Neanthe Bella Palm Care | How to Grow Parlor Palm Indoors

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Discover the essential Neanthe Bella Palm Care tips to keep this elegant houseplant thriving for a long time to come!

Neanthe Bella Palm

Neanthe Bella Palm is an evergreen specimen that stands out with its slender fronds. This guide will help you keep it healthy all year round!

Neanthe Bella Palm Information


The Neanthe Bella Palm, also known as the Parlor Palm or Chamaedorea elegans, is native to the rainforests of southern Mexico and Guatemala. The Neanthe Bella Palm is a small to medium-sized palm with a slender, graceful trunk. When grown indoors, it typically reaches a height of 2 to 6 feet. The leaves are pinnate, and the leaflets are deep green, feathery, and gracefully arched.

Neanthe Bella Palm is primarily grown indoors. It is favored for its ability to thrive in low-light conditions.

Propagating Neanthe Bella Palm

Neanthe Bella palm seeds are available for purchase or can be collected once the palm has matured and produced flowers. Although germination can be slow and occasionally unreliable, it’s still possible.

Sow the seeds on the surface of a well-draining, moist seed starter mixture. Lightly cover the seeds with vermiculite or compost. Ensure they’re not buried more than 1/8 inch deep.
Place the container in a propagator or seal it inside a plastic bag to maintain humidity. Maintain a temperature between 77-86°F until germination occurs, which typically takes 10-42 days.
After germination, remove the tray from the plastic bag once the seedlings have two leaflets. When they are large enough to handle, transplant the seedlings into three-inch pots. Be careful not to damage the delicate roots. If the palm becomes rootbound, move it to larger containers as needed.

Requirements for Growing Neanthe Bella Palm

Requirements for Growing Neanthe Bella Palm


Direct sunlight can cause leaf scorching in the plant, so it’s best to position it away from direct light. While it can tolerate lower light levels, extended exposure may lead to leggy growth. Optimal placement involves bright, indirect light a few feet away from southern, western, or eastern-facing windows. For north-facing windows, placing the plant directly in the window is recommended.


Choose a loamy planting mix with a slightly acidic or neutral pH. For outdoor planting, ensure the soil is well-draining and loose.


This palm enjoys consistently moist soil but should not be overwatered. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings, and avoid letting the roots sit in water.

Temperature and Humidity

As a subtropical palm, it does well in warm temperatures and moderate humidity levels. Protect the palms from cold drafts, and if positioned near a heating vent, consider regular misting to maintain adequate moisture.

Neanthe Bella Palm Care

Neanthe Bella Palm Care


For indoor palms, apply a slow-release palm fertilizer with a balanced ratio like 12-4-12 or 8-2-12, improved with essential micronutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc, boron, and copper to promote plant health.

Apply the fertilizer twice yearly during the active growth period in spring and summer. Avoid fertilizing during the dormant winter season. In spring, supplement the soil with organic matter for outdoor Neanthe Bella palms.

Pests and Diseases

Indoor palms are susceptible to infestations by red spider mites or mealybugs. Regular inspections while watering should be conducted early to detect any signs of pest presence. If caught early, gently wipe the palm leaves and stems with a damp cloth to remove these pests from the plant.



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