Root Pothos Cuttings in Water Faster Than Ever Before With These Tips

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Root Pothos Cuttings Faster in water Than Ever Before With These Tips and Get Lush, Healthy Plants in No Time!

Pothos, a popular and low-maintenance houseplant, is beloved by many and one of the joys of owning a pothos is propagating it! From selecting the healthiest cuttings to providing the optimal environment for root development, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

Rooting Pothos in Water and Its Benefits

Root Pothos Cuttings Faster

Growing new pothos plants from stem cuttings placed in water is an easy and reliable method. It roots well in water which makes it a great choice for beginners to try propagation!

By placing a healthy cutting from a pothos vine in water, you can easily observe the root development and ensure that the plant receives enough moisture for it. This method has a high success rate for promoting rapid root growth. It’s a straightforward process where you just need to put the cutting in water and change the water every few days.

Another advantage of rooting pothos cuttings in water is that when you later transfer the rooted cutting to the soil, the transition is seamless and the cuttings starts to grow rapidly! 

Root Pothos Cuttings Faster Than Ever Before With These Tips

Root Pothos Cuttings in Water pot

 Follow these comprehensive and effective tips to ensure the successful rooting of pothos cuttings with an almost 100% success rate!

1. Select Healthy Cuttings

To begin with, select a healthy cutting (4-6 inches) from a parent pothos plant that have at least four to six leaves and a small bump called a node as roots will grow from these nodes.

Before placing the cuttings in water, make a fresh cut just below a node, as this increases the surface area from which roots can grow.

2. Use Fresh Water

The water in the container should be changed every few days to prevent bacteria from growing and provide fresh nutrients to the cuttings. Always use water at room temperature to avoid shocking the plant.

3. Optimal Temperature and Humidity

The pothos cuttings root best in warm environments with temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 32 degrees Celsius).

High humidity can also help with rooting, so you can consider placing the container inside a clear plastic bag to create a greenhouse-like effect, but remember to open the bag occasionally to let in fresh air.

4. Indirect Sunlight

Always remember to place the cuttings in an area with indirect sunlight as direct sunlight can stress the cuttings and slow down the rooting process. Bright, filtered light is ideal for encouraging growth without the risk of leaf burn.

5. Use Rooting Hormone

Use a rooting hormone and dip the cut end of the cuttings into it. This step is often skipped but can significantly speed up root development, increasing the success rate of rooting.

6. Choose the Right Container

Use a transparent container to monitor root growth and water quality. This also helps to ensure that the nodes (where roots develop) are submerged in water.

7. Aeration

Occasionally stir the water, or use an aquarium air pump to provide gentle aeration, which increases the oxygen levels in the water, encouraging healthier and faster root growth.

8. Patience is Key

Root Pothos Cuttings Faster 3

As even with all the right conditions, it can take almost two to four weeks for roots to appear, so be patient during this process. Avoid disturbing the cuttings frequently as this can inhibit root growth.

Pro Tip: For an unconventional boost, use willow water instead of plain water for rooting. Willow water contains natural rooting hormones. To make it, soak willow branches in water for 24-48 hours and then use this water for your pothos cuttings.

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