21 Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees

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Discover the Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees and create a tropical look in your landscape even if you live in a low-temperature climate!

If you are a fan of palms but live in an area that witnesses low temperatures, then don’t worry. We have some beautiful, Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees for you!

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Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees

1. Chinese Fan Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees

Botanical Name: Livistona chinensis

Usda Zones: 8-11

This elegant palm is also popular as a fountain palm. It is native to Taiwan, China, and Japan. This palm is quite cold-hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to 10 F (-12 C).

2. Queen Palm

Botanical Name: Syagrus romanzoffiana

Usda Zones: 7-11

This elegant, evergreen palm is an aristocratic species and features a slender, straight trunk with a high canopy of feather-like arching fronds. It’s slow-growing and hardy to 25 F (-4 degree C).

3. Pindo Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 2
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Botanical Name: Butia capitata

Usda Zones: 6-11

Also known as jelly palm, this cold-hardy variety can handle temperatures as low as 5 F (-15 C), which implies it can be grown in coastal New Jersey and British Columbia easily.

4. Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm

Botanical Name: Chamaerops humilis v. cerifera

Usda Zones: 6-11

Native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this palm with a silvery layer on the leaves can tolerate chilly temperatures down to 5 F (-15 C). It grows slowly and reaches up to 10-15 feet tall.

5. Bismarck Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 3

Botanical Name: Bismarckia nobilis

Usda Zones: 7-11

Silvery bismarck palm belongs to Madagascar and endures temperatures as low as 15 F (-10 C) hence it can be grown in regions like Texas, Nevada, Arkansas, and Alabama.

6. Mexican Fan Palm


Botanical Name: Washingtonia robusta

Usda Zones: 8-11

This fast-growing palm tree is indigenous to northern Mexico and Baja California. It can tolerate temperatures as low as 15 F (-11 C). This palm stays small in cold regions.

7. Cabbage Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 4

Botanical Name: Sabal palmetto

Usda Zones: 7-11

This cold-hardy palm is a state tree of Florida and South Carolina and can tolerate temperatures of 10-15 F (-9 to -12). It grows slowly and forms a trunk after 8-10 years.

8. Puerto Rican Thatch Palm


Botanical Name: Coccothrinax alta

Usda Zones: 8-13

Also popular as Barbados silver palm, it features palmate leaves and can withstand 28-30 F (-2 C). It’s a nice choice for beach-side gardens. In full sun, this cold-hardy palm grows up to 12-25 feet tall.

9. Dwarf Palmetto

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 5

Botanical Name: Sabal minor ‘McCurtain’

Usda Zones: 6-10

This snow Hardy palm comes from McCurtain County, Oklahoma. It grows in Wichita and tolerates a temperature as low as 6 F (-14). ‘McCurtain’ is a perfect choice for winter gardens.

10. Needle Palm

Botanical Name: Rhapidophyllum hystrix

Usda Zones: 6-10

The needle palm is one of the hardiest varieties on the list and can withstand low temperatures up to -10 F (-12 C), but it also requires strong summer heat to thrive well.

11. Windmill Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 9

Botanical Name: Trachycarpus fortunei

Usda Zones: 7-11

This palm with massive leaves and pointed strands is native to India, Nepal, Thailand, and southern China. As it grows in the mountainous terrain, it can easily withstand temperatures as low as 5-10 F (-15 to -12 C).

12. Paurotis Palm

Botanical Name: Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

Usda Zones: 6-10

This slow-growing specimen is quite easy to maintain and is native to southern Florida. It adapts well to all types of soil and can withstand 20°F (-7°C).

13. Blue Hesper Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 12

Botanical Name: Brahea armata

Usda Zones: 8-11

This stubby variety stays compact and doesn’t grow as tall as other typical palms. It is native to Baja California and looks stunning with its silver-blue foliage. The palm can withstand temperatures down to 15 F (-9 C) with ease.

14. Canary Date Palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix canariensis

Usda Zones: 8-11

Tall and handsome, this palm features a large crown of leaves which makes it a great addition to any garden. It is native to the Canary Islands and North Africa. The palm can survive 15 F (-9 C) easily.

15. California Fan Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 15

Botanical Name: Washingtonia filifera

Usda Zones: 8a-11

One of the most popular ornamental palms, it grows 8-12 feet in height and is also quite easy to look after. The plant can withstand 15-20 F (-9 to -7 C) with ease and even more once it gets established.

16. Mazari Palm


Botanical Name: Nannorrhops ritchiana

Usda Zones: 7-11

It is one of the rare palms on this list and is native to Afghanistan and Pakistan. If you are able to get your hands on one, it will survive 10 F (-12 C) with ease.

17. Texas Sabal Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 20

Botanical Name: Sabal mexicana

Usda Zones: 7 -11

The Sabal texana is native to northern Mexico. it grows tall, looks spectacular, and once established, can easily survive temperatures as low as 1 F (-17 C).

18. Saw Palmetto Palm


Botanical Name: Serenoa repens

Usda Zones: 7a-11

Definitely one of the most good-looking palms on this list, its silver green blue foliage looks spectacular. It stays compact and can easily withstand 0-5 F (-18 to -15 C).

19. Sylvester Date Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 25

Botanical Name: Phoenix sylvestris

Usda Zones: 8b-11

It is one of the most recognized palms in all parts of the world and you must have spotted one in hotels and golf courses. It can easily survive temperatures as low as 15 F (-9 C).

20. True Date Palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix dactylifera

Usda Zones: 6 -11

Yes! You have recognized this one right! It is the same palm that gives you the tasty dates! Surprisingly, it does quite well even when the temperature drops down to 15 F (-9 C).

21. Sago Palm

Most Cold Tolerant Palm Trees 74

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

Usda Zones: 8-11

Not a true palm, but it sure looks like one. Though the plant thrives in sun, it won’t mind getting exposed to temperatures as low as 10 F (-12 C).

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