10 Best Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms

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Explore this exclusive list of Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms and add taste and texture to your favorite recipes.

Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms are a delicious and versatile ingredient for various dishes. Include them in your cuisines by growing them in home and garden.

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Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms

1. Shimeji Mushroom

Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms 1

Botanical Name: Hypsizygus tessellatus

First on the list of edible long stemmed mushrooms, it has long, slender stems and comes in different colors, such as white and brown.

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2. Shaggy Mane


Botanical Name: Coprinus comatus

This mushroom has a tall, slender stem and a cap that turns into black ink as it matures. You can add them to soups, eggs, or stews to make the food even more delicious.

3. Parasol Mushroom

Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms 3

Botanical Name: Macrolepiota procera

Next on the list of edible long stemmed mushrooms, it has a long, slender stem and a large, umbrella-like cap. You can dry and grind the stems into a powder for seasoning.

4. King Oyster Mushroom


Botanical Name: Pleurotus eryngii

This mushroom has a thick, meaty, long stem and a small, caramel cap. They are highly popular for their excellent flavor and unique texture.

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5. Black Poplar Mushroom

Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms 5

Botanical Name: Agrocybe aegerita

Black Poplar is an edible long stemmed mushrooms that grows in clusters with brown caps. It has a meaty texture, with a unique flavor that is nutty and crunchy.

6. Wood Blewit


Botanical Name: Lepista nuda

These mushrooms have a tall, slender stem and a cap that ranges in color from lilac to brown. They have a strong flavor with a faint smell of aniseed.

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7. Caesar’s Mushroom

Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms 7

Botanical Name: Amanita caesarea

The stem of Caesar’s mushrooms typically measures around 3-6 inches in length. These mushrooms are delicate and have a pleasant aroma with a mild hazelnuts-like flavor.

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8. Honey Mushroom


Botanical Name: Armillaria mellea

This mushroom is recognized by its honey-colored cap and long, thin stem. It’s a versatile ingredient in the kitchen but needs to be thoroughly cooked.

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9. Morel

Edible Long Stemmed Mushrooms 9

Botanical Name: Morchella spp

While the stems of Morels are not particularly long, they are distinctive and edible. They have a honeycomb-like appearance on their caps.

10. Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Phallus impudicus

Last on the list of edible long stemmed mushrooms, despite the unpleasant odor, some stages of the stinkhorn mushroom are edible. They have a very long, white, hollow stem.

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