34 Best Yellow Tulip Varieties | Stunning Yellow Tulips to Grow

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Check out the Best Yellow Tulip Varieties that will surely add a refreshing charm to your garden! You can also grow them indoors!

Take a look at the Best Yellow Tulip Varieties and bring a touch of sweetness to your garden. These long-lasting tulips are perfect for revamping any garden or centerpiece and adding a touch of brightness to any setting.

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Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

1. Tulipa ‘West Point’

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

As the name sounds, ‘West Point’ displays mid-yellow, pointed petals with wavy margins. It is great for pairing with purple camassias and daffodils.

2. Tulipa ‘Moonlight Girl’

top Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

The ‘Moonlight Girl’ tulip, with its lily-like blooms, shows off a bright lemony yellow color that softens to a creamy hue as the flowers mature.

3. Tulipa ‘Monsella’

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

This double-flowered tulip has golden-yellow blooms patterned in red flames-like streaks. Grow it in a hot-toned spring border.

4. Tulipa ‘Ice Cream Banana’

beautiful Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

This variety showcases a beautiful bi-color combination, with lemon yellow petals and a rosy base. The blooms are framed by green sepals and foliage with red tips.

With its long blooming period, ‘Ice Cream Banana’ adds an eye-catching touch to your garden.

5.Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’

Amazing Yellow Tulip Varieties

The charming Prinses Irene, large, rounded, double blooms have fuchsia pink highlights on the tip of each petal. Flowers resemble peonies, making them ideal for adding volume to cut flower arrangements.

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6. Tulipa ‘Verona’

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties in garden

‘Verona’ tulip boasts delicate cup-shaped flowers with a pale yellow hue, accented by a fresh green flush. This variety beautifully embodies the arrival of spring and its new growth.

To ensure the tulip continues to bloom each year, it is recommended to remove spent flowers before they begin to produce seeds so the bulb can conserve energy for future blossoms.

7. Tulipa sylvestris

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

Also known as the wild or woodland tulip, this variety is ideal for planting in grassy areas or perennial meadows. It not only adds a touch of wild beauty to the landscape but also exhibits a gentle citrus scent in its delicate blooms.

8. Tulipa tarda

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties in yard

Tulipa tarda is one of the many gorgeous species of tulips with yellow flowers. It grows to a modest height of 6 inches (15cm), showcasing blooms with yellow centers and white edges.

To ensure optimal growth, this species prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

9. Tulipa ‘Strong Gold’

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

‘Strong Gold’ is a Triumph tulip with a classic, egg-shaped bloom and sturdy stems. Its oval petals exude a sunny yellow hue, complemented by olive green stems and foliage striped with burgundy.

For a soft and romantic feel, ‘Sun Gold’ can be paired with white snowdrops or crocus bulbs. Alternatively, it can be combined with grape hyacinth for a vibrant and invigorating color scheme.

10. Tulipa ‘Golden Charm’

Amazing Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

‘Golden Charm’ is a unique bi-color tulip that is often mistaken for a crocus due to its low spreading habit and small stature, reaching only 3-4 inches in height.

It showcases pointed star-shaped petals with a sunny yellow hue, creamy white borders, and yellow anthers.

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11. Tulipa ‘Ice Lolly’

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties in backyard

‘Ice Lolly’ is a Double Early tulip with impressive blooms featuring dense, peony-like flowers that average around 3 inches wide. Its tightly packed petals boast a bright canary yellow color, accented by scalloped edges and striking red and green feathering.

With sturdy stems that stand up to strong winds, the foliage of this tulip is relatively short, reaching a height of 14-16 inches.

12. Tulipa ‘Big Smile’

top Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

‘Big Smile’ is a Single Late tulip that brings a touch of classic elegance to your garden. It has a simple yet striking design with a classic egg-shaped bloom and petals that resemble the color of egg yolks.

The stems of this tulip are notably long, reaching around 2 feet, but are still sturdy enough to sway gracefully in the wind. The narrow olive-green foliage serves as a nice backdrop to the stunning yellow blooms, which can be enjoyed in late April or early May.

13. Tulipa ‘Monte Carlo’

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties in bucket

The Double Early tulip ‘Monte Carlo’ brings a cheerful touch to the garden with its lemon yellow, peony-shaped blooms; the petals are slightly scalloped and tightly packed, creating a full and striking appearance.

Leaves are true green, delicate, and small in stature. With a light, pleasant fragrance, ‘Monte Carlo’ is often planted along walkways or near entryways to add a touch of sweetness to the landscape.

14. Tulipa ‘Kolpakowskiana’

lovely Best Yellow Tulip Varieties

‘Kolpakowskiana’ tulip is an heirloom variety valued for its distinctive lily-like form and bi-colored foliage that ranges from dark green to burgundy.

With pale yellow petals kissed with a hint of reddish pink, it creates a captivating candle-flame appearance.

15. Tulipa ‘Antoinette’

Stunning Yellow Tulips Varieties to Grow

This Single Late tulip, known as ‘Antoinette,’ is a standout in the garden with its multiple blooms per stem. Its small and egg-shaped buds open in sunlight to reveal petals in shades of yellow and pink lemonade.

The foliage is thin and marked with white streaks, adding to its unique appearance.

16. Tulipa ‘Hocus Pocus’

Stunning Yellow Tulips Varieties to Grow

The blooms of the Single Late tulip ‘Hocus Pocus’ are striking, with cup-shaped flowers that measure up to 6 inches across. The petals are bright pineapple yellow with vibrant red and pink accents.

At the height of 2 to 3 feet, this tulip is eye-catching and stands tall, earning its name as it resembles a magician’s wand.

