55 Stunning Pink Peony Varieties

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Looking for some magnificent flowers for the garden? Read on and dive into the world of the Best Pink Peony Varieties!

Best Pink Peony Varieties – These gentle pink petals tell stories of grace and charm, captivating all who wander by. In this article, we’ll explore these peonies’ diverse shades and fragrances!

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35 Best Yellow Peony Varieties

Best Pink Peony Varieties

Some of the flowers in this list have a deep pink hue, which may make them appear as maroon or red.

1. Peony ‘Alertie’

Stunning Pink Peony Varieties

Alertie peony blooms early with soft pink petals and a delightful fragrance. Its 6″ wide blooms are perfect for both garden displays and cut arrangements, bringing a touch of elegance to any setting.

2. Peony ‘Avalanche’

lovely Best Pink Peony Varieties

This variety, named the 2003 Gold Medal Peony of the Year, graces gardens with its sweet fragrance and sturdy stems, making it a reliable and beautiful choice.

3. Peony ‘Belgravia’

Pink Peony Varieties 3

Belgravia peony, in a vibrant dark pink hue, unfolds its 10″ wide, burgundy blooms, adding a dramatic flair to your garden. With a height of 3 feet, this variety commands attention.

4. Peony ‘Blush Queen’

Best Pink Peony Varieties

Blush Queen peony is a vision of elegance with its 8″-10″ salmon-pink blooms. These creamy-pink, fragrant flowers, reminiscent of old-fashioned roses, create a picturesque garden scene.

5. Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’

Pink Peony Varieties 5

Bowl of Beauty peony is a showstopper with its massive, 10″-12″ pink and white blossoms. Its unique appearance, akin to a floral bowl, makes it a sought-after pink peony variety.

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6. Peony ‘Butter Bowl’

amazing Best Pink Peony Varieties
TheStrawberryAnia Home & Garden

Butter Bowl peony showcases fully double, fragrant blooms with pink outer petals and a golden-yellow center.

7. Peony ‘Catharina Fontijn’

Pink Peony Varieties 7

Catharina Fontijn peony enchants with its bicolor white and pink double flowers. The pure white center is complemented by soft pink outer petals, making it an ideal choice for bouquets.

8. Peony ‘Celebrity’

top Best Pink Peony Varieties

Celebrity peony captivates with its bicolor pink petals, featuring raspberry-fuchsia streaks against a pale pink backdrop.

9. Peony ‘Cora Stubbs’

Top Types of Pink Peonies

With a compact form and a height of just over 2 feet, this variety fits perfectly in any garden. Its charming appearance and low maintenance nature make this pink peony variety a favorite choice among gardeners.

10. Peony ‘Chiffon Parfait’

Types of Pink Peonies

Chiffon Parfait peony offers late-blooming, enormous ball-shaped flowers in white and pink. With blooms reaching 8″ across, this variety adds a touch of sophistication to gardens.

11. Peony ‘Coral Sunset’

beautiful Pink Peony Varieties 11

Named the 2003 Gold Medal Peony of the Year, this variety brightens gardens early in the season, making it a cherished addition for peony enthusiasts.

12. Peony ‘Dinner Plate’

amazing Top Types of Pink Peonies

Dinner Plate peony lives up to its name with its large 7″-8″ wide pink blooms. This classic pink peony variety not only boasts sturdy stems but also fills gardens with a wonderful fragrance.

13. Peony ‘Doreen’

light Pink Peony Varieties 13

Doreen peony graces gardens with its early-blooming, double pink blossoms. It’s delightful fragrance and compact form make it a standout choice for garden borders.

14. Peony ‘Dr. Alexander Fleming’

Best Varieties of Pink Peonies

Dr. Alexander Fleming peony showcases exquisite rose-pink petals and a delightful floral fragrance. Its prolific blooms, adorned with many side buds, create a captivating spectacle in gardens.

15. Peony ‘Eden’s Perfume’

Pink Peony Varieties 15

Its enchanting rose-like fragrance fills the air, making it a favorite among gardeners. With flowers wider than 5-6 inches, it becomes a statement piece in bouquets, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

16. Peony ‘Edulis Superba’

amazing Best Varieties of Pink Peonies

Edulis Superba peony bursts into early bloom with its double pink petals. A perfect choice for eager gardeners, this variety offers abundant cut flowers.

17. Peony ‘Fairy’s Petticoat’

Varieties of Pink Peonies

With a petticoat-like appearance, this variety brings a touch of femininity to gardens. Its rich scent and sturdy stems make it a delightful choice for landscaping.

