7 Beautiful Pink Indoor Vines

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Whether on windowsills or in hanging baskets, these stunning vines, like Nanouk Wandering Jew and Pink Callisia, thrive in various light conditions. Don't miss Hoya Rosita with its tempting pinky lips or Watermelon Dischidia, turning heads with intense pink-orange hues. There are more below.

These charming pink indoor vines can be a stunning addition to any home, bringing nature’s vibrant colors indoors.

You can grow any one or all of these pink indoor vines for that beautiful cascading effect that’s full of vibrant hues!

Best pink vines with trumpet flowers 

Stunning Pink Indoor Vines

1. Mandevilla Vine

Beautiful Pink Indoor Mandevilla Vines near sofa

The flowers of these pink indoor vines contrast really well with the light green foliage. However, it’ll need plenty of sunlight exposure for those blooms.

How to Grow Mandevilla in Pot | Best Varieties

2. Rosary Vine

Beautiful Rosary Indoor Vines holding in hand

Ceropegia woodii is a charming succulent with coin-like pink leaves that grow on delicate trailing stems. It is also really easy to look after.

3. Pink Syngonium

Beautiful Pink Syngonium Indoor vine on table

If you are someone who loves to grow plants in hanging baskets – you mustn’t miss this one! Its arrow-shaped leaves range in color from green to almost entirely pink.

Best ways to grow Pink Syngonium indoors

4. Nanouk Wandering Jew

Nanouk Wandering Jew indoor vines holding in hand

The pink variety of wandering dude stands out in all its colorful glory! This fast-growing vine is incredibly easy to care for, thriving in a variety of light conditions.

8 Types of Wandering Jew Plants + Care Tips

5. Pink Callisia

Pink Callisia Pink Indoor vines in pot

Whether on windowsills, shelves, or hanging baskets – this pink indoor vine will not disappoint with its vibrant hue as long as it gets bright indirect light all day long.

14 Different Types of Callisia Species You Can Grow

6. Hoya Rosita

beautiful pink indoor vines Hoya Rosita

Last but surely not any less vibrant is this one – look at those pinky lips! They can surely make anyone tempted into growing this plant!

7. Watermelon Dischidia

Beautiful Pink Indoor vines Watermelon Dischidia holding in hand

With leaves that resemble watermelon, this plant takes such an intense hue of pink-orange that it can turn a lot of heads with its sheer beauty!

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