start With T 9

Botanical Name: Fraxinus texensis

Native: Texas, USA

Type: Deciduous Tree

This tree produces clusters of small, winged seeds. You can plant it in the garden as a shade specimen.

10. Turkish Hazel


Botanical Name: Corylus colurna

Native: Southeast Europe, Western Asia

Type: Deciduous

Turkish Hazel produces edible hazelnuts that are popular in various culinary applications. It is quite easy to look after.

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11. Tasmanian Myrtle

Trees that Start With T 11

Botanical Name: Nothofagus cunninghamii

Native: Tasmania, Australia

Type: Evergreen Tree

This evergreen tree has a dense crown and aromatic leaves of a glossy dark green. It can reach up to 40 meters in height.

12. Tulipwood

Botanical Name: Harpullia pendcula

Native: Australia

Type: Evergreen

Tulipwood trees have a distinct appearance with oblong green leaves and produce white flowers. It’s adaptable to different soil types.

13. Tobacco Tree

Trees that Start With T 13

Botanical Name: Nicotiana glauca

Native: South America

Type: Evergreen Shrub

This tree has glossy leaves and produces small, green flowers. Its leaves are highly popular around the world for different uses.

14. Toyon


Botanical Name: Heteromeles arbutifolia

Native: California, USA

Type: Evergreen Shrub

Also known as California Holly, it inspired the name Hollywood. People often use its branches for festive holiday decorations.

15. Toothache Tree

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

Native: Southern United States

Type: Deciduous

This tree lives up to its name by having thorns on branches. It features delicate, bipinnately leaves – a great shade tree for parks and streets.

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16. Titi

Botanical Name: Cyrilla racemiflora

Native: Southeastern United States

Type: Evergreen Shrub

Titi, also popular as Swamp Cyrilla, is an excellent plant for wetland or bog gardens, where it thrives in water-rich soils.

17. Thornless Honeylocust

Trees that Start With T 17

Botanical Name: Gleditsia triacanthos

Native: Central North America

Type: Deciduous Tree

It is a highly adaptable shade tree with smooth leaves and no thorns. It can be a great specimen for border planting.

18. Tulip Tree

Botanical Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Native: Eastern United States

Type: Deciduous Tree

It is common as Yellow Poplar and has distinctive tulip-like leaves and large, showy flowers. It is highly popular for its high-quality timber.

19. Tamaricaceae

Trees that Start With T 19

Botanical Name: Tamarix spp.

Native: Eurasia and Africa

Type: Deciduous Shrub

Tamaricaceae, common as Tamarisk, has pink-white flowers. It is a great specimen for erosion control and windbreaks.

20. Thundercloud Plum

Botanical Name: Prunus cerasifera ‘Thundercloud’

Native: Western Asia and the Caucasus

Type: Deciduous Tree

This plant is famous for its red-purple leaves and pink flowers that bloom during spring, covering it completely!

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21. Texas Mountain Laurel

Trees that Start With T 21

Botanical Name: Sophora secundiflora

Native: Southwestern United States

Type: Evergreen Shrub

This compact shrub boasts fragrant purple-blue flowers that resemble grape bunches. It’s a favorite for xeriscaping due to its drought resistance.

22. Torreya Tree


Botanical Name: Torreya taxifolia

Native: Southeastern United States

Type: Evergreen Tree

It has sharp, pointy leaves and cone-like seeds. Some species produce edible nuts, while others are popular for decorative purposes.

23. Tallow Tree

Trees that Start With T 23
shutterstock/Carl Ning

Botanical Name: Sapium sebiferum

Native: Eastern Asia

Type: Deciduous Tree

It bears small white flowers and waxy, toxic berries. You can also grow it in large containers to showcase them on patios.

24. Tamarack


Botanical Name: Larix laricina

Native: Northern North America

Type: Deciduous

The needle-like leaves of this tree give a nice backdrop to the egg-shaped cones. Initially green, they turn brown as they mature.