18. Peony ‘Felix Crousse’

Best Varieties of Pink Peonies for garden

Felix Crousse peony flaunts large crimson red-pink blooms, exuding a sense of opulence in gardens. Its vibrant hue and luxurious appeal make it a show-stopping pink peony.

19. Peony ‘First Arrival’

Best Varieties of Pink Peonies in yard

First Arrival peony graces gardens with its lavender-pink, semi-double flowers. Its soft purple hue and alluring fragrance draw in beneficial pollinators, enhancing the garden’s biodiversity.

20. Peony ‘Florence Nicholls’

Varieties of Pink Peonies

Starting as salmon-pink, the blossoms mature into a blush white, creating a captivating visual transformation. Its generous size and sweet scent make it a cherished gem in gardens.

21. Peony ‘Gay Paree’

amazing Pink Peony Varieties 21

Gay Paree peony enchants with its pink and cream anemone-type blooms, reminiscent of a watercolor painting. This pink peony variety’s creamy center and dark pink outer petals add depth to gardens, making them visually captivating.

22. Peony ‘Hanakisoi’

top Best Varieties of Pink Peonies

Hanakisoi tree peony, with its large crepe-like pink flowers, adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. Its ornamental appeal and golden-yellow center create a striking contrast against the delicate petals.

23. Peony ‘Hillary Itoh’

Optimal Types of Pink Peonies

Hillary Itoh peony graces gardens with its rose-pink petals and yellow stamens. Its crepe-like flowers, aging to cream, exude a sense of timeless beauty.

24. Peony ‘Honey Gold’

top best Optimal Types of Pink Peonies

With prominent yellow-gold staminodes and creamy white outer petals, it becomes a symbol of nature’s artistry. Its fragrant, ball-shaped flowers add a sweet touch to any bouquet.

25. Peony ‘Joker’

Optimal Types of Pink Peonies in backyard

Joker peony, a specialty double white-pink variety, offers a captivating blend of colors. With an understated green-grey foliage, it adds a touch of mystery to gardens, inviting curiosity.

26. Peony ‘Julia Rose’

Optimal Types of Pink Peonies for garden

Julia Rose peony captivates with its blush pink petals, occasionally adorned with darker pink markings.

27. Peony ‘Lady Alexandra Duff’

Pink Peony Varieties 27

Lady Alexandra Duff peony enchants with its fluffy double flowers, boasting a light floral fragrance and delicately ruffled petals.

28. Peony ‘Lady Liberty’

Top Varieties of Pink Peonies

Reminiscent of the popular Bowl of Beauty peony, it charms with its vibrant hues. Despite its large blooms, it requires minimal maintenance, symbolizing effortless beauty in gardens.

29. Peony ‘Lorelei’beautiful Pink Peony Varieties 29

Lorelei peony, a specialty garden variety, boasts medium-pink flowers that mature into a blush apricot shade. Its bombe-type blooms emit a sweet and spicy floral scent, adding allure to gardens.

30. Peony ‘Madame Calot’

Varieties of Pink Peonies

Its dark pink streaked center petals add depth and character. With a strong stem and intense floral scent, it becomes a beacon of elegance and sophistication in gardens.

31. Peony ‘Monsieur Jules Elie’

Pink Peony Varieties

Monsieur Jules Elie peony, an heirloom pink peony variety, features fluffy double petals in a light-rose pink shade.

32. Peony ‘Mother’s Choice’

Best Types of Pink Peonies

Its fragrant blooms, coupled with strong stems, symbolize the nurturing strength found in the natural world. This beautiful pink peony stands as a reminder of the unconditional love present in gardens.

33. Peony ‘Mutabilis Plena’

Types of Pink Peonies

Mutabilis Plena peony, an early-blooming heirloom, displays double-petal flowers with bright pink streaks. Despite its need for support, it represents the exuberance of life in full bloom.

34. Peony ‘Myrtle Gentry’

lovely Best Types of Pink Peonies

With a lovely floral scent, it adds a romantic aura to gardens. Its delicate hue and ruffled petals symbolize the gentle touch of nature in full bloom.

35. Peony ‘Nellie Saylor’

stuning Pink Peony Varieties 35

Nellie Saylor peony, with its lush dark pink petals and cream-white streaks, represents the complexity of emotions. As a garden resident, it serves as a reminder of the depth and richness of life.

36. Peony ‘Nick Shaylor’

Best Species of Pink Peonies

Its resemblance to garden roses evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing. With a hint of fragrance, it embodies the bittersweet beauty of memories.

