7 Plants That Look Like Mushrooms

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Have you ever seen Plants That Look Like Mushrooms? If not, this collection of plants will definitely surprise you!

There are many plants that look like mushrooms, but are actually not. We’ve got info on all of these mushroom look-alikes and how you can identify them.

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms

1. Ghost Plant

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 1

Botanical Name: Monotropa uniflora

Ghost plants will trick your eyes because they lack chlorophyll. This makes them appear a dull white color. Plus, they look like mushrooms with a slender appearance.

They are also known as the Indian Pipe and Corpse plant. You’ll easily spot it because it’s white and waxy. It is also parasitic on other plants for nutrients.

2. Crested Euphorbia

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 2

Botanical Name: Euphorbia lactea ‘Cristata’

The Crested Euphorbia plant can easily be mistaken for a coral mushroom. It has a wavy, lobed, or brain-like form instead of its usual straight stem. The crest is always green or white with pink-red edges.

Also, it has prominent spines along the crest, which is quite different from the other Euphorbia varieties.

3. Cooper’s Haworthia

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 3

Botanical Name: Haworthia cooperi

Cooper’s Haworthia is a slow-growing succulent that looks like a bunch of mushrooms. The leaves are bulbous and plump at the base and pointy toward the tip. They also grow in a tight cluster, making it easy to identify.

4. Baby Toes

mushroom-like plants 1

Botanical Name: Fenestraria rhopalophylla

Baby Toes are also succulents that look like mushrooms. These succulents have small, cylindrical leaves like toes with a translucent portion at the top. These plants are adept at capturing sunlight for photosynthesis through these unique leaf portions.

5. Liverworts

mushroom-like plants 2

Botanical Name: Marchantiophyta

Liverwort plants have a simple, flat structure that makes them look like tiny green mushrooms spread across a moist surface. Their thallus is leaf-like, lacking the typical plant structure, which adds to the mushroom-like appearance.

6. Living Stones

living stones mushroom

Botanical Name: Lithops

Living Stones succulents are known for their thick, fleshy leaves that join at the ground level. The texture and color patterns that they have are just like mushrooms when viewed from the top. If you look at them from the side, they don’t have the stem like mushrooms.

7. Wine Cup

plant looking like mushroom

Botanical Name: Crassula umbella

People also confuse the Wine Cup for a mushroom but it’s actually a succulent. It has leaves that are fused into a cup shape around the stem, just like a mushroom cap. The best way to make it out as a plant is that it has flowers.

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