14 Awesome Pothos in Aquarium Ideas

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These Pothos in Aquarium Ideas will confuse you in believing that this low-maintenance houseplant may be an aquatic plant.

Integrating pothos plants into your aquarium not only adds a lush, verdant touch to your underwater world but also brings surprising benefits to your aquatic ecosystem – like enhanced water quality and natural habitat for fish, as well as creating a visual impact!

Propagating and Growing Pothos in Water

Why Grow Pothos in an Aquarium?

Pothos plants are lovely for your aquarium because they help keep the water clean via biological filtration and make it a comfy home for your fish. These plants help in reducing the level of nitrates and algae, which is not good for fish, making the water healthier for them.

The big leaves give fish a nice place to rest (if you’re submerging some part of it), and also, you won’t need to change the water as much.

Pothos in Aquarium Ideas

1. Pothos Vine in Hexagonal Aquarium

Pothos in Aquarium Ideas
Aquarium Land

You can get a Pothos vine and follow this idea if you have a large aquarium for creating a beautiful centerpiece in your home.

2. Wall Lattice for Pothos

Pothos in Aquarium Ideas

A wall lattice will serve you well if you want to train your pothos growing above the fish tank.

Here is How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot

3. Single Pothos for Multiple Tanks

best Pothos in Aquarium Ideas

You can also grow a single Pothos over a setup of several small fish tanks like this idea.

4. Floating Pothos Vine Over Fish Tank

Floating Pothos Vine Over Fish Tank

Instead of letting it fall out of the tank, you can let the Pothos sway on the surface of the water for a floating display.

5. Small Pothos and Ferns Combo

Small Pothos and Ferns Combo Aquarium 5

A small pothos can do wonders for any aquarium. You can pair it with other aquatic plants or ferns for a beautiful look.

6. Lush Pothos on the Top

Lush Pothos on the Top Aquarium
easy aquariums

A lush and big Pothos vine sitting atop the aquarium can be a conversation starter! And it’ll keep the spot around it look like a green jungle.

Check out the Secret Tips to Grow Lush Pothos Plant here

7. Pothos Roots in a Fish Tank

Pothos Roots in a Fish Tank in Aquarium 7

Look how beautiful the roots of this Pothos look submerged inside the fish tank!

8. Fish Tank Turned Pot

Fish Tank Turned Pot

If you don’t have fish, you can still use an aquarium and turn it into a planter for a Pothos or Philo vine.

9. Minimalistic Pothos Vines

Minimalistic Pothos Vines Aquarium 9

Don’t want aquariums filled with too much stuff? A simple pothos vine is perfect. You can get the benefits and watch your fish.

10. A Zen Fish Tank with Pothos

A Zen Fish Tank with Pothos

Here’s a zen fish tank idea with a Buddha figurine and a nice Pothos vine growing to make all around it green.

Learn how to propagate pothos in the soil here

11. Small Pothos Over a Large Aquarium

Small Pothos Over a Large Aquarium

This small Pothos in a large aquarium is just as effective. And it looks wonderful.

12. Growing Pothos in Small Tank

Growing Pothos in Small Tank

A small aquarium can be a nice planter for growing a Pothos plant in water. Here’s proof.

13. Submerged PothosSubmerged Pothos aquraium

You can also submerge the foliage for underwater aesthetics. But experiment and make sure the leaves are not damaged.

14. Glass Vase Turned Fish TankGlass Vase Turned Fish Tank

Don’t worry if you don’t have an aquarium. You can get a glass vase, fill it with rocks, top it off with a pothos, and voila!

Growing a Pothos with FishGrowing a Pothos with Fish

Growing pothos in your aquarium is super easy, especially if you’re just starting out. These plants are tough and don’t need a lot of attention. They even fight off algae, so your fish tank stays looking good.

First, just hang a pothos stem outside the tank, but make sure its roots stay in the water. That way, the plant can do its job of cleaning up the water and keeping it cozy for your fish. Remember, pothos is a vine, so let it ascend outside the water.

To keep things smooth, trim the roots now and then. This helps the pothos play nice with other plants, so they all get what they need.

Have a look at the best pothos varieties you can grow here

Is Pothos Safe for Fishes in Aquariums? 

Pothos plants are like good buddies for your fish and turtles – they’re not toxic, so your aquatic pals can chill around them without any worries. These plants actually help by cleaning up the water and giving your fish a cozy place to hang out.

Just remember to keep the leafy part out of the water and trim the roots sometimes, and everything will be cool.

No sharp or pointy objects, and be careful with chemicals – those are a no-go. Keep it simple, like smooth rocks and safe decorations and some other aquatic plants.

11 Amazing Science-Backed Pothos Plant Benefits

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