37. Peony ‘Nippon Beauty’

top Pink Peony Varieties 37

Nippon Beauty peony, a mesmerizing blend of elegance and grace, showcases delicate pink petals with a hint of blush. Its timeless beauty captures the essence of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

38. Peony ‘Paula Fay’

top Best Species of Pink Peonies

With layers of delicate petals, it blooms into a lush spectacle, inviting admiration. This beauty is a testament to nature’s artistry, bringing joy to any garden setting.

39. Peony ‘Pecher’

Best Species of Pink Peonies

Pecher peony, a vision in soft pink, graces gardens with its subtle elegance. Its tender petals, kissed by a hint of crimson, create a captivating display.

40. Peony ‘Pink Choice’

Species of Pink Peonies

Pink Choice peony is a charming blend of hues, painting the garden in shades of romance. Its ombre pink petals, kissed by sunlight, evoke a sense of delicate beauty.

41. Peony ‘Pink Double Dandy Itoh’

Top-notch Gorgeous Pink Peony Varieties

Pink Double Dandy Itoh peony is a delightful fusion of pink tones, reminiscent of a painter’s brushstroke. Its lavender-pink petals unfurl gracefully, revealing a heartwarming beauty.

42. Peony ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’

Top Gorgeous Varieties of Pink Peonies

With a yellow center, it exudes warmth and vitality, reminiscent of a summer sunset. Its understated elegance makes it a favorite, bringing a touch of paradise to any landscape.

43. Peony ‘Pink Parfait’

Gorgeous Varieties of Pink Peonies

Pink Parfait peony is a confectionery dream in shades of pink and white. Its petals, resembling delicate layers of icing, create a visual feast.

44. Peony ‘Raspberry Sundae’

Top best  Gorgeous Varieties of Pink Peonies
Woolwood Studio & Gardens

Raspberry Sundae peony is a delectable treat for the garden, featuring creamy vanilla-yellow petals topped with a berry-pink essence.

45. Peony ‘Salmon Dream’

Outstanding, exquisite varieties of pink peonies

Salmon Dream peony is a vision of softness and warmth, with its salmon-pink petals embracing the sunlight. Its compact form and soothing hues make it a serene presence, inviting moments of reflection and calm.

46. Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’

top Outstanding, exquisite varieties of pink peonies

Sarah Bernhardt peony, a timeless classic, graces gardens with its lush, fluffy blooms in a soft pink hue. Its romantic allure and captivating fragrance make it a symbol of grace and femininity.

47. Peony ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious Itoh’

amazing Pink Peony Varieties 47

Scrumdiddlyumptious Itoh peony is a playful masterpiece, showcasing vibrant yellow-pink petals reminiscent of a summer sunrise. Its frilly appearance adds a touch of whimsy to the garden.

48. Peony ‘Shirley Temple’

The most exquisite varieties of pink peonies

Shirley Temple peony, an enchanting bloom, reveals its soft pink petals, creating an aura of innocence and charm. Its blush-white tones evoke the purity of a beloved childhood star.

49. Peony ‘Sorbet’

light Pink Peony Varieties 49

Its bombe-type flowers unfold gracefully, captivating with their fragrant allure. With a blend of hues, it mirrors the changing colors of a summer sky, making it a garden treasure worth savoring.

50. Peony ‘Solange’

The most exquisite varieties of pink peonies

Solange peony, with its rose-like petals, adorns the garden with a blush of pink and white elegance. Its light-rose hue, fading gently under the sun, creates a captivating display.

51. Peony ‘The Fawn’

Outstanding Gorgeous Pink Peony Varieties

The Fawn peony, a voluminous beauty, enchants with its layers of medium-pink petals, reminiscent of a fawn’s delicate spots.

52. Peony ‘Tom Eckhardt’

Outstanding Stunning Pink Peony Varieties

Tom Eckhardt peony, a garden delight, graces the landscape with its blushing petals in various shades of pink.

53. Peony ‘Vivid Rose’

Outstanding Fabulous Pink Peony Varieties

Vivid Rose Peony is a celebration of nature’s vibrant hues, showcasing layers of fluffy petals in shades of medium pink. Its intoxicating rose-like scent fills the air all around.

54. Peony ‘White Cap’

Fabulous Pink Peony Varieties

White Cap peony is a study in contrasts, with its magenta-pink outer petals embracing creamy white inner layers. Its captivating hues create a visual masterpiece in the garden.

55. Peony ‘Moon River’

Outstanding Wonderful Pink Peony Varieties
Shutterstock/Skripnichenko Elena

Moon River peony, a creamy-blush wonder, graces the garden with its large, delicate blooms. Its blush-white center, surrounded by soft pink outer petals catches everyone’s attention.

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