17. Tulipa ‘Secret Perfume’

Stunning Yellow Tulips Varieties

This Double Early tulip variety has fragrant, delicate blooms with multiple layers of pale yellow petals tipped with buttercream.

It has a low height and would be a delightful addition to a mixed border or cut flower bouquet.

18. Tulipa batalinii ‘Bright Gem’

beautiful Yellow Tulips Varieties to Grow

‘Bright Gem’ produces flowers like pears and features round petals with a butterscotch hue. The color of the petals tends to fade to a combination of apricot and orange as the tulip reaches the end of its lifecycle.

This cultivar has a natural, untamed growth habit and can spread quickly in garden beds.

19. Tulipa ‘Fringed Elegance’

Yellow Tulip Varieties to grow

The petals of this variety have a light blond color and creamy highlights. They are frayed along the edges, creating a sparkly effect in the sun. The foliage is a deep green, oval shape.

These blooms can last for up to three weeks, whether they’re planted outdoors or indoors.

20. Golden Apeldoorn Tulip

Stunning Yellow Tulips Varieties to Grow in garden

This classic variety of tall yellow tulips is known for their velvety-yellow petals and egg-shaped blooms. As a Darwin Hybrid tulip, it is popular for its ease of growth and reliable flowering.

21. Yokohama Tulipa

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties in garden

This warm yellow variety blooms early in the season. The delicate, butter-yellow flowers have been a favorite in spring gardens for many years.

As a Triumph-type tulip, it is known for being easy to grow.

22. Tulpian Flame Tulip

amazing Yellow Tulips Varieties to Grow

This variety is famous for its bicolor blooms featuring a yellow-red combination. Its parrot-type flowers are chalice-shaped with ruffled, buttercup-yellow petals and a bright red base.

The vivid red stripes on each petal create the appearance of a flame. It flowers in late spring, reaching a height of 18 inches and a width of 3-6 inches at full bloom.

23. Calgary Flames Tulip

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties 12

This bicolor variety offers yellow and white, egg-shaped blooms with a snow-white base and buttery yellow tips resembling flames.

These short tulips are hardy and can withstand inclement weather, reaching a height of 10 inches and a width of 3-6 inches at full bloom in mid-spring.

24. Jan Van Nes Tulip

Stunning Yellow Tulips Varieties to Grow in backyard

The Jan Van Nes tulip is a yellow parrot-type variety; the canary-yellow blooms are heavily feathered, resembling a parrot’s ruffled feathers.

It flowers in late spring, reaching a height of 22 inches and a width of 3-6 inches at full bloom.

25. Tulip Vanilla Coup

Best Yellow Tulip Varieties 13

This short yellow parrot-type variety offers feathery blooms with creamy yellow petals and purple-green accents at the base, giving it a reptilian appearance.

The plant flowers in mid to late spring, reaching a height of 12-14 inches and a width of 3-6 inches at full bloom.

26. Extreme Yellow Tulip

Beautiful Yellow Tulip Varieties to Plant

This tulip species is characterized by its flamboyant fringed petals that extend outward. The striking petals, which are bright yellow and adorned with green feathering, are what give this flower its name.

Standing tall at 20 inches and measuring between 3 to 6 inches wide, these stunning tulips bloom in late spring.

27. Double Tap Sunlover Tulip

top Beautiful Yellow Tulip Varieties to Plant

This striking new hybrid variety of the Darwin Tulip features ombre petals in shades of yellow-orange. The egg-shaped blooms boast robust colors, ranging from bright yellow to warm orange-brown, giving them a rich, bronze appearance.

These tulips reach their full glory in mid-spring, standing tall at 20 inches and spreading 3 to 6 inches wide.

28. Golden Prins Claus Tulip

lovely Beautiful Yellow Tulip Varieties to Plant

This classic tulip variety displays egg-shaped blooms with warm lemon-yellow petals. These tulips belong to the Triumph type, which blooms in mid-spring and reaches a height of 22 inches, with blooms that are 3 to 6 inches wide.

29. Green Mile Tulip

Yellow Tulip Varieties to Plant

It is a new variety of the Viridiflora Tulip that features petals in a distinctive split color of yellow and green. During mid-spring, the Lemon-Lime Tulips reach full bloom, standing 16 inches tall and spreading 3 to 6 inches wide with their multi-flowering, egg-shaped blooms.

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30. Trimupth Lemon Tulip

best Beautiful Yellow Tulip Varieties to Plant

This delicate and charming tulip variety gets its name from the light and fluffy dessert Lemon Chiffon.

The petals of the Lemon Chiffon Tulip are yellow at the base but tipped with white. During mid-spring, these flowers reach their full glory.

31. Shogun Tulips

Gorgeous Varieties of Yellow Tulips to Grow

This miniature tulip produces pointed golden petals; the blooms occur in early to mid-spring. These tulips grow up to 6 inches tall and 3-6 inches wide at full bloom.

32. Yellow Danceline Tulip

best Gorgeous Varieties of Yellow Tulips to Grow

This yellow double tulip has flecks of red; the peony-like blooms have raspberry-hued tips. At full bloom, these blossoms stand 20-22 inches tall and 3-6 inches wide.

33. Hamilton Tulip

Gorgeous Varieties of Yellow Tulips
shutterstock/Sergey V Kalyakin

Hamilton tulips bring shine to any place with their yellow blooms. It grows up to 14-20 inches tall.

34. Cynthia Tulip

Gorgeous Varieties of Yellow Tulips to Grow in garden

This bi-colored tulip displays yellow flowers with rose-red outer petals. The blossoms close on cloudy days and during the night but open fully on a sunny day.

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