How to Get Rid of Termites | Home Remedies to Prevent Termites

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If you want to learn about the best possible ways on How to Get Rid of Termites, then you are at the right place! We have the best tips for you!

Termites are naturally attracted to high moisture levels and therefore are very common in homes. If you have an infestation, it can get quite challenging to get rid of them. Nevertheless, with this article, you will learn How to Get Rid of Termites with efficient home remedies!

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How to Get Rid of Termites

Always try locating the starting point of where their colony is originating from. This is the first step before getting rid of the termites. 

1. Use Vinegar

Mix water and distilled vinegar (white or apple cider) in a 50:50 ratio, and spray this in their colony and path. Whether they have infested wooden furniture, doorways, or plants, using this spray in various locations will keep the termites away. Make sure to use it regularly, so there is no relapse of an infestation.

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2. Orange Oil

Orange oil has a compound called d-limonene, and this is very deadly to termites. The oil comes from orange peels and is incredibly efficient to get rid of termites. This can be bought at a store or made at home.

Take orange peels and submerge them with olive oil. Let this steep on a low fire until the peels have got soft. Once this is done, let it cool down, strain, and use this as a termite repellent.

3. Wet Cardboard


Termites love two things – water and cellulose. Spray a piece of cardboard with water and let it sit near the termite colony. The insects will eventually move to the cardboard and start feeding on it.

Once all the termites have moved to the cardboard, you can take it out and dispose of it in any way you like!

4. Borax

Borax can not only wash clothes but also get rid of a termite infestation! Sprinkle a handful of borax onto the infested area or mix with water and spray around the colony to get rid of termites.

5. Cayenne Pepper or Peppermint

Both these spices are great for termite removal in the most effective manner. Sprinkle some of either cayenne pepper or crushed peppermint onto the infected area. These two spices disrupt the termite’s ability to communicate, lose track, and gradually stop coming back to their colony.

6. Neem Oil

Take a bottle of neem oil and spray it directly all around the colony. The termites will go away from the scent and keep that area infestation-free. You can also use the spray all over wooden areas in your home so the termites do not transfer to another location.

7. Saline Solution

Mix equal parts of salt and warm water until the salt dissolves. Spray it over the termite-infested area and watch them disappear! Termites hate salt and avoid coming to its contact. Remember, the more salt you are going to use, the better!

8. Try Beneficial Nematodes

These small, non-segmental worms are natural parasites to garden pests and termites. They look for hosts like termite larvae, excavate them, and cause death in just 48 hours. You can buy beneficial nematodes from the garden center or online.

9. Expose the Affected Wood to Sunlight

Expose the piece of furniture or anything, that has been attacked by termites, to sunlight. Termites flourish mostly in moisture with darkness and exposing them to heat will make them leave the furniture.

10. Grow Termite Repellant Plants

Another natural way to get rid of termites is to grow plants that repel them naturally. Two of the best options you have are vetiver grass and catnip. The compound in vetiver grass called ‘Nootkatone’ keeps them at bay while the catnip keeps the termite infestation in check.

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