8 Purple Passion Plant Care Tricks that No One Will Share with You

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Here are some secret tips on Purple Passion Plant Care that will help you keep it thriving and full of colors!

Purple Passion Plant Care

Gynura aurantiaca is a stunning specimen that can introduce a royal appeal indoors with its deep color. If you wish to have one in your room, these purple passion plant care tips will help you keep it at the best of its health!

Purple Passion Plant Care Tips

purple passion plant pruning 2

1. Give it a Right Dose of Sunlight

Most people think that because the plant is colorful, it needs more direct sunlight exposure to keep itself vivid. Well, that’s not the case with purple passion vine!

Its leaves are delicate, and have a velvety texture that can scorch easily in prolong sun exposure. The best bet is to keep in at an east facing location, where it can bask in the mild morning sunlight (3-4 hours), and remains protected from the harsh light at the later hours of the day—best of both worlds!

2. The Correct Moisture

To keep the leaves soft and healthy, save them from water. Also, let the topsoil go a little dry between waterings—this will help you maintain the growing medium towards a slightly moist state, just as the plant likes it!

Also, daily watering the plant is a big NO!

3. Do Not Let the Temperature Go Below 50°F or 10.0°C

Where ever you are keeping the plant, make sure that it is never exposed to the temperature below this level, as it can be fatal. The purple passion vine thrive in the range of 60°F to 85°F (16°C to 28°C).

4. No Dry Environment for this Beauty

Purple passion vines love humidity, and if you have dry air at home, well, this will make the matters worse for it. Keep its pot on a pebble tray filled with water all the time.

The best? Get a humidifier, and keep it near the plant and watch it thrive!

5. Do Some Leaf Care

Prune dead, yellowing, and damaged leaves from time to time—it keeps the plant looking handsome. Also, make sure to clean the leaves with a soft cotton cloth periodically to remove dust, and enhance the plant’s color and shine.

Pro Tip: The new growth of this plant is more vivid and vibrant than the old one. So, if the old stems have lost their vigour, you can prune the plant strategically in order to keep it more colorful. This will also help it to spread better. 

6. Keep an Eye on those Pests

The soft leaves of the purple passion plants are like a magnet for aphids and spider mites. Make sure the foliage is never wet and let the plant get plenty of air circulation along with indirect light.

7. Train it to Climb from the Early Stages of Growth

This plant has a natural tendency to vine, and training it from early stages of the growth will prevent the stems from tangling and becoming unruly.

It will also give it a proper shape, allowing more space for light and air to penetrate through, reducing the chances of pests and diseases.

The Number One Trick to Make Purple Passion Plant Bushy, Colorful, and Thriving!

Purple Passion Plant Care 2

Okay, we have saved the best for the last! The best trick to make purple passion vine thrive is to get rid of the flowers as soon as you spot them on the plant.

See, purple passion plant is all about the beauty of its velvety leaves. Its small, orange-yellow flowers are unattractive in contrast to the stunning purple foliage. Also, they have a strong, unpleasant scent, which makes the matters worse.

So, the best call is to remove the buds as soon as you spot them on the stems. Snipping them ensures that the plant focuses its energy on producing lush, vibrant foliage instead of wasting it on flowering and seed production.

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