Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange

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Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange – Clear all your confusion in this comprehensive guide related to these two pretty plants.

Let’s clear the debate between Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange once and for all! Both are beautiful cultivars, and you would be happy if you chose either one of them!

Philodendron Red Sun

Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange 1

The Philodendron Red Sun features heart-shaped leaves with a glossy texture. When they emerge, the foliage is bright red or maroon, gradually transitioning to deep green as it matures.

The red coloration is most prominent on new growth and the undersides of the leaves.

Philodendron Prince of Orange


The Prince of Orange has large, heart-shaped leaves that start off a coppery orange color when they emerge. As the leaves mature, they transition to a rich, deep green with hints of orange and bronze on the undersides.

The new growth continues to display bright orange hues, giving the plant its name.

Similarities Between Philodendron Red Sun and Philodendron Prince of Orange

Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange 2
  • Genus and Family: Both Philodendron Red Sun and Philodendron Prince of Orange belong to the genus Philodendron, which is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae.
  • Leaf Shape: Both cultivars have similar leaf shapes. They feature large, heart-shaped leaves with a pointed tip.
  • Leaf Texture: The leaves of both cultivars have a similar texture, with a glossy, smooth surface.
  • Growth Habit: Both Philodendron Red Sun and Philodendron Prince of Orange are vining plants that can climb or trail, depending on their support system.
  • Light Requirements: Both cultivars thrive in bright, indirect light conditions. They prefer filtered sunlight or partial shade.

Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange

  • Leaf color: The most noticeable difference between the two cultivars is the color of their leaves. Philodendron Red Sun has vibrant, deep red to burgundy-colored leaves, while Philodendron Prince of Orange has leaves that range from bright orange to coppery orange.
  • Leaf Size: The Philodendron Red Sun tends to have slightly larger leaves compared to the Philodendron Prince of Orange.
  • Leaf Venation: The venation pattern on the leaves of the two cultivars differs. Philodendron Red Sun typically has prominent, light green veins, while Philodendron Prince of Orange may have more subtle veins that blend with the leaf color.
  • Growth Rate: Philodendron Prince of Orange is generally known to have a faster growth rate compared to Philodendron Red Sun. ‘Red Sun’ can grow up to 6 feet long while ‘Prince of Orange’ reaches up to 3 feet tall.
  • Flowering: The likelihood of the Philodendron red sun flowering is generally higher than that of the Philodendron prince of orange.

Note: While both plants produce small, white flowers – their significance pales in comparison to the magnificent foliage they display.

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