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Here is an exclusive list of the Plants That Look Like String of Hearts! If you love trailing specimens, these are the best ones to flaunt in small hanging baskets!

If you are a fan of Ceropegia woodii and adore its thin trailing stems danging down beautifully from the rim of planters, then check out these Plants That Look Like String of Hearts! 

Here are some stunning plants that look like they’re made of copper!

Plants That Look Like String of Hearts

1. Million Hearts 

Plants That Look Like String of Hearts

Botanical Name: Dischidia ruscifolia

These easy-growing epiphytes trail down from tree branches in their native habitat. With heart-shaped leaves and tiny white blooms, they look classy in hanging baskets!

2. String of Dolphins

String of Hearts Alternatives 2
Botanical Name: Curio × peregrinus

String of Dolphins is a cross between Candle Plant and String of Pearls. With its compact dimensions and trailing nature, it makes for a great coffee table plant.

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3. String of Needles

Plants That Look Like String of Hearts 2

Botanical Name: Ceropegia linearis

The plant’s leaves are in the shape of pointy needles, that trail down beautifully. Keep it in bright indirect light for best growth.

4. String of Nickels

String of Hearts Alternatives 4

Botanical Name: Dischidia nummularia

The string of Nickels is a stunning trailing plant with foliage in the shape of thick coins. Keep the soil moist and expose it to plenty of dappled light for best growth. 

5. Silver Leaved Artillery Plant

Plants That Look Like String of Hearts 4

Botancal Name: Pilea glaucophylla

The silver-colored leaves of this plant make it stand out from the rest! For best color and growth, provide high humidity and keep the soil moist.

6. String of Bananas

String of Hearts Alternatives 6

Botanical Name: Senecio radicans

As the name suggests, the plant’s leaves look similar to small bananas. You can keep the plant compact by growing it in small pots and display it on tables.

7. Porcelain Flower

Plants That Look Like String of Hearts 10

Botanical Name: Hoya curtisii

It can be tricky to take care of Hoya Curtisii, but the plant is generally not too demanding. The plant is a slow grower and does best in indirect light. 

8. String of Turtles

String of Hearts Alternatives 8

Botanical Name: Peperomia prostrata

The String of Turtles is a trailing Peperomia variety with tiny leaves with a pattern that looks similar to what you can see on the back of a turtle’s shell.

9. String of Tears

Plants That Look Like String of Hearts 12

Botanical Name: Senecio herreianus

This tender perennial succulent belongs to the Asteraceae family, and is most famous for its attractive foliage in the shape of a teardrop and creeping stems. 

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