30 November Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

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Scroll and find out about the November Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning and Ideas! We have the most amazing ones for the 11th month!  

Curious about November Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning and Ideas? Well, buckle up! Here’s a peek into the world of November flower tattoos. We’re about to spill the beans on why it’s not just a tattoo but a whole mood!

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November Birth Month Flowers as Tattoo

November babies have two awesome flowers to choose from when it comes to getting inked – the Chrysanthemum and the Peony.

The Chrysanthemum stands for happiness and joy. It’s like a burst of sunshine in the tattoo world. The Chrysanthemum birth flower tattoo comes in different colors, each with its own meaning. Red is for love, white is for purity, and yellow is for spreading joy.

Meanwhile, the Peony is all about good vibes and fortune. The Peony birth flower tattoo is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It’s like having a good luck charm with you all the time. Plus, the Peony comes in various colors too, from soft pinks to bold reds.

Whether you go for the cheerful Chrysanthemum or the luck-filled Peony, a November birth month flower tattoo is a cool way to celebrate your uniqueness!

November Birth Flower Tattoo Meaning and Significance

November is associated with the chrysanthemum, a flower known for its simple beauty. It comes in various colors, like red, yellow, and white. People born in November often get chrysanthemum tattoos to symbolize cheerfulness and positivity.

1. Cheerful Symbolism

The chrysanthemum is like a happy messenger in the language of flowers. It represents joy and optimism, making it a perfect choice for those born in the month of Thanksgiving.

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2. Friendship and Support

Some folks believe chrysanthemums stand for friendship and support. Having this flower inked on your skin might be a way of expressing the importance of friends and loved ones in your life.

3. Romance and Love

Peonies are often associated with romance and love. Their lush, full blooms symbolize a deep and passionate love between couples. In various cultures, these November birth month flowers represent a happy marriage and prosperity.

4. Good Fortune

In traditional Chinese culture, peonies are considered a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. They are believed to bring wealth and luck, making them popular for various celebrations and ceremonies.

 Beautiful November Birth Month Flowers

November Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. November Birth Flower Tattoo


This November birth flower tattoo captures the essence of autumn blooms, symbolizing resilience and growth.

2. Chrysanthemum Wreath Ink


This tattoo idea weaves together the November birth flower’s essence with a wreath’s symbolism, creating a unique and heartfelt masterpiece.

3. November Flowers on Arm


November flowers on the arm tell a story of blooming strength and beauty. The tattoo intertwines nature’s wonders with personal grace.

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4. Birth Vine Tattoo Idea for November


A creative twist on the traditional, this tattoo idea intertwines vines and November blooms, embodying growth, change, and the enduring beauty of nature.

5. Mums on the Sleeve


This sleeve tattoo speaks of nature’s elegance and the quiet strength found in simplicity.

6. Fineline Shoulder Piece of November Birth Flowers


A fine line shoulder piece showcasing November birth flowers brings a subtle charm to the skin.

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7. Chrysanthemum and Peony Piece

Winter Tattoo

Chrysanthemum and peony unite in a beautiful November birth tattoo piece, echoing the harmonious blend of strength and softness.

8. Shaded November Birth Flowers

Red Tattoo & Piercing

This tattoo design whispers of depth and mystery, mirroring the complexity and beauty of life.

9. Peony and Mums on the Side


A gentle yet powerful statement, this tattoo idea adorns the side with the beauty of November blooms.

10. Red Ink Chrysanthemum and Peony Birth Flowers


Bold and vibrant, this tattoo celebrates the fiery spirit of November, showcasing the power and intensity within.

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11. Chrysanthemum and Peony Tattoo


One on each thigh, this Mum and Peony November birth flower ink idea is a beautiful design that you can cover up easily or showcase.

12. November Birth Flower on Hand


Delicate and personal, this hand tattoo encapsulates the essence of November blooms, a constant reminder of the beauty.

13. Chrysanthemum Shoulder Piece


A symphony of chrysanthemums on the shoulder whispers tales of resilience and quiet strength.

14. Black and Gold Chrysanthemum Ink


Bold contrast meets elegance in this tattoo, capturing the essence of November blooms with a touch of black and gold.

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15. Chrysanthemum Wrist Tattoo


A small but powerful chrysanthemum on the wrist, embodying the strength found in even the most delicate moments.

16. Chrysanthemum Stomach Tattoo


A unique canvas for the November birth flower, this tattoo combines strength and vulnerability, creating a powerful statement.

17. Chrysanthemum November Birth Flowers on the Back


A cascade of chrysanthemums on the back, symbolizing the protective embrace of November borns and their strength.

18. Red Chrysanthemum with Butterflies


This tattoo combines the fiery spirit of November blooms with the transformative beauty of butterflies.

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19. Shaded November Chrysanthemum Birth Flower Tattoo


Subtle shadows breathe life into this tattoo, reflecting the depth and complexity found within.

20. Red and Black Peony Tattoo


This tattoo celebrates the intensity of November blooms in red and black hues, capturing the essence of passion and strength.

21. Red Peony November Birth Flower


A fiery red peony etched on the skin embodies the intensity and warmth of November.

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22. Multicolored Peony with Moon


Here’s a beautiful November birth month flower tattoo of a multicolored Peony illuminated by the moonlight.

23. Shaded Peony


Delicate shadows play on the petals of a shaded peony, capturing the subtle complexity and beauty within simplicity.

24. November Birth Month Flowers as Hand Tattoo


This hand tattoo brings the essence of November blooms to every gesture, creating a constant connection to nature.

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25. Peonies on the Shoulders


Powerful and elegant peonies on the shoulders, representing the beauty of November blooms, symbolizing strength and resilience.

26. Black Peony on Belly


A bold choice, this tattoo captures the intensity and depth of November blooms, creating a powerful statement on the belly.

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27. November Birth Flower Mum Tattoo

An amazing Chrysanthemum November birth flower ink in vibrant orange and yellow hues.

28. Peonies on the Forearm


A cascade of peonies on the forearm whispers tales of growth and beauty. The tattoo is perfect for a personal and powerful statement.

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29. Freehand November Birth Month Flowers Tattoo


Unleash creativity with a freehand design, capturing the essence of November blooms uniquely and personally.

30. Chrysanthemum November Birth Flower for Men


This tattoo idea brings the strength and beauty of November, celebrating resilience and growth. It is the perfect idea for November-born men.

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What Does November Birth Month Flower Tattoo Represent?

Getting a tattoo of the Chrysanthemum flower can symbolize different things. Chrysanthemums are known for their tough petals and vibrant colors, which can represent resilience and strength. Some people might choose this tattoo to show they can handle tough times and keep going, just like the chrysanthemums in challenging weather.

Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Meaning and Significance

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