16 Potent Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home

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Want to get rid of the unpleasant smell from your home? Try the best Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home for a refreshing, natural fragrance!

If you are tired of using artificial perfumes to get rid of bad smells at your home, then we have some amazing Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for you that will help you to have a pleasant-smelling garden and home!

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Odor Killing Hacks with Nature

1. Lemon

Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home

To refresh the indoor air in a natural way, cut a lemon in half and then put it in hidden spots. It helps in putting away the odor. Replace the slices with fresh ones every few days.

2. Baking Soda

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Place an open container of plain baking soda in the fridge to soak up the bad odor. Similarly, you can also spread some baking soda at the bottom of a dust bin to neutralize odor.

You can also mix half a cup of baking soda in two parts of water to make a spray. Stir well and sprinkle on the surfaces where you want to eliminate the odor from.

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3. Vanilla

Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home 2
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Rub a little portion of vanilla on a light bulb. When you light up the bulb, the warmth will make the vanilla diffuse slowly, working its charm in making the air fresh, clean, and pleasant.

4. Vinegar Spray

Mix vinegar with water in an equal ratio to clean birdbaths, sinks, and walls. This would not only help to make them clean but will also refresh them up.

  • Boil one part of vinegar with two parts of water in a microwave to soak up the bad odor from the insides of a microwave.
  • Mix half a cup of vinegar with a quart of water and let it simmer for a few minutes on the stove. The simmering allows your kitchen to get rid of the bad odor, making it smell fresh and clean.
  • For trash bins, dip bread in vinegar and leave it overnight in the trash can or lunch box, and get rid of the bad smells.
  • For baby or pet urine odor, use vinegar water spray.

5. Coffee Grounds

Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home 3

Coffee grounds can absorb unpleasant smells from your home and garden. Just keep them in a bowl where you want to eliminate the smell. You can also mix them with water in a 50:50 ratio and spray them on the odor-causing areas.

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6. Linen Spray

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of vodka, 30-35 drops of any essential oil you like into a spray bottle. Fill up the rest of the space with distilled water to make a solution. Shake well and spray it on linens to keep them smelling sweet and clean.

7. Gel Room Perfume

Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home 4

Make your own DIY room freshener using unflavored gelatin, essential oil, water, and salt.

  • Boil a cup of water in a medium-sized pot. Then, mix four unflavored gelatin packets in it and whisk away till it is completely dissolved.
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons of any essential oil of your choice. Now, mix 1 more cup of water, 1 tablespoon of salt, and stir well. You can add any food coloring for color, but it is optional.
  • Pour the mix into a small glass container and allow it to cool down until the gel is formed. You can place the jar on a table or outside without any lid and let the gel mix in the air to release the sweet smell as it dries up.

8. Citrus Rinds

Use leftover rinds of citrus fruits to make powder out of it and then sprinkle it in bad-smelling places to clean up the air of its odors.

9. Simmer Orange Pot

Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home 5

Try this easy hack to quickly fill your garden or home with inviting fragrance!

  • Cut open an orange into slices and mix it into a pot with some cinnamon and cloves stick.
  • Add water to cover the ingredients and let the pot simmer on for 2-3 hours slowly to release the sweet, refreshing smell.

10. Basil Lemon Room Spray

The lovely smell of basil and lemon can be made at home into a DIY spray.

  • Boil 3/4 cup water in a kettle or pot and add 3-4 tablespoons of dried basil into the water and allow it to steep for 5-8 minutes.
  • Let the solution cool down and transfer it into a spray bottle.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of vodka, 5-10 drops of lemon essential oil, and shake well. Your lemon and basil spray is ready, and you can use it indoors and outdoors to clean up the air.

11. Salt

Odor Killing Hacks with Nature for Garden and Home 6

Use half a cup of salt to pour into drains, open pipes, places that have caked-on food, waste and emitting a foul smell. This helps in eliminating bad odor, neutralizing the unpleasant smell.

12. Activated Charcoal

Put small activated charcoal filters in the stinkiest places around the house and garden to refresh the area. Naturally, charcoal has the potential to absorb moisture and odors.

13. Light Up Scented Candles


Lighting up scented candles in the home is the best way to evoke powerful senses and calm while enjoying the soothing aroma. Here’s a great DIY to make them at home easily.

14. Burn Spices for Fragrance


Burning herbs is another form of aromatherapy that you can try to fill your room with a soothing fragrance. Cedar, Sage, Frankincense, Sweetgrass, Lavender, and Mugwort are some of the best herbs that you can burn in their dried form.

15. Potupurri of Dried Flowers and Fragrant Essential Oils

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Collect your favorite dried flowers, add some herbs and spices, to make a fragrant potpourri at home. You can also add a dash of essential oils and bake them all in an oven for 50-90 minutes at 90-100 degrees Celsius. Let it cool down and keep the mixture in a bowl for a fantastic fragrance!

16. Grow Fragrant Flowers in the Garden

Eliminate odor from your garden by growing the most fragrant flowers such as plumeria, Sweet Osmanthus, and night-scented stock. This natural hack not only kills the odor from your yard but also beautifies it. Check more fragrant flowers here.

Some Quick Tips to Eliminate Smells from the Garden

  • To get rid of the dog or cat urine smell, use garden lime on the patches or the area.
  • Lemon dish soap and vinegar do wonders in getting rid of the garden odors too.
  • Sprinkling a handful of baking soda on the area will get rid of the smell too. Let it sit for an hour before you wash it away.
  • Misting essential oils is also a great way to add a fresh breath of fragrance to your yard!

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