25. Tamarind Tree

Trees that Start With T 25

Botanical Name: Tamarindus indica

Native: Africa

Type: Evergreen Tree

Produces long, brown pods with a sweet and tangy pulp inside. It’s popular in tropical regions for its fruits.

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26. Tara


Botanical Name: Tara spinosa

Native: Peru

Type: Deciduous Tree

This tree has spiny branches and is popular for its tannin-rich pods, which people use for tanning leather.

27. Temu

Trees that Start With T 27

Botanical Name: Luma apiculata

Native: Chile, Argentina

Type: Evergreen Shrub

Temu is a tropical tree with aromatic leaves and small, white flowers. It’s valued for its edible fruits, used in traditional Southeast Asian dishes.

28. Tabebuia


Botanical Name: Tabebuia spp.

Native: Tropical Americas

Type: Deciduous Tree

Tabebuia trees have trumpet-like flowers that come in various colors, including pink, yellow, and purple.

29. Thuja (Eastern Arborvitae)Trees that Start With T 29

Botanical Name: Thuja occidentalis

Native: Eastern North America

Type: Evergreen Tree

These conifers have scale-like leaves and small cones. Due to their dense foliage, they are often used as ornamental shrubs or hedges.

30. Tung Tree


Botanical Name: Vernicia fordii

Native: China, Southeast Asia

Type: Deciduous Tree

Its nuts are processed to extract Tung oil, which is traditionally used for wood finishing and in some culinary applications.

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31. Turkey Oak

Trees that Start With T 31

Botanical Name: Quercus laevis

Native: Southeastern USA

Type: Deciduous

This tree produces acorns, which are an important food source for wildlife, particularly wild turkeys.

32. Tasmanian Blue Gum


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus

Native: Tasmania, Southeastern Australia

Type: Evergreen

This tree, apart from its beautiful aromatic leaves, is also famous for the blue gum, which people use to extract oil.

33. Teak

Trees that Start With T 33

Botanical Name: Tectona grandis

Native: Southeast Asia

Type: Deciduous

Teak is highly sought after for its timber used in furniture and boat building. It grows well in temperate regions.

34. Terminalia

shutterstock/Wulan Rohmawati

Botanical Name: Terminalia spp.

Native: Tropical regions

Type: Evergreen/Deciduous

Native to Asia, this tree can grow up to 115 feet tall. It is grown for deep shade. The edible fruit of this tree is slightly acidic.

35. Tonka Bean Tree

Trees that Start With T 35

Botanical Name: Dipteryx odorata

Native: Central and South America

Type: Evergreen

Also known as ‘Brazilian teak,’ the tree originates from Northern South America. Its seeds, often called tonka beans or tonkin beans, are black and wrinkled with a smooth, brown interior.

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36. Toog Tree


Botanical Name: Petersianthus quadrialatus

Native: Philippines, Southeast Asia

Type: Deciduous

The leaves of this tree are used in treating skin rashes; the edible seeds have a flavor similar to groundnut.

37. Two-Wing Silverbell

Trees that Start With T 37Botanical Name: Halesia diptera

Native: Southeastern USA

Type: Deciduous

The two-winged silverbell or American snowdrop tree is a small, rounded tree or shrub. It displays white tubular blooms.

38. Trichilia


Botanical Name: Trichilia spp.

Native: Tropical regions

Type: Evergreen

This flowering plant is used in folk medicine; the timber is used in carvings and household tools.

39. Tree Of Heaven

Trees that Start With T 39

Botanical Name: Ailanthus altissima

Native: Northeast and Central China, Taiwan

Type: Deciduous

The tree of heaven is utilized not only for ornamental purposes but also for its wood. Additionally, it serves as a host plant for silkworms of the Samia cynthia moth.

40. Tassel Tree

Botanical Name: Garrya elliptica

Native: Western North America

Type: Evergreen Shrub

This shrub is suitable for hedges or screens and is commonly found growing against walls.

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