11 TikTok Plant Care Hacks to Keep Your Leafy Friends Alive in 2022

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Finding it hard to take care of your plants? Follow these Tik Tok Plant Care Hacks to Help You Keep Your Leafy Friends Alive in 2021!

There is no one rule that fits all when it comes to taking care of plants, and you have to be careful to make sure they stay healthy and happy. To help you do that easily, we have some great Tik Tok Plant Care Hacks.

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Tik Tok Plant Care Hacks to Help You Keep Your Leafy Friends Alive in 2021!

1. Use Pebbles and Water to Encourage Humidity

Tik Tok Plant Care Hacks to Help You Keep Your Leafy Friends Alive in 2021

Humidity is crucial for plant growth, and it becomes more essential when you have tropical plants. Instead of spending money on costly humidifiers, do it in a cost-effective way using some pebbles on a tray filled with water and placing the potted plant on it.

Here’s the TikTok Hack

2. Kill Pests and Fungi with Low-cost Household Items

If your houseplants are affected by pests and fungi, you can control the damage by spraying garlic water (prepare it by crushing few garlic cloves in water) once a week on plants.

Similarly, treat fungi by adding some cinnamon powder into the soil mix.

Here’s the TikTok Hack

3. Coffee Leftover as Fertilizer

Feed your plants with this coffee leftover fertilizer to encourage growth, dilute it with water and add it to the soil like you water the plants.

Watch the TikTok video here

4. Plant Hack for Reviving Dying Plants

You can revive your dying plant by removing dead leaves, cleaning the container, cutting back dead roots, and using a fresh potting medium for repotting.

Here’s the TikTok Hack

5. Try ‘Bottom Watering’ to Save Plants from Overwatering

Tik Tok Plant Care Hacks to Help You Keep Your Leafy Friends Alive in 2021 2

Bottom watering is a great solution for treating issues caused due to overwatering. Just fill a shallow tray with water and place the plants in the tray for 10 minutes. We also have a great article on it here.

Follow the TikTok Hack here

6. Anti-Pest Hack with Orange Peels

Instead of using chemical pesticides, you can get rid of nasty pests by placing citrus-scented orange peels in the pots. The chemical called d-Limonene in the orange deters aphids and ants.

Watch the TikTok video here

7. Handle Root Rot Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If you notice signs of root rot, it can be due to roots sitting in water or damp soil that develop a bacterial infection. Treat it by submerging the roots for 1-2 hours in a solution prepared with one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and one cup of water.

After this procedure, repot your plant in a fresh and well-draining potting mix.

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8. Reuse Plastic Cartons

The plastic cartons you use to store leafy greens at the grocery store can be used to propagate plants. Just wash them off, fill some sphagnum moss, apply water, and plant the cuttings.

Check out this TikTok video

9. Tea Bag to Sprout Seeds

Tik Tok Plant Care Hacks to Help You Keep Your Leafy Friends Alive in 2021 3

After enjoying a hot mug of tea, don’t throw out the bag! You can use it to sprout seeds. Just cut the tea bag and fill the seeds of your choice. Now, seal it with a Ziploc, and you will soon have tender sprouts!

Here’s the TikTok Hack

10. Winter Care Routine for Healthy Plants Year-Round

During winters, plant’s health gets affected by chilly winds and fluctuating temperatures. In this TikTok video, you will find tips to keep an eye on watering and how to shift plants indoors correctly.

Watch the TikTok Video here

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11. Fix Leggy Succulents

If your favorite sucuclents are getting leggy, then it might be due to low light. The plant then tends to grow and move towards the light source. This video will help you to learn about it in detail!

Have a look at the video here

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