Monstera Peru Care and Growing Information

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If you are looking for a rare and unique plant, then Peru is a great choice! Have a look at the Monstera Peru Care and Growing Information!

Monstera Peru Care
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With textured green leaves, this climbing vine makes for a stunning houseplant. Here’s Monstera Peru Care and Growing Information to make sure the plant stays healthy in your room!

Botanical Name: Monstera karstenianum

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How to Grow Monstera Peru

Since this is a tropical plant, always propagate it during the warmer months. Ideally, March-April would be the ideal time to propagate.

  • The best way to propagate the plant is by using stem cuttings.
  • Take 4-6 inches long cutting from a healthy plant. Leave it in a warm room for 7-10 days to callus.
  • Plant the cutting in a pot filled with a seed starting mix. It will form roots in 3-4 weeks.
  • You can also propagate the plant in water. We have a detailed guide on it here

Monstera Peru Growing Requirements

Monstera Peru Care 2


A north-facing window is ideal for a Monsters Peru to thrive since it needs indirect sunlight. If direct sunlight hits the leaves, they will burn with scorch marks. You can also expose the plant to morning sunlight for 2-3 hours for the best growth. 


A well-draining and rich growing medium is what you need to ensure your plant stays healthy all the time. Mix equal amounts of compost, perlite, sand, and vermiculite to make your own growing medium. You can also add a bit of peat moss and shredded bark to the mix.


Peru loves constantly moist soil, so never let the growing medium dry out completely. The topsoil should always be a little wet to touch – water the plant the moment it gets dry. Also, avoid watering the plant unnecessarily as it will invite root rot.

Temperature and Humidity

Since the Monstera Peru is a tropical plant, it loves warm temperatures and high humidity. The perfect temperature would be between 65F (18C) and 80F (27C). Colder temperatures will lead to the plant getting frostbite and show signs of wilting. 

When it comes to humidity, it likes it high. Do not mist the plant, as this could cause various types of diseases. Instead, use a pebble tray or get a humidifier. 

Monstera Peru Care


Feed the plant once in 4-6 weeks using a slow-releasing fertilizer. Do follow the instructions on the label. In the colder months, stay away from feeding the plant.

Pests and Diseases

These plants are highly susceptible to spider mites and brown scales. A regular check-up on the leaves and stems is a must. Use neem or tree tea oil swabs around the leaves and stems until the insects have dispersed or died.

Avoid overwatering the plant and misting the foliage to save it from potential diseases.


With Monstera Peru, always ensure you re-pot it only when necessary. Do this process every 2-3 years or when the plant has become too big for the planter or hanging basket.

And always remember to transfer it to only one size bigger pot. If the pot is too big, then the extra space can stress out your Peru.

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