26 Fantastic Snake Plant Tattoo Ideas

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We’ve got wonderful Snake Plant Tattoo Ideas that will make everyone jealous of your ink! Ready to check these out?

Snake Plant Tattoos are definitely unique – not because of their meanings but because of their rarity. We’ve got the best ones you can copy and will show you what they truly represent.

Snake Plant Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Resilience and Adaptability

Snake plants are known for their hardiness. They can survive in harsh conditions with minimal care, representing the ability to overcome challenges and thrive even in difficult environments. In the same way, a snake plant tattoo shows resilience.

Protection and Warding Off Evil

Snake plants are believed to have protective qualities and ward off negative energy and evil spirits. People also get this tattoo as a symbol of protection.

Good Luck and Prosperity

Snake plants bring good fortune and prosperity, and the sword-like leaves show new growth and financial abundance. You can get this tattoo if you’re struggling and want to bring good luck in your life.

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Snake Plant Tattoo Designs

1. Small Snake Plant Tattoo

Snake plant tattoo ideas

Who wouldn’t want to get this cute little snake plant pot on their body?

2. Snake Around a Snake Plant

snake plant tattoo ideas 2

This one’s certainly a witty twist to a snake plant representing the cycle of life.

3. Snake Plant in Swan Vase

snake plant tattoo ideas 3

A magnificent snake plant in a tall vase with a swan on it – a symbol of beauty and grace.

4. Neotraditional Sansevieria

snake plant tattoo ideas 4

You can also go with a neotraditional design like this one with popping colors.

5. Snake Plant in Skull

snake plant tattoo ideas 5

This snake plant in a skull is an interesting take on the balance of life and death – showing growth from death (the skull).

6. Snake Plant in Colorful Pot

snake plant tattoo ideas 6
Here’s another neotraditional snake plant ink that blends a bit of modern styles as well.

7. Snake Plant and Geometric Rings

snake plant tattoo ideas 7
The geometric rings are for balance, and the snake plant is for personal growth and resilience.

8. Simple Snake Plant Tattoo

Snake plant tattoo ideas 8


Nothing can beat the grace of a simple snake plant in a pot like this idea.

9. Snake Plant Foliage

snake plant tattoo ideas 9
You don’t need to add the pot – just the foliage is enough. Do add a bit of shading to make it stand out.

10. Golden Snake Plant

snake plant tattoo designs 7

What a nice take on a golden snake plant by highlighting its yellow parts!

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11. Fineline Snake Plant Design

snake plant tattoos

Check out the details on this fine line snake plant design enhanced with geometrical additions.

12. Cute Snake Plant Ink

snake plant tattoos 2

Doesn’t this cute little snake plant tattoo make you wanna just reach out and grab it from the photo?

13. Potted Snake Plant on Thigh

snake plant tattoos 3

A simple snake plant coverup showing a strong connection to strength and personal choices.

14. A Literal Snake Plant

snake plant tattoos 4

Whoever thought of this one is a genius! Why not steal this idea to adorn your skin?

15. Colorful Snake Plant Ink

snake plant tattoos 5

You can also add vibrant colors and a fun/witty quote to turn your tattoo into a statement piece.

16. Snake Plant and Books

snake plant tattoos 6

A small snake plant in a pot sitting on top of a few books – this tattoo represents growth and knowledge.

17. Snakes in a Snake Plant Pot

snake plant tattoos 7

Another clever design of a snake plant along with snakes in a pot and saucer.

18. Snake Plant in Basket

snake plant tattoos 8

This snake plant in a traditional wicker basket is for protection. Look at the shading detail on the leaves.

19. Snake Plant Leaves on the Arm

snake plant tattoos 9

Why not get the leaves on your arm and pair these up with a monstera like this tattoo?

20. Snake Plant, Monstera, and Pilea Tattoo

snake plant tattoos 10

A pilea would also be a wonderful addition to these two, making a lovely trio.

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21. Snake Plant Seedling Tattoo

snake plant tattoo designs

This snake plant seedling shows the potential of growth and can be a nice tattoo if you’re beginning a new phase in life.

22. Snake Plant with Moon Phases

snake plant tattoo designs 2

The phases of the moon on the pot showcase the purity of the spirit and mystery.

23. Snake Plant, String of Pearls, and Jade Plant

snake plant tattoo designs 3

If you love succulents, you can go for a succulent basket with snake plants, string of pearls, and a jade plant.

24. Black and White Snake Plant

snake plant tattoo designs 4

Even in black and white, snake plant tattoos have an allure that reels everyone in.

25. Snake Plant Outline

snake plant tattoo designs 5

For those who like minimalism, a snake plant outline is also a good choice for a tattoo.

26. Snake Plant in Shaded Pot

snake plant tattoo designs 6

You can also get different varieties of snake plants tattooed on your body. This one’s a Sansevieria ‘Cylindrica.’

Why a Snake Plant Tattoo?

You might be thinking, why a snake plant ink? Well, why not? These are low-maintenance plants that keep on living even when there are problems and represent a tough nature and strength.

If you feel like it could be the best ink for you, and to showcase your thoughts, go for it